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Chapter 2 - Chapter Two: The Demonic Appearance and the Mistim

There is only ever one transfigurator alive at one time, a new one born right when the old one dies. Amaria
Midesha, a 16 year old witch attending Trisha Academy for young witchs, is the transfigurator of 2005.
Training her powers for good, she ca

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two: The Demonic Appearance and the Mistim

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two: The Demonic Appearance and the Mistim
Disclaimer-sorry this took so long people. I own nothing originally from beyblade, but I do
own Amaria, Raven, any other original characters, and the plot of this fic.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx means flashback

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX means scene switch or time skip




Chapter Two: The Demonic Appearance and the Mistimed Spell

"Amaria, wakey wakey."


"Come on Ama, wake up!"

"Go 'way." Missy sighed in frustration, glaring evilly down at Amaria, whom was currently curled up
under her comforter sleeping. Amaria had explained to her the predicament she was in, and Missy had
agreed to try and help her survive the day without loosing her friendship with Rei. However, she couldn't
do much to help with her friend fast asleep.

Looking around the room, Missy's eyebrow began twitching madly when she couldn't locate anything
that would help her to wake Amaria, and she growled to herself, kicking a random stuffie that was on
the floor. Said stuffie flew across the room and hit the wall, a small bark resulting. Missy blinked, then
grinned when Amaria's husky puppy, Moony, popped out from the closet, her little white tail wagging

Missy walked over and scooped up the pup, holding her close to Amaria's face.

"Come on Moony, be a good girl and give Mommy a kiss!" Moony barked happily, her pink tongue slipping
out to lick Amaria's cheek.

The blond haired girl groaned, her eye's slipping open. Her lips quirked in a smile, and she pulled the puppy
from Miss's hands and nuzzling her nose against her own.Moony yipped again, her tail wagging happily as
she cuddled up to her mistress. Amaria looked back at Missy, her eyebrow raised.

"You couldn't wake me up, so you resorted to using my dog?" Missy shrugged, grinning.

"Hey, it worked, didn't it? Besides, don't you want to get ready for 'hiding-from-Rei' day?" Amaria sighed,
nodding and standing, Moony still cradled in her arms.

"I hate to have to hide from him, but I'm scared of what he'll think of me if he knows who I am." Missy nodded,
patting her friends shoulder in understanding sympathy.

The red haired girl stood in the hallway while Amaria got dressed, the blond girl grudgingly slipping her blue
uniform top over her head and tugging it into place, frowning at her reflection. She hated how she stood out,
how even in a place where she was accepted and had friends, her uniform, and who she was, made her stand

'Sometimes I wonder if these powers are a blessing...or a curse..' sighing once more and patting Moony's head
briefly, Amaria opened her door and stepped out, closing and locking it again behind her.

"Alright, first things first." Missy grabbed her friend by the arm and dragged her down the stairs, stopping near
a corner and peaking around it. "That is Mariah." she said, pointing. Amaria blinked and looked around the corner
over her friends head, following her finger to the girl she was indicating, her nose scrunching up.

"That's Mariah? She's"


"You took the words right out of my mouth."

"Did you know who she was before now?" Amaria shook her head.

"Nope, never even seen her before."

"Good, then she can't rat you out to Rei." Amaria gave her friend a skeptical look.

"Missy, I'm the Transfigurator. I'm pretty sure she at least knows my name." Missy grinned, putting her finger to
her lips.

"True, but who says there's only one Amaria in Trisha Academy?" Amaria blinked, then smiled, nodding.

"Your right. And even if there isn't, she wouldn't know." Missy nodded as well, leading her friend back down the

"Now, let us go spend some time in the gardens while we avoid Mr. Kon, hmm?" Amaria laughed and nodded,
allowing her friend to drag her out.


"REI!!!!" Rei stumbled slightly when, upon walking through the gates of the Academy, he was tackled by a flying
pink blur.

