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Chapter 3 - Chapter Three: The chibi Rei and Secrets Revealed

There is only ever one transfigurator alive at one time, a new one born right when the old one dies. Amaria
Midesha, a 16 year old witch attending Trisha Academy for young witchs, is the transfigurator of 2005.
Training her powers for good, she ca

Chapter 3 - Chapter Three: The chibi Rei and Secrets Revealed

Chapter 3 - Chapter Three: The chibi Rei and Secrets Revealed
Disclaimer: Once more, sorry for the slight wait people. What with my ISU's,
and now I might be getting a job, and my volunteer hours will be starting soon,
I'm a bit busy. However, I promise that the most you will pretty much ever go without an
update from me on either of the two story's I am currently working on will be a week or
two, never longer. Anywhoo, enough of my blabbing, on with the chapter!

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx means flashback

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX means scene switch or time skip




Chapter Three: The chibi Rei and Secrets Revealed

She couldn't believe it.

She couldn't believe what she had done, that it had really happened.

But the proof was sitting right next to her, looking about Professor Raven's office in curiosity.

The beige room played host to several book shelves, a mahogany desk crowded with many
unmarked test papers and essays, all awaiting attention. Various portraits were hung on the walls,
each depicting Professor Raven from a different year with a different student in each, always the
top graduate of every year. Raven herself sat behind the mahogonay desk, her eye's currently
resting on the young Transfigurator, whom was fidgeting under her teachers steady gaze, nervously
toying with the hem of her shirt.

The neko-jin turned chibi sat in the chair next to Amaria, his head turning slowly as he took in
everything in the office with wide amber eye's, his mouth drawn in a cute grin that revealed his
miniature fangs. Amaria glanced at the mini-neko-jin out of the corner of her eye, biting her lip.
How could she let this happen? She had turned her best friend into a chibi! How stupid was she??

Almost like he had sensed her looking at him, Rei turned his head back towards her and grinned
wider, a quiet purr escaping his lips. Amaria flushed and turned her gaze back on professor Raven,
waiting for the older woman to say something.

"Amaria," the blond girl shut her eye's quickly, preparing herself for the lecture she was sure she
was about to receive, "although I wish you had changed say, a rock in paper, rather then Rei Kon into
a chibi version of himself, I have to say that I am proud of you." Amaria's eye's snapped back open in
shock, and she looked up at her teacher, surprised even more to see she was smiling.

"E-excuse me? Did you say what I think you just said?" Amaria stuttered, her eye's staying glued to
her professor. Raven smiled again.

"Yes, I supposed your surprised to hear that I am proud of you for turning Rei into a chibi. But Amaria,
you did it. You found your powers again, you awakened them once more." Amaria blinked, looking
down at her hand in realisation. She had been able to call on her powers again! And even though she
had accidentally used them on Rei instead of the demon, it was more proof that she truly was the

"Wow...." Raven laughed quietly at the breathy mutter that came from the girl, then turned serious, her
lips drawing back into a thin line.

"Amaria, you need to think. What was different about the situation from our training sessions?" Amaria
bit her lip, thinking back, while watching the chibi neko-jin bouncing around the room in his normal sized
clothing, his sash tied extra tightly in order to keep his pants on.

"I..didn't use a wand......and.....I was the demonic aura....for endangering my friends and
fellow classmates....I felt my heart clench, and then rage boil....."

"That's it then." Amaria pulled her eye's from the bouncing neko-jin and looked back at her teacher, question
all over her face. "Your emotions control your powers. When you experience strong emotions such as rage,
your power's are awakened, and you can use them. When your not feeling any strong emotions, you cannot
use your powers." Amaria nodded slowly, signalling that she understood.

Raven stood and, moving to the door, pressed the intercom button. "Miss Stacy, please have Professor
Peter come to my office at this time." letting go of the button, Raven moved to stand beside the blond girl.

"Amaria, you have to try and change Rei back now." Amaria gulped, nodding and standing up. She turned
and faced the chibi, who looked up at her with innocent amber eyes.

"Go on." she gulped again, extending her hand in front of her so that it was pointed at Rei. She gathered
all the emotion she could before speaking the spell.

"Desante Lumios!" nothing happened. She felt no rush of magic flow through her arm, no heat at all, and,
finally, she knew that it wouldn't work, because she wasn't feeling any powerful emotions.

