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Bored. Tired. Depressed. Thinking.
After the loss of her friend Carey and her ex-boyfriend dating her Best friend.Jamie realizes there isnt much left to live for. But will a run in with an old friend change the way she thinks before its to late?
Wll kinda little stoires..about hight school.kme being in it and
well, inspired by commanderskrimzonkittys one lol i tried ^^
Well yeah just another new story ^^ hope u lie it,,dunno how o describe it
well yeah just a continuation ^^
well yeah tis another wwe story..but it inda crazy ..u no like deathninjas madnbess form like that yewah anyway umm XCOMMENT
well yerah just what
These "true" storyis of my friends dameon jeff and stories of what i got thorugh in the wrestling if u prepared
well yeah it starets out eveil and im sorry dameon but yreah i hope u likeit
Well yeah my first ever sonfic...kida crappy i guess i no i didnt stay exactly on topic but yeah i hope u like it...
This is what happened in my wrestling world when eddie died
what happenss when jamie finds her true love in bed with another woman...will jamie give up on herself...on life ...or on love rea this to find out her story of and hope
Logan and Eric knew each other forever to be more specific since both of them were two, as over 12 years went by they stayed friends and became even closer, But one day terror struck-Logan was diagnosed with cancer, here is the story of two young boys fac
Well... i just watched the wwe Raw the day after eddie died and it really knocked some sense into me again....Ill never see hm again.......His shimmy will never shine...His love will never be kinda forced me to write this,......Enjoy
So sad!!!!!!!Really cool!!!!lol Please read tell me what u think
A thingy kinda like a poem really kool
This is for eddie Guerrerro....I miss you
umm...ok...just a story
This dedicated to Meisaroku ..and i hope you LIKE IT!!!!!!
Ok this was written for no reason...but i hope reina and Meisaroku like it...CUZ I SURE DOOOOOOOO!!!!!
This was written for a contest ay school and i would love to know what u think of it...Its about a boy and a lost love
ok this was also written for a contest at my school and i would like if you tell me how it turned out....Its about a war and a little girl
So sad and like cool i like it
a poem i made when i was upset..