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Chapter 1 - A New Friend

The members of MCR get a new traveling companion.
But where did this person come from?
And whats going to happen now that they're here?

Chapter 1 - A New Friend

Chapter 1 - A New Friend
The van was out of gas again. The prices had been so high at the last station, and they had thought that they would at least have bought enough to get them to a cheaper station. Too bad they were wrong. Gerard Way sighed as he lit up a cigarette. They would just have to wait until Bob managed to flag down someone who would be willing to siphon them a gallon or two. Gerard had closed his eyes when he felt someones annoyed poking in his side. He sighed and opened one eye to find Frank stretched out on the couch next to him, poking him to get his attention. What is it Frankie? asked Gerard around the cig. Im bored said Frank. Will you go get my guitar out of the supply trailer? Frank put on his puppy dog eyes and stared up at Gerard. Do it yourself man its hot out there! said Gerard. Pleeeeeez Gee? Do it for Mikey! Frank gestured at the boy to his right who was too absorbed in his music to realize he was being used as Franks laziness tool. Gerard sighed and swung himself up off the couch. Fine. But this is the last time. And try to keep still in the bus okay? Gerard walked to the front of the bus, nudging Ray on the shoulder. Ray, I need the key to the supply trailer. Can you take it off the ring for me? Ray looked up from the steering wheel. Yah sure and after about a minute of fiddling and jingling, he loosed the key and dropped in Gerards hand. Dont give frank an amp. Just the guitar. Roger said Gerard, saluting his friend as he jumped off the bus. And stop calling me roger! yelled Ray after him. Gerard giggled to himself. Ray was funny when he was tired. Gerard walked around to the trailer. He glanced over at Bob, who was having trouble flagging down a car. Granted, there were no cars on the road at all, so it wasnt really Bobs fault. Gerard managed to get the door open and he climbed into what little walking space the trailer had, searching for Franks guitar. Damn it was boiling hot in here. Well, metal getting hit with lots of sun would be prone to heat up wouldnt it? Gerard looked around. What he did find however, was certainly not a guitar at all. In fact, it wasnt even shaped like anything that should be in the supply trailer. He noticed it right away, that is, right after it moved. Gerard shifted over to the back right corner of the trailer. It looked as though something had fallen, but it hadnt made a metal on metal sound. It was more of a soft thud. Gerard moved over to allow the sun streaming in from the open door to hit the object he had discovered. It was a person. A girl in fact. She was curled up in the corner of the trailer, concealed under a black hoodie. And she had been sweating like crazy, but now her skin was getting dry and turning red. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were unfocused. Oh my God. Gerard whispered. Who was she? Where did she come from? And how the hell had she gotten in here in the first place? Gerard leaned down and shook her gently. Hey, hey, are you all right? The girl turned her head slowly and looked at, or rather through, Gerard with unfocused eyes. Her eyelids fluttered shut and she didnt respond to any of Gerards continued calls. Oh shoot Gerard threw his cig out the trailer door and he bent down to scoop the girl up in his arms. Damn she was light. She had to be about his height. Maybe a little shorter. But she barely weighed anything! And to top it all off, once she had passed out her breathing had gotten very ragged. Gerard rushed out of the trailer kicking the door shut behind him. BOB! He screamed. Forget the cars for now and open up the bus door for me! Bob turned at Gerards yell. He had paused for a moment, slightly shocked to see his friend carrying a girl that he appeared to have produced from nowhere. But he soon ran ahead of Gerard and opened the door for him. Gerard ran up into the air conditioned bus with Bob right behind him. Upon their loud entry, Frank sat up and Mikey looked over. Ray got up and followed Gerard and Bob into the middle of the bus. Frank! Move! yelled Gerard. Frank rolled off the couch and stood back as Gerard laid the unconscious girl out on the sofa. He unzipped her hoodie and removed it from her body only to find long sleeves covered by a short sleeve shirt. What is this winter? Gerard removed the black short sleeve shirt and rolled up the red sleeves underneath. Her body had begun to sweat again. That was at least a good sign. It meant she wasnt in danger of heat stroke anymore. Mikey handed Gerard a bottle of water from the fridge. Gerard rolled it across the girls forehead. No response. He opened up the water and gently poured some over the girls chapped lips. She was still asleep, but she did lick it up. Oh thank god said Gerard. He poured water into the girls mouth and she swallowed unconsciously. Finally, after the flow of the water became steadier, she slowly woke and sat up taking the bottle in her own hands and draining it down. She drank two more bottles they offered her before she laid back down again and fell asleep. Her skin had by now returned to, what could only be guessed as its natural color. Her breathing had returned to normal.Gerard sighed and sat back. She was going to be okay. That was close. Had Frankie not gotten Gerard to go out to the supply trailer, or if they even hadnt ran out of gas, it might have been too late by the time they stopped and opened the trailer again. Frank crawled over to the edge of the couch and stared at the girl over the edge of the cushions. He blinked a couple times before looking back over his shoulder at the band. Where do you guys suppose she came from? he asked. Mikey spoke up thats a very good question Frankie. I suppose well just have to ask her when she wakes up.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~View a better submission of the story here:


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