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Just random Future Fantasy stories.. So far only two guys i've created these stories around :O
I'm sure there'll be more.
The story of Flick and Liza's love.
i'm not finishing it....
Zakk and Luna write lyrics.
Part of Boyz+Girls. Max gives Margaret a massage to ease her stress. Any guesses on what happens next?
Meowzers's best childhood friend comes for a visit. But it becomes something more than friendship.
just some feelings DX it sucks it was last minute and i just gotup when i wrote it DX
Comments makes me happy!
Owl City: Ocean Eyes

About a lonely boy, a wild ambition, and the best listener in the world who cannot even hear.

A story inspired by Owl City: Ocean Eyes by Adam Young. Story by me, JustL.
East Coast Academy is known to be a miniature version of society: there are factions known as the Royals and Commoners, the factions are divided into subranks. The social system has thrived for almost a decade and has yet to be challenged . . . Until Now.
Adorable ZADR fluff.
It will give you cavities.

I plan on making a longer ZADR story, probably with lemons. >;D Lots of violence, too.
Just a cute little ZADR fluff one-shot. :D don''''''''t like, don''t read. ZADR IS SLASH, SLAASSSSHHHHH
ZADR= Zim and dib romance.
This is a story about a school for the unnatural world. They werwolves,vampires and Demons. A girl is just now starting a new school and falls in love with the local bad boy demon.
Do you have what it takes to get the girl? im still writing the story so no whining
This is the story of Koizumi, a young ninja who has awoken from a long, long sleep and fallen in love with a dashing (and cute!) young rock star. :3
Some profiles of the people that will be in the "Calling you" it''''s a yaoi story, im not sure if i can put "details" right in it so yeah
My thoughts of love.
When tourists arrive in Anchor Cove, no one knows what else might come with them. Sylvia Forrester befriends a very odd, yet attractive, outsider.

This story was taken from FabbiGabbi866's profile. This account, SarawrUnicornelius, is the newest account of FabbiGabbi866. I did not steal this, this is my original writing. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY!
just to let you know, it probably seems like crap cause i never had it proof read. and i only read it twice, once when writing and again when retyping
I thank school for all the time it gives me to write
So, this is what it's like to have your entire world turned upside down? And it turns out to be the most wonderful thing that you never expected. T to be safe. *Informal script format*
-own characters- based on a comic me and my freind are writing
Rory is a 17 yr. old girl, who lives with her mother. She's starting her senior year of high school with what she thinks is a good start.
Please tell me if you like it or not.
Rory is a 17 yr. old girl, who lives with her mother. She's starting her senior year of high school with what she thinks is a good start.
Please tell me if you like it or not.
High school freshman Dameon May Wrath is a simple, somewhat plain girl. She has a job, active school life, and so on. Everything is perfect...until Ian Scythe, a transferred sophomore comes to Laurel Oak High.
A story that is about belief and how believing in something may let you see what others cannot see. Sad, Romance, Sweet