"It is alright," Raven comforted the girl, who sat back down with a sigh, "it simply means that you will
have to wait until you are feeling a strong emotion." Amaria nodded again, sighing once more.

A small squeak escaped her lips when the chibi neko-jin suddenly pounced onto her lap, cuddling up to
her stomach and purring.

"It seem's he likes you." the girls cheek's flushed bright red at her teachers comment, and she awkwardly
patted the purring chibi's head while watching Raven walk to the door. The older witch opened the door,
revealing Professer Phillip. A tall, blond haired, blue eye'd australian, as the only male teacher at Trisha
Acadamy he had many a student smitten with him, though those numbers did not include Amaria.

He flashed the young Transfigurator a smile before looking to Raven. "You called for me?"

Raven nodded. "Yes. It seem's that Mr. Kon will be staying a chibi for awhile, so we need to think up an
arrangement." turning to Amaria, Raven's face took on a more pitying look. "Amaria, you will need to inform
his friends over at the Bey Academy of what has happened, and also work out where Rei will be staying.
Be back as quickly as possible, understood?" Amaria nodded, and, scooping up the still purring chibi,
she walked to the door, only to be stopped by Raven.

"And remember Amaria, strong emotions are not always negative ones. Sometimes, they are very positive."
and with a smile, she was pushed out the door, which closed right away. Amaria blinked before turning and
walking down the hallway, Rei curled up in her arms. It was time to inform the masses.


"What did you do to him?!?"

"Mariah, calm down, it's not like she meant to."

"B-but Max, look at him!"

"He's only a chibi, it could've been worse."

"How could it be worse Tyson?! Tell me that!"

"Could you all just be quiet?" the three arguing teens looked to Kai, who's eyes were resting on Amaria. She
was sitting with her face turned down so that her bangs were covering her eyes, her lips pressed together
firmly, her hands once more playing with the hem of her uniform shirt.

"Kai's right. We should all just be calm and talk this out calmly." Max stated, taking a seat on the couch next
to Amaria. Tyson nodded and forced the still fuming Mariah to sit on the couch opposite them, Kai remaining
standing by the doorway.

"Ok, so you lied to Rei so that he wouldn't know you were the Transfigurator, on the day of his visit a demonic
Aura attacked, you tried to change it, it avoided your attack, it hit Rei, and now he is a chibi, correct?" Amaria
nodded, confirming that everything Max had just repeated was true. Upon arriving at the Bey Academy, Amaria
had been swarmed by Max and Tyson, who had stared at the chibi Rei in shock before bursting out laughing.
Kai had come down a moment later, calmly asking what had happened. When Mariah had arrived, hell had
broken out. They had then determined that the chibi did not remember any of them except for Amaria (she had
insisted that he only remembered her name because Raven had said it) but that he did remember who he was,
but not that he was actually 18, not 6.

Currently, said chibi was bouncing around the room they were all sitting in, and Tyson couldn't help teasing
Amaria that he was trying to get her attention(which caused the blond girl to flush, and Mariah to fume ever
more then she already was).

"He's staying with you!" Amaria's head snapped up, and she looked over at Mariah wearily.

"Why me?"

"Because your the one that turned him into a chibi!" Rei's ears twitched, and, realising they were talking about
him, chose that moment to meow loudly and once more leap onto Amaria's lap. Flushing again, she did her
best to ignore the purring neko-jin that was cuddled up against her stomach, as well as the amused looks of
Max and Tyson, as she looked back to Mariah.

"Why don't you keep him with you? Your his girlfriend!" she had assumed this, from the way that Mariah
had freaked, but when everyone else in the room suddenly went deadly quiet, she had to wonder if she was

"Um..Amaria....Mariah's not his girlfriend. Rei told us...well, he said that...."


"He said he was dating you." Amaria froze, her widened violet orbs flicking from Tyson to Max to Kai to Mariah
to the purring chibi in her lap and back up to the others again.

"What?" she breathed, a bit dazed. Dating...her? Her? She must have heard him wrong.

"Well, he was always going to see you. And more then once, he spent hours trying to figure out what to wear,
only to end up wearing the same thing every time because you apparently told him he looked good in it." she
thought back, remembering the incident that Max was talking about. Then she flushed again. So both she and
Rei had been lieing to someone.

"Alright," the others looked over at her, "he'll stay with me. But don't think you guys aren't helping me!"

Max and Tyson grinned, while Kai just nodded his head, and Mariah continued to fume. "Wouldn't dream of
trying to get out of it."


