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Three best friends. Kira, Tasha, and Manka. They all seem like a normal bunch of friends. Plain, old, 15-year-old girls. But odd things start happening. Who is this man telling them that their spies? Is he lying? Or... is he really... telling the truth?
With new powers, Dameon is sent to the School for Creatures Boarding School. Dameon is a vampire with new found powers who befriends a Fairie and a Zombie.
Desprete for the Philosipher's stone, Dameon and Jamie set out to find it, Dameon has a prosthetic arm and leg and Jamie's soul is bound to a suit of armor much like Alphone's only smaller. The sisters meet up with Elrics...
Just a story of Me, Jamie, and Caria
In this story, when you see a song in qotation marks, it means there is a song... I know... somewhat stupid! But I base my stories on songs.
Written By: Dameon Latino Guerrero
Dedicated To: the Greatest Man to Ever Live, Eduardo Guerrero, my brother.
We all miss you, I'm proud of my middle name, because you gave it to me. Viva La Raza... forever

... I don't even KNOW anymore! However, I think I have improved my writing ^^ I have two new people in it, tho! ENJOY TO MY NEW FRIENDS (and my best bud Jamie H!) NIRVANNA AND SASHA! ^_^
I re-did it cuz my sis Roxy screwed up the other one
I dunno >_>
This is the same but, Starfire and Raven had left, in need of more help, they were sent re-cruits, Jamie and Dameon.
These are songs I wrote. People that deserve credit:
My Chemical Romance; For giving me insperation
Jamie Hardy; For giving my love of writing
My friends; for encouraging me to write
Waku; For being awesome ^_^
This is a continuation ^_^
This is like InuYasha, except, there are two new people.
This is a story I made up. Dameon is new at dueling but already has a pretty good deck. She is with her friends on adventures. But, what happens when an evil is unleashed?
This is my OC (Dameon) and Shadow on an adventure to grab all the Chaos Emeralds. A new one has been created, the black one. Which path will Dameon choose, Good or Evil? Shadow may not releize it at first, but he has a little crush...
Yeah yeah... I said I wasn't going to make any more MADNESSes but I changed my mind.
Yea, this is the LAST!! WWE MADNESS! I hope you guys have enjoyed my series of WWE MADNESS! Well, here is the final one, enjoy it!
This is Super Smash Brothers Melee, with some of my friends on here such as... HHH999 as Link, Fatal_Dreamer as Jamie (duh) and Me, as FEMALE Young Link (Dameon)
This is a boarding college. There are lots of cool people here, and some... not so cool. There are classes like: wrestling (girls & boys division), math, chemistry, gym, combat, swimming and lots of other things.
This is the second part of the WWE MADNESS. There are a lot of parts...
MNM & the Hardys!
Jamie speaks out about their fued

Batista and John Cena, Fury to Continue?
Fued over one woman

Newly Weds! Matthew Moore Hardy and Roxy Animalas Guerrero

Interview with Kevin Guerrero for his title match.
What happens when I play in Good Charolette? Find out... if you dare...
Please just don't play with me... My paper heart will bleed...
What happens when I die? Batista is a goth, Jamie and Jeff don't let go of it, Kevin wants to kill Edge, Roxy is hellbent on revenging me.
This is for a man who died recently. A stingray's barb in his, heart... We'll miss you... STEVE IRWIN!!

Steve Irwin