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Chapter 10 - Lori Seiun

This is a story of my OC.Her name is Sailor Comet.She is the new girl at a new school.When her dad dies her Aunt left her a present.She must use it to defeat the neagverse!
I do not own Minako or the negaverse!

Chapter 10 - Lori Seiun

Chapter 10 - Lori Seiun
"Who is there?" Kioko asked as she slid back and asked again. " I said who is that?" The person only stuck their head head out for a split second. Kioko closed her eyes and said three times 'They are gone they are gone they are gone'. When she opened her eyes they were gone. Kioko said " I guess I was just imagining haha." she laughed in a nervous tone.

In school the next day Mrs. Hakno told everyone there was a new student. Her name is Lori Seiun. Lori was a beautiful girl. When the guys saw her they dropped their jaws. "Trinity I want you to move over beside Henako, So Lori can sit next to Kioko." Trinity and Kioko looked at each other with a sad look. Lori walked over and sat down next to Kioko. "Hi my name is Lori." Lori said in a trebling voice. Kioko just stared with anger in her eyes.After class, Lori tried to catch up with Kioko. As Lori sped up, a wall of boys jumped in front her. And Kioko ran faster.

After school, Kairi,Kioko,Trinity,Athena,and Destiny went to the mall. As they ate pizza, all Kioko could talk about was how Lori stole Trinity's seat. The whole time Destiny was thinking and then she said " So what did the shadow look like that night." Kioko thought about it for a while.Then she answered "I dont know but I think it was a girl.Because it had a night gown on." Destiny looked around and then she spotted Lori. "Did she have long hair?" Destiny asked. Kioko said "I think but it was in a ponytail." Destiny whispered "Shes right over there." Kioko looked at where Destiy was looking.

Lori was hiding behind a pole watching the girls. Then she saw Destiny and Kioko looking at her and she moved behind the pole. A minute later Lori came out and saw Kioko walking over to her. Lori said "Hi do you remember me? I sit right next to you in homeroom." Flames set of in Kioko's eyes " Oh I know who you are! Your the girl who took Trinitys seat!! You also followed me around!" Lori lightened her eyes and said "Well I was trying to give you this makeup compact that fell out of your backpack." Kioko looked frightened "I didn't open it if thats what you think. I am not a nosey person." Lori reasured.


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