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Chapter 6 - The Vision

This is the story of Koizumi, a young ninja who has awoken from a long, long sleep and fallen in love with a dashing (and cute!) young rock star. :3

Chapter 6 - The Vision

Chapter 6 - The Vision
Super short chapter! I shall make up for it by putting pictures of people I based some of my characters off of. (all of the ninja and shinigami characters are not based off of anyone in particular.)
Day 3....part 2-The Vision

Hearing my grandfather’s name triggered another vision. I ran across the room in a black and white lolita style dress, my strawberry blonde curls bouncing violently behind my ears. As I reached the end of the room, a man with a guitar appeared. That man was Sosuke, a friend of Chibi’s, and the guitar was Carlos. Another man (I called him Inu-kun) was standing in the corner, not socializing as usual. I called him Inu-kun because, sometimes, his hair reminded me of dog ears.
I ran over to Sosuke, and he pulled me onto the chair next to him. Inu-kun walked over and sat on the other side of me with a smile on his face. That surprised me quite a bit. I thought of Inu-kun as the type of person who always stands in the corner, doesn’t socialize, and observes everything from afar. I had never seen him smile, let alone see him interact with other people. Now he and Sosuke were teaching me how to play the guitar.
Both men had played guitar in Chibi-kun’s band. Sosuke played mostly back up. At first sight, one would probably be terrified by his face, which was covered by many, many piercings, and a great deal of eyeliner. He was undoubtedly the definition of Visual Kei. No one should judge Sosuke by the way he looks. He is, most likely, the nicest and cutest acting person I know.
I could remember everything about his memory. Sosuke and Inu-kun taught me the cords to a fairly simple song, and I sat there, playing it over and over again, until my fingers turned red. I loved the way Carlos felt in my hands (even though I could barely keep him on my lap). From that moment on, I developed a strong affinity for him. He became my security blanket, my very best friend, and my fondest childhood memory.

Hitsugi/Sosuke and Sakito/Inu-kun. The two guitarists of Nightmare. Short vs. tall= cuuuuuuuttteee!

Teruki/Johan. Koizumi meets Johan later on at the after party of the Budokan performance. She recognizes him as the pervereted drummer of her other grandfather, Kawaii-kun's, band.

Miku/Shinji/Kawaii-kun. Kawaii-kun also appears at the after party of the Budokan performance. Koizumi recognizes him as her other long lost grandfather.

Kanon Wakeshima/Rairakku-hime. Rairakku-hime is Koizumi's long lost grandmother (the wife of Kawaii-kun). She never actually appears in the story, but she is mentioned by Koizumi.


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