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Chapter 2 - Finding Suisei

This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!

Chapter 2 - Finding Suisei

Chapter 2 - Finding Suisei
Kioko thought that her aunt was teasing her so she laughed and said "Aunt Minako you are so funny
my dad is just at the store."That just made her aunt cry even harder.Then her aunt said "I wish I was
just joking but he had another heart attack and that just killed him right there I am so sorry." Now
this made Kioko just start crying and she ran to her room yelling "No he is not dead he can't be I
love him to much!!!" 'SLAM!!'

With she cried herself to sleep.The next morning when her aunt came in and asked if she was
getting up she sat up and her face was covered in tears."I know how feels to loose a loved one
when I was about your age I lost my father and like you I cried for hours. Then one day I
decided that I was going to be a big girl for my dad just like he would want me to be. So I
think you should be a big girl for your dad." Kioko couldn't believe she thought she was the only
one who could feel like this. "ok I will be a big girl for my dad!" So Kioko got dressed it was her
second day at her new school and she already had detetion so she promised herself that
today she make new friends.She hadent even payed attention during any of her classes.

In homeroom she didn't find anyone that seemed like they wanted to be her friend.While she
was walking down the hall a girl came up and asked if she wanted to be friends and go
shopping.Kioko is a sports girl, she loves cooking and, she loves comic books.If she puts
in her all she can be very smart,but right now she didn't feel like she can give it her all since
her dad died and all.

After school when she came home there was a present on the table and it read 'Kioko
here I found this it the least I could after you know your dad and all so here when you
open this an adventure will begin. So when she opened this there was a wand toy thing
and it had the sign that she had in many dreams. 'CRASH!!' "Meow meow!" She turned
around and there was a kitten and on its forhead there was the same symbol that was on her
wand and in her drawings. "Woh this is weird all of this." Kioko said this very shakily. "Your
telling me I have been chase by dogs and I had to eat Gardog, but I finally found you." said
the strange cat. "Eeekkk you can't talk your a cat!!


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