"Uh..hi Mariah." he mumbled, gently pushing the girl off of him. She smiled brightly up at him, latching herself
onto his arm and dragging him towards the school building. Rei tuned out her insessant chatter and instead focused
on trying to find Amaria, his eye's scanning over all the girls in the magenta uniform tops. Amaria had said that she
was part of the non-magics program, so she would be wearing the same uniform as Mariah.

"Hey, Mariah," she paused in her rambling when Rei spoke, looking up at him, "do you know anyone named Amaria?"

Mariah blinked before nodding vigorously. "Of course! Everyone knows who she is! But why do you want to know?"

Rei blinked as well. "She's my friend, and she said she was in the non-magics program." Mariah's eye's narrowed

"Must be a different Amaria then. The one I know isn't in the non-magics program, she's the..." Mariah was cut off
when a loud siren started screeching, all the students stopping their tracks before running towards the building.

"It's a demonic aura alert! Come one!" Mariah cried, pulling Rei towards the building. Rei would have let her drag
him, if he hadn't heard a familiar voice.

"Where are you going!?

"To find out where the auras coming from!" his ears twitched at the familiar voice, and he pulled away from Mariah,
turning toward it.

"Amaria, come back!" his suspicion was prooven true when Amaria herself dashed through the bushes and down
the path away from him. Rei's eye's narrowed.

'Why is she wearing a blue uniform?' he ran after her, always staying far back enough so she wouldn't notice him.
Amaria stopped in the middle of a small courtyard, Rei circling around so he was behind the bushes in front of her.
Standing right in front of him was a black, smoke like creature. The demonic aura, he guessed.

"Why are you here?" Amaria demanded, glaring at the demon. The black figure chuckled.

"To find you of course, Transfigurator." Rei's eye's widened a bit. She couldn't be....

"You will be mine!" the demon rushed towards her, it's long arms extended towards her. Once again, Amaria
felt her legs freeze in place, felt the heat building in her arm.

"No I won't!" she screamed, swinging her arm up, her palm already glowing with blue light. The demons single
red eye widened.

"Desante......" the demon leaped away, disappearing into thin air, but she couldn't stop the spell, "Lumious!" as
soon as the words left her lips, she saw Rei stand up from behind the bushes, directly in the path of the spell.
But she couldn't stop it, couldn't move, couldn't do anything but watch as the blue magic shot out from her hand
in a spiral and surrounded the neko-jin, his form disappearing.

She stood still as a statue for a good amount of time before finally snapping out of it and looking to where he had
stood. "Rei!" she ran over, diving through the bushes and looking around. "Oh no, what have I done. Rei!!" she
called desperately, seeing no sign of the neko-jin. Suddenly, she froze, hearing what sounded like purring coming
from a nearby bush. Slowly moving over to the bush, she carefully pulled the branches aside, then froze, her eye's
widening. "Rei?" she squeaked, her eye's watering slightly.

Rei was a chibi.

Yay, I got the second chapter out! Lol, sorry this took so long.....I couldn't get any inspiration to write for awhile,
but now I have some. Lol. Anyways, to the reviewers:

CooledCrimsonwolf:I'm glad your enjoying it! and for now, just this one and the Kitsune Blader..and maybe a
special around christmas, but that's not for sure yet. Hope I updated soon enough, lol. Thanks for the review!

Fire Falcon:I'm glad you liked it, and it took me awhile to come up with the academy set up. Thanks for the

Ariel-chan:yay, lol! Glad you liked it and thankyou for the review!

Kyogue: I'm glad you liked it! and thankyou! "blush" took me forever to come up with some of the settings and
stuff. Hope I updated quickly enough, thanks for the review!

sokkazukofan: lol, I know, liying's very bad, isn't it? Yes, I wish I could kill Mariah as well, but do not worry,
she's not a major character in this fiction. Just need her there sometimes. Thanks for the review!

Ok, that's all for now, ja ne, peace out!



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