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Chapter 1 - Wow..that was hot

Wll kinda little stoires..about hight school.kme being in it and

Chapter 1 - Wow..that was hot

Chapter 1 - Wow..that was hot
Well, there’s this guy in my science class, who has the most adorable red and black hair, the most beautiful blue eyes, and every one loves him, God his boyfriend is SO lucky...Oh and if you haven’t realized it, Yes I am totally and head over heels in love with a Gay guy.

"Hey...Adrian" I smiled as my gay crush walked over to me in his tight black shirt, with pink outlines

"Hey Jamie" he smiles at me through in snake bite pierced lips" What’s up??"

"Ohh...nothing much" I blushed" How’s the band doing?"

"Actually...that’s what I wanted to ask you...lately...there have been some problems with my vocal chords lately, and our back up singer left. and since I’ve been having problems...I heard you singing in your guitar class...I wasn’t supposed to be listening by i couldn’t help it...your voice. its amazing...Well anyway I just wanted to u want to be in our band...?" he asked

" heard me...” I blushed" absolutely…id love to be in your band"

"Alright…well there’s practice tonight at my house, and you’re singing the first song: he smiled kissing me on the cheek, pushing his black and red hair our of his face, and strutted down the hallway


As I walked towards the bathroom during third period, I turned the corner and spotted Adrian and his boyfriend Jeremy doing a little more than making out against the wall/ As Adrian’s hands lay across Jeremy’s shoulders. Jeremy probed around under his shirt. I blushed crazily and continued to the bathroom...trying not to be noticed by my crush and his boyfriend. Suddenly Adrian opened his eyes and noticed me walking by and staring at them

And in an attempt to make me more embarrassed, Adrian slipped his hands underneath is hot boyfriends shirt and began making sexy noises, he probed him tongue around in Jeremy’s mouth, the reached up to pull up Jeremy’s shirt.

"Uhn..." he moaned as Jeremy rubbed and kissed him the right way..

"Omg...” I thought as I raced to the bathroom..."that was hot..."


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