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How would the story of Jak and Daxter had changed if there was another character, Samos’ youngest daughter, Tera, involved in the plot? Would there be a lot of differences, or would nothing change at all? Shall we find out?
When ones past is filled with tragedies, it's often difficult to find your meaning in life. Now that Kali has found it, will her companion become more, or will destiny continue to be cruel to her? OC FOCUS!
The Faeriestone is a jewel of unimaginable power, given to the royal family of Gaia to protect. When the stone is stolen, one faerie warrior follows the thief... OC/Rei, OC/OC pairings, DON’T LIKE DON’T READ!
Feeling sad and unwanted after the birth of her younger sister, a ten year old Cassandra finds solace only in her dreams; dreams of a magical realm far from her own. Dreams of a Fae...
Take a guess by looking at the title. A small, six story 'book' for christmas. Note: characters from beyblade will be paired with OC's in this, so if you don't like that, you can't say I didn't warn you. Merry Christmas. Please R & R.
There is only ever one transfigurator alive at one time, a new one born right when the old one dies. Amaria
Midesha, a 16 year old witch attending Trisha Academy for young witchs, is the transfigurator of 2005.
Training her powers for good, she ca
Set after GRevkinda A beyblading tournament is being held in Australia, with any and allbeybladers welcome to compete. The tournament is not for a title of any recognition, but mainly for fun, somewhere teams still existing can battle each other and
The sequal to my story, Chihiro's Return. It's been ten years since Chihiro Ogino disapeared.Ten years since the tunnel disapeared

forever.Or did it?Now,a young girl wanders into the spirit world in search of her dog,when she

finds much,much mo