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Chapter 2 - While you were asleep

The members of MCR get a new traveling companion.
But where did this person come from?
And whats going to happen now that they're here?

Chapter 2 - While you were asleep

Chapter 2 - While you were asleep
key sighed as his watch timer beeped. He got up from his seated position next to thecouch and stretched. He walked over andnudged Gerard. “Your turn” he said and flopped down in the chair after Gerardgot up. It had been about this timeyesterday that they had found the girl locked away in the back of their supplytrailer. She still hadn’t woken up. Each band member had begun taking one hourturns to watch her. Bob had managed toflag down a car that had siphoned them 2 gallons of gas. They had made it to the next station with Raycoasting the bus as much as possible. They had filled it up all the way this time and gotten some food fromthe quick mart’s freezer section. Gerard tooka seat next to the couch. He rested hischin in his hand as he watched the girl sleep. He couldn’t tell her age at all. One minute she would look like a teen, but then shed get hit with differentlight and look like she was in her early 20s. This, in his opinion, was one of the creepiest things he had ever seen. She was about 2 or 3 inches shorter than him andincredibly skinny. Her hair was long,and reached her hips at least. It wassoft and medium brown. Gerard had takento gently braiding and re-braiding the same lock of hair over and over when hewas watching her. When Frankhad gone to pick up the girl’s hoodie, he ended up dumping everything out ofthe pockets on, what he called, “accident”. Basic things had fallen out of the pockets. Pens, pencils, a pack of gum. There was a small drawstring bag with basicmakeup in it. Concealer, a compact, eyeliner and eye shadow. Nothing else. She had also been carrying a pocket-sizedsketch book. Gerard had flipped throughit to find that the drawings inside were actually very good. The book had a nametag pasted across thefront that said “Hello, my name is Nocturne” A few of the drawings were signedwith the name nocturne as well. Theywere followed by the initials KI and the year the drawing was from. A few ofthe drawings were just fun little layout sketches for full-sized comics. But most of the drawings were charactersketches. The girl had taken to drawingone specific character in great detail. There were defining features on this girl’s body. Close ups of thecharacters arms showed crude X shaped scars on the undersides of her wriststhat were covered with long sleeves or gloves. The character also had a series of jagged scars across her stomach. There was a half-written biography off to theside. It hadn’t gotten to explaining themarkings. Gerardthought about the sketches as he watched Nocturne sleep. He had decided to callher that seeing as it was the only name he had gotten close to confirming. There were large similarities to Nocturne andthe character she had designed. Gerardwondered if maybe she was the character. Gerard let his eyes trail down Nocturne’s arms. He had seen her wrists when he had pushed thesleeves up. There hadn’t been anymarkings. He began to wonder about herstomach. Gerard’sthoughts were interrupted by Ray tapping him on the shoulder. “Time’s up Gee.”He said. “Get some sleep. I’ll watch herthrough the night and wake you if she gets up” Gerard nodded and glanced at hiswatch. 1 am. Ray had parked the bus on ahighway oasis for the night. Gerardnudged Frank off of Mikey''s lap and sent them off to bed as well. Bob was already asleep. Mikey stared up at the ceiling in his bunkbed. “Do you guys think she’ll be okay?” Mikey was beginning to wonder ifNocturne would ever wake up. “Yah,she’ll be fine” said frank encouragingly. “Now go to sleep. If she can rest that easy, you should be ableto too.” Mikey nodded and drifted off to sleep. Frank whispered down to Gerard. “Hey Gee, what do you think’ll happenwhen Nocturne wakes up?” Gerard staredat the wall. “Hard to know Frankie. We’ll just have to wait and see.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Easier to read this copy:


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