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This is just an explination and a profile on my sailor moon fan characters.
This is a story that occurs after Sailor Moon Stars! It is only based off of the anime since the manga pretty much finished itself. Anyway it occurs shortly after the battle with Galaxia and continues from there.
Want to prove your a sailor scout?!!?
An SM fic with all original characters...
Join Kairi, Aqua, Trinity, Pai and Kioko on an all-new adventure where Kairi meets new guys, new friends, and a few new enimies!
About my OC Pai/Sailor Meow in the 30th Century
For all you loyal LeoxHazel romance fans! It isn't near completion, but its something I've had for a while. Takes place before Crystal Tokyo and after they're fighting! Rated M for safety!
This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!
Prologue to mny story, i haven't been on here in forever!
but anyways, enjoy :D
When trouble hits tokyo, Kairi figures out that she is a senshi of the stars! Even with Kairi's guts, does she have what it takes to be a senshi?
A husband with a full time job. A child in college. Middle school twin girls. And three year old triplet boys. Also work, house duties, mothering and being a sailor senshi. Seems impossible doesnt it? Welcome To the Diaries Of Hazel Lovely.
Leana and Kielahn are in a new city with new friends and a big secret...
Sailor Meow's adventures on Earth, as Pai. Emphasis on her friendship with Trinity(Sailor Sun), Aqua(Sailor Aquarius), Sally(Sailor Solace), Kairi(Sailor Star) and any other OC that wants to be included (just comment me).
......please read its hilarious and a Christmas Carol. And ur Christmas present from me.
A story about my OC Sailor Meow. It's a kind of prologue to swampertgirl0504's Sailor Sun Chronicles from sailor Meow's point of view.
This is yet ANOTHER songfic about the love Aqua and Damian from my SM story share.
This is a sweet story i'll try to add a chapter a day so if I don't just bear with me>
After The Battle of the Nexes,All Nown Scouts Disapeared,Now 5 New Scouts will Face The Nexes and try 2 Save the Old Scouts By Useing the Silver Crystal,But ONLY A Air 2 the Moon Can Command Full Power Of the Crystal.Can They Defeat the Negaverse?READ ON!
Since Tuxedo_Mini_Mask doesn't have time I'm makeing a discontinued story of his SM OC. Hope u like it.^^
DISCONTINUED Leave me here then. You'll don't need me and once you relieze what tradity ya'll caused. I wont be here. Ever. You said leave and never come back. So I want. Until I find the truth.
Viola is just a ordinary girl until she finds out she is a Sailor Scout and has to fight the baddies with the rest of the gang.
I'm a fan of SeraMyu and decided to make a version! Here are the characters;
Rei Leigh
Tuxedo Mini Mask
The Sailor Stars
Princess Kakyuu
The Inner Scouts
The Outer Scouts
The pets
Everyone else...
Pretty basic. Just Seiya and Hika, when she was in her princess form.
--Temporaraly Complete--
The New Sailor Scouts are back. New enemys. More action. And more crazy Hika stuff. Also a new main charcter. Lastly leaves that can the scouts defeat a enemy that knew the scout genaration before them. Find out. HeatherxAlex fluff.
We all see Hika as a Hyper little kid with a powerful gem. But there's more to her than meets the eye.

Who is her mother? Why was she killed? Why is she daughter of Saturn and Uranus, but uses the power of stars? All this and more inside.