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Chapter 1 - Chapter One: The Transfigurator of 2005.

There is only ever one transfigurator alive at one time, a new one born right when the old one dies. Amaria
Midesha, a 16 year old witch attending Trisha Academy for young witchs, is the transfigurator of 2005.
Training her powers for good, she ca

Chapter 1 - Chapter One: The Transfigurator of 2005.

Chapter 1 - Chapter One: The Transfigurator of 2005.

Quick Authors note: hey people, here's the story. It's going to be a bit different, but please
give it a chance.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters originally from beyblade. Amaria, Raven, and any other
original characters belong to me, as does the plot of this story.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXx means flashback

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX means scene switch or time skip




The Transfigurator

The Transfigurator, oh, what a story. Many myths have been passed about the Transfigurator,
not a person in the world of magic not knowing what the term meant.
A favorite bed time story for children of all ages, of all
time periods, of all nationalities and races.
The legend itself is ancient, and not truly a legend, as it is truth.
The first Transfigurator showed herself in ancient China,
a true enigma to the leaders of the country.
She could transform things into other things,
water into fire, rock into wood, paper into flowers.
People into animals.
Her most valued power, was that to transform herself and others,
in different ways. She could change into an animal, she could
make someone younger, or older.
And she would never use them for evil.
Legend has it, that when one transfigurator dies, another is born
at the exact same moment.
And the cycle continues today.
And so, our story begins,
with a girl named Amaria,
who's life is about to be
turned upside

Chapter One: The Transfigurator of 2005.

Trisha academy for young witches stood proud and tall over the tops of the other buildings surrounding it
in down-town Hong-Kong. It's white walls gleamed like diamonds in the afternoon sunlight, every window
and door perfectly clean. The grounds were perfect as ever, the hedges trimmed, the flower gardens blooming
beautifully with flora of every variety, the grass green and soft. The animals that made their homes in the
gardens were either sleeping or roaming around peacefully, the few phoenixes that had made their home in
one of the school's willow trees cooing softly to each other from between trees.

Students could be seen wandering the hallways or through the garden, the girls all wearing the same uniform,
though some in different colors. Those in the magics program wore a teal colored top, while those in the
non-magics program wore a magenta top. Classes had just ended for the way, and now, the students were
free to do what they liked, whether it be finish their homework, hang out with their friends, or meet up with some
guys from the Bey School across town, work was the last thing on these girls minds.

Well, except for one girl.

"Desante Lumious!"


"Desante Lumious!"


"Desante Lumious!"

"Amaria! Your saying it wrong!"

"Then how am I supposed to say it??"

"Dezantae Lumeious!"

"But that's what I've been saying Professor Raven!"

"No you haven't! Try it again!"

"Desante Lumious!"

Professor Raven sighed, rubbing her temple softly with her fingers. A statured woman whose black
hair was always pinned tightly into a bun, and whose grey eye's seemed to pierce through your soul,
she had instructed many a young witch whom had come to Trisha Academy over the past 10 years,
all becoming successful members of the magical community. But now she had to face a challenge
that she had never faced before, teach a witch with powers she had never before encountered, and
further more, make sure that the girl was ready to take on her responsibility's when the time came for
her to do so.

The girl was Amaria Midesha, the white blond, violet eyed, 18 year old, stubborn-as-a mule, 5'7
Transfigurator. The girl was a true enigma to Professor Raven-it had been proven that she truly was
the Transfigurator, that she held the powers within her, and yet, in the past 6 months that she had
been there, she had shown no sign of the magnificent powers she possessed, not a sign that she
had any powers what so ever.

So, even though she wore the only blue uniform in the school, and the jeweled headband that marked
her as the Transfigurator, Amaria gave no other out-ward sign that she was, indeed, the fabled Transfigurator.
In fact, the way in which she been discovered was also strange. Most new Transfigurators were found a
few weeks after they were born, perhaps a few months, but Amaria had not been discovered until her 18'th
birthday, exactly 6 months to this day. Professor Raven gazed at Amaria, the 18 year old staring back at her
indignantly, her ebony wand clutched tightly in her hand. All Transfigurators used wands for their magic,
so Amaria had been given one as well, though now it seemed pointless to the raven haired professor.

"Amaria.." Raven pursed her lips, searching for the correct words, "what is wrong with you child? You've
been here for 6 months, and not once have you shown any sign of powers since you came here."

Amaria winced. She knew it was true. Knew she hadn't been able to again call upon her powers since that
day when she had unknowingly awakened to her destiny. The incident was fresh in her mind, and it felt
as though it had been simply yesterday, not 6 months ago. Letting her mind wander, she sunk back into
her memories, fading back into the incident that had changed her life.


"Look at her, sitting by herself reading. What a geek." Amaria heard the jeers, saw the rude motions,
but ignored them, flipping the page of her book and continuing to loose herself in the world of magic.
How she longed to be part of it all, the be able to wield magic to ward off her enemy's, to be whisked
away on a white horse by her one true love.

She sighed, snapping the book shut. 'Don't get your hopes up, Ama,' she thought, her eye's closing as
tears threatened to spill over her cheeks, 'it'll never happen. Your a freak...a bookworm lost in her own

She saw herself as the black sheep of the heard, of her family, of everything. No matter what her family
would tell her, she thought of herself as the ugliest being alive, which was far from the truth. Long silky
white blond hair, stunning curious violet eyes, pouty, pale pink lips, a perfect complexion and a form
that could make any man go mad, Amaria was far from ugly.

