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Chapter 9 - The sleep over

This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!

Chapter 9 - The sleep over

Chapter 9 - The sleep over
All Kioko and Kairi could do was stare blankly at Trintiy then at each other. " Why us this happening to me why why why my!! I mean first I found out that Kairi was Sailor Star and now Trinity is Sailor Sun." Kairi was still staring at Trintiy, who was laying on the ground. " Well is anyone going to help me?" Trintiy said after 5 minutes of silence. Then Kioko and Kairi helped her to her feet. Kioko said " Sorry about that freakout today I was just surprised about Trinty being Sailor Sun." They ended up walking to the ice cream shop and eating ice cream for an hour. Afterwards they ,since it was friday, asked if Trintiy and Kairi could sleep over àt Kiokos house that night. Trinity and Kairis moms both said yes.

Destiney came with Kairi and Athena came with,her owner, Trinity. When they got there Kioko's aunt had aready set up snacks,drinks and beanbags."Ok does anyone know if there are anymore senshi out there?" Kioko ask nervously. Destiny was the first to speak "Well we think there is more but we dont know if there is and who they are." Suisei joined in with " Thats why we have to keep looking for them. Because if we don't find them before the negaverse does than they won't learn to use their powers for good." Athena ended it with " And if they gain more than 3 than not even all the sailor soldiers put together can beat them." Trintiy, Kairi, and Kioko stared at all three cats for a moment. Untill Kioko said "Geez I just asked if there were any more soldiers left." For the rest of the night all they did was watch movies untill 3:00 a.m. Kioko was the awake at 3:30 am and she was sitting in her room looking up at the ceiling. "So whats wrong? How are you feeling?" Kioko over at the door and a person was standing there.


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