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Chapter 8 - Saving Trinty

This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!

Chapter 8 - Saving Trinty

Chapter 8 - Saving Trinty
"I know it is ok. I was like that once, but I realised that if you tell the truth you will get way more friends!" she smiled at Kioko and said "I know that now but I didn't when I first moved here. But I will make a vow that I,Kioko Aino, will not lie again!" Kioko said it with pride and she smiled most of the time.While they were standing there they saw something in the distance. Kairi squinted and said "Hey is that really you, Trinity."There in the dark was a figure walking toward them. As it got closer there were more than just one. It turns out that she was in chains and there was some other witch looking person holding her. "Ha are you looking for her." She held up Trinity. Trinity had cuts all over her and she had a beaten look on her. "Heeelp meee." Trintiy said and she look Kairi in the eye with that sad puppy look.

" You let her go you monster!" Kioko said and she glared him right in the eyes. "Yeah you big giant bully, pick on someone your own size!" Kairi joined in. They lined up next each other and said together "Because we are the senshi and we will destroy all evil like you. So leave us alone." Then Kairi yelled for one more time "STAR BLADE ACTION" except this time it only distracted them so that Kioko could quickly grab Trinity from the moster. " Thank you... Thank you soo sooo much." Trinity said so quickly and struggly. "Ohh no problem but do you know who I am?" Kioko asked and showed Kairi a face that meant they were still in their sailor fuku. " Uhhh I think I ddo. Are you Kioko and Kairi from Cross Roads junior high?" Kioko and Kairi thought to them selfs umm should we tell her??? " Well I yeah we are....." Trinity didn't have a shocked look it was more like a sad look. " Well I am Trinity other wise known as Sailor Sun......."


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