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Chapter 7 - Kairi Saves the day!

This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!

Chapter 7 - Kairi Saves the day!

Chapter 7 - Kairi Saves the day!
Kairi stpped back a little and then she said with pride "I am not scared of you because I am Sailor Star and will punish you. Just because you are taller than me that doesn't mean that you are tougher than me!" than she yelled "STAR BLADE ACTION!" and she threw a star spear that turned into a blade and chopped the monser in half. 5 seconds later the monster came back together. The monster had a strange look on its face almost like an evil smerk. Then its hair turned into giant hands and grabed her. Kioko used all of her strength to tell kairi " I am sorry what happened. I didnt mean to be mad but now it is up to you please save us. You were the only one to every really try to be my friend." Kairi looked up and said " What about all the friends you said you had to leave behind? What about your boyfriend?" Kairi said it confusingly.

Kioko looked sad and then said "I liked him and asked him out but he turned me down 10 times."
Kairi said "Wow I can't believe that everything you told m ewas a lie. Does that me that our friendship is a lie to?" Kioko looked shocked like she couldn't beieve that her friend had just said that. "Of course not but I am really sorry. At my old school I was an outcast and I thought if I had all this cool stuff at my old school that I would be really cool here. Again I am really sooorrry."The monster had gotten tired of listening to this sob story and then squezzed her. "Kairi!!!!" Kioko yelled as loud as she could. Kairi jumped to her feet and tried again "STAR BLADE ACTiON!!" this time it only made him smaller. Kioko said in a weak voice "I will finish him of... COMET HEARRRT RAPPPPID FIRRRE!" She said it so strangly that the hearts came out squiggle and choppy. Because of this it ripped him into tiny pieces. "Thank you Kairi and I promise I will never lie again!"


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