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Chapter 1 - Introduction

A little series of one shots featuring my Raichu Gijinka OC, Jacob Steamclutch, his adventures, and life in general.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction
“Raichu Gjinka Anthology”
By JacobChu


    Jacob Steamclutch lives on a homestead in the Kanto region. At this homestead, not only does he have his trusty Raichu friend, Sparkshot helping him with the chores, but other pokémon, such as a Growlithe he adopted, and a Charmander named “Blazer”. 

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his homestead, for Jacob is a Raichu gijinka, a human and pokémon hybrid that has Raichu ears, a tail, and can even use the powers of a Raichu, such as thunderbolt and iron tail, so he can also help  his friends around the homestead. 

But the best, and most impressive feature is that he himself built a one eighth scale ride on model railroad that runs on seven and a half inch gauge track around the place so that he can haul freight trains with supplies, and agricultural products not just around his homestead, but to sidings and spurs that connect to neighbor and friend’s houses along the line, so if they have anything he needs or vice versa, they can load up freight cars that have been dropped off and he’ll pick them up.


Jacob loves driving his train, Sparkshot sits on the locomotive’s tender behind him and Blazer uses flamethrower to help light the fire in the firebox, so that enough steam can be built up to make it go.

Aside from tending to his homestead, Jacob and Sparkshot also head to the House of Imite every night, to perform as the opening act for Ditto master, Duplica, with his impressions and stand up comedy!

Duplica first met Jacob when he was a Pikachu gijinka, and when Sparkshot was a Pikachu, he had come into the mansion with Ash, Misty, and Brock when they wanted to get out of a rain storm.


After that adventure, Jacob had kept regular contact with Duplica when he had traveled with Ash Ketchum, through letters he had sent her, and later with phone calls and text messages. 

After returning with Ash from the Sinnoh region, Jacob had decided that it was time for him to settle down and live his own life. 

So he stayed in Pallet Town for a while, eventually evolved into a Raichu gijinka when Sparkshot found a thunder stone. 

After which, he had worked odd jobs around until one day, when Duplica was visiting Pallet Town and overheard him performing impressions and stand up comedy for his Pokémon friends. It took some effort, but she convinced him to work for her, helping out at the House of Imite as well as opening for her act.

Ever since then, he has enjoyed doing his act, as well as tending to his homestead, as well as running his railroad, with Duplica coming to help him from time to time.

One particular day, Jacob was hauling firewood on his train, with Duplica being his conductor with a whistle to signal when to stop or go, and a red flag to tell him when to stop as well. 

They had picked up a few cars worth of firewood that had been chopped, split and had started to go chop and load one more flat car of wood before heading back.

 Stopping at a few trees, Jacob stopped the train, got off with Duplica, Sparkshot, Blazer, Ditto and Mini-Dit to chop some wood.

Jacob had used Iron Tail to chop the wood, but this time, before he could do it, Duplica stopped him and asked,

“Jacob, doesn’t it hurt whenever you use iron tail on the wood?”

“No, it doesn’t.” Replied Jacob “I appreciate the thought, though.”

Ditto came forward, the pink blob Pokémon transformed into an axe. 

“Ditto! Ditto, Dit!” (“Here, an axe!”) said Ditto.

Jacob, being a gijinka can understand and talk to Pokémon so he said to Ditto, “Thanks, but if you’re really worried about me hurting my tail, I can..”

Ditto interrupted by transforming into a chainsaw, much to Jacob’s astonishment. “How’d you know I was going to say that I can use a chainsaw I have on the flatcar behind the engine?” Jacob asked.

Duplica said, “Ditto has known you a long time, so he can predict what you’re going to say. You should know that by now.”

Jacob nodded, grabbed the chainsaw off of the flatcar and started to cut some trees to make firewood.

The friends then finished the task, returned to the homestead, and tied down the train for the night, in preparation for another busy night at the House of Imite.



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