"What a rough day." sighing, Amaria flopped back on her bed, her un-bound blond hair fanning out under her
head. After arriving back at Trisha Academy, Amaria and chibi-Rei had been ushered back to Raven's
office, where she was told that she would have the next few days off, as well as given a good sum of money,
to buy some clothes that would fit Rei, as well as to get him settled in before she continued her classes. One
thing she had absolutely refused to do was to give the chibi a bath (she had turned red when Raven had brought
up the subject) and so, Professor Phillip was stepping in to handle that duty.

Amaria glanced at the other side of her bedroom, her violet orbs landing on the mini bed that had been brought
in for the chibi. Rei would be sleeping in her room, as well as using her private bathroom (such was the perks
of being the Transfigurator-private room and bathroom!). And after her few days off were over, he would also
be following her around to classes.

Closing her eyes, Amaria's ears twitched. She could hear Phillip assisting Rei get changed from where she lay,
her ears being more sensitive then those of a normal human or witch. She opened one violet orb when the
connecting door opened, and out stepped Phillip and a newly washed and dried Rei, dressed in a huge pj
top and matching bottoms, which were also huge on the little neko-jin.

She noted that Rei's hair had been left unbound, and figured that Rei was now to small to do it himself, and
that Phillip had no idea how to do it.

"Ama!" she snapped out of her daze when the neko-jin was more flung himself at her, planting himself
comfortably in her lap. She smiled this time. It was just the three of them, so who cared? Not her.

"Did you have a good bath?" the chibi just nodded into her stomach, purring again through his long mess
of hair.

"Phil, do you have his wrap?" she was answered by a long piece of white ribbon being held in her face, and
took it, smiling a bit. "Rei, would you like me to fix your hair?" the chibi nodded, sitting up and facing away
from her. Amaria, knowing how hard it was to keep long hair tangle free, opened her bedside drawer and
pulled out her brush, gently running it through Rei's long ebony hair. She giggled a bit when he started purring
again, the feeling of his hair being brush apparently soothing.

Finishing in de-tangling his ebony locks, she took the wrap and carefully proceeded to wind it back around his
hair, finishing it off with a tight knot at the end. "There you go, all done." the chibi turned and cuddled up to
her again, inspecting his wrap briefly before grinning again.

Phillip smiled at the pair from the door, grinning wider when Amaria looked up and flushed. "Time for bed
missy," he paused, winking, "you two make a cute couple." closing the door in time to avoid being hit by
a shoe, Phillip laughed and walked off to his own room. Amaria might not have been able to see it yet, but
he sure could.

Back in the room, Amaria stood and carried the chibi over to his own bed, laying him down and tucking him
in. When she moved to go back to her own bed, he whimpered and jumped up, clinging to her leg.

"Sleep with you." he whimpered, giving her adorably kitty eyes. She sighed, shaking her head and gently
pulling him from her leg, tucking him back into his bed.

"You sleep here. I'll be right there," she paused, pointing to her own bed, before looking back at him, "alright?"

Rei sniffled, but nodded, laying down and cuddling up to his pillow. Amaria smiled and, acting on impulse,
gently kissed his forehead before moving back to her own bed and turning out the lights.

She lay there for awhile, listening to Rei's soft breathing as he slept, before feeling her own eyelids grow heavy.

'I'll have to figure out how to change you back, Rei.....'

Kyah! I got the next chapter out! Lol. Hope you guys enjoyed this! I'm writing this fic without an outline, so
I know whats going to happen, I'm just not sure how it will all play out yet. Anyways, to the reviewers:

CooledCrimsonwolf: lol, yup, he's a cutie chibi "huggles chibi Rei plushie" lol, I'm glad that you enjoyed
the chapter, and I hope you liked this one! Thanks for the review!

Sophie: lol, thanks! Glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

Fire Falcon: why thankyou! and yup, he's a chibi. :) lol. Thanks for the review!

Kyogue: lmao, yes, it is funny, isn't it? And what shall Amaria do? You shall see! lmao. I'm glad you
enjoyed it! Hope I updated quickly enough! Thanks for the review!

sokkazukofan: lol, breath now, breath! don't die laughing! lol, yup, he be a chibi. Thanks for the review!

Ok, that's all for now. Hope your enjoying this, and thankyou to everyone who is reviewing! Please
review if your reading this! Ja ne, Peace out,



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