Was it the fact, that she had never had a boy ask her to dance, that made her think this way? The boys
at her highschool would watch her from afar, would never approach her, would never talk to the one the
other girls had classed as the 'bookworm'. And she made no move to stop them from spreading rumours.
Or was it the fact that her family never payed her any attention? Her mother a social worked, her father a
laywer, her grandparents deceased, and her younger sister one of the girls who spread rumours, she had
nothing to look forward to when she returned home.

And as far as she could tell, today would be just like any other day.

"Please no! Don't hurt her!" Amaria looked up from her hands at the shout, her eyebrows creasing. A
large man stood holding one of the girls whom had been jeering at her in the air by her neck, a wicked
smile on his lips.

"Oh, I'll let her go alright. After I've had my fun with her." he sneered, his eye's looking demonic. Amaria
gasped, bringing her hand to her heart. It had started beating rapidly, warmth flooding through her body.

Standing, she walked over and calmly stood in front of the man, her eye's locked in a staring contest with

"Let her go." her voice held more conviction then she had ever expressed in her life, and the man seemed
to think for a moment before he grinned and let the girl drop.

"I let her go," he said, still grinning, "but I'll take you instead!" he reached out to grab her.

Amaria's mind went into a panicked frendzy, but her legs refused to move, her body feeling like stone.
Suddenly, she found the strength to lift her arm up in front of her, and two words formed in her mind.

"Desante Lumious!"


Amaria shook her head gently, snapping herself out of the memory. 'Stop it Amaria, it's all in the past.
Your here now, you'll never have to deal with those girls or your family again.' her mind wandered to what
had happened after that. The spell had been cast out of luck, the blue magic seeping from her hand and
encaging the man, a large rock reappearing in his place when the light had disappeared. Amaria had
rushed home to escape the new rumours she knew the girls were spread, but had burst into her kitchen
only to find that she had been discovered.

Raven herself had been part of the expedition, an elite group of witches having come to find her, and they
immidiately whisked her away from her home in Canada to Trisha Academy in Hong-Kong. She had quickly
learned the language, and for the first time in her life, she had made friends. But her powers would not show
themselves again, and she didn't know why.

Amaria snapped out of her reverie once more and looked to Professor Raven, flushing when she realised the
older woman had been watching her the entire time.

"That is all for today, Amaria, you are dismissed." Amaria nodded and turned, quickly walking back towards
the main building. Raven watched her go before following after, though she turned in the opposite direction
once inside.

Amaria walked up the stairs till she got to her floors landing, and went to the door, turning the knob and
stepping out.

"Amaria!" She yelped in surprise when she was glomped, barely managing to keep from falling back. Seeing
who it was, she laughed a bit and pushed her back.

"Hey Missy." Missy grinned at her friend, pushing a strand of red hair from her emerald eyes. Missy was one
of those in the normal magics program, but Amaria wasn't surprised to see she was out of uniform already.

"Weren't you supposed to do something today?" Amaria blinked at the question, thinking for a moment.

"Nope." Missy sighed dramatically, waggling a finger in front of her friends face.

"You said something about meeting someone after class?" she stressed, Amaria's face lighting up with
remembrance, and then, fear.

"I'm gonna be lateeeeeee!" she cried, running into her room. Missy watched and simply went to her own dorm

Amaria through her uniform off and hastily pulled on a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt, hopping around the room
as she attempted to lace up her sneaker.

Finishing that task, she grabbed her purse and practically flew out of the room, down the flights of stairs, and
out the front door to the street. Dodging around people on the sidewalk as she jogged along, she couldn't help
but glance around to see if he was near. She smiled in memory of how she had first met him. She had been
in a hurry then to, though for different reasons. She had had to run out to get a new notebook for her science
class, and as it had been winter, she had been looking down with her scarf over her mouth, until she had
quite literally run into someone.

She had apologized quickly and continued hurrying along, stopping and freezing when she realised that her
new notebook had fallen out of her shopping bag when she had run into the person. Turning, she had been
surprised to immidiately come face-to-chest(as he was taller then her) with the man she had run into. Violet
lifting to meet amber, he had smiled kindly and held out her note book, asking if she had lost it. She had nodded
and thanked him, reaching for it. The man pulled it back, grinning. He had said that he would give it back, if
she would tell him her name and meet him there again sometime. She had blushed and stuttered Amaria,
and, still grinning, the man had handed the book to her, saying his name was Rei.

And now, 4 months after the encounter, Amaria was once again running out to see Rei, as she had done at
least once a week since she had met him. Over that period of time, she had learned that he was one of the top
students at the Bey Academy across the city, and that he was a neko-jin, or cat person. She had admitted
to being a student at Trisha Academy, but, thinking he would act differently towards her if he knew who she
was, had lied, and said she was part of the non-magics program.

"Amaria!" she blinked and smiled, running over to where Rei stood, the chinese neko-jin wearing his famous

"Hey Rei! Sorry I'm late!" she huffed, panting a bit from her run. Rei just chuckled.

"It's ok. Hey Ama, why do you always wear that hairband?" Amaria grinned. They had been playing this game
since they had met.

"Why do you always wear your headband?" Rei laughed, grinning again.

"Oh good news. Me and some of the other guys are going to be coming to Trisha Academy tomorrow, so
I'll get to see you and Mariah." Amaria blinked, trying to think. Mariah was one of the girls in the non-magics
program, but she wasn't completely sure who....she blanked. He was going there?! He would find out who she
was! Oh, this was bad, very bad.

"Amaria, you ok?" she blinked, looking up at him. Forcing a grin, she nodded.

"Of course!"


There, first chapter out, hope you people like, it sure took me long enough to write it. I know it's kind of long,
but please give it a chance. Ok, ja ne for now, please review,



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