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A Short Fanfiction Written back in 2019 as a sort of Experiment.


Life sees its fair share of Unique Creatures.
So what happens when im thrown into a New and Interesting Life with Equally Unique Creatures?
An old OC story i did for a friend. more Parts coming.
i'm just putting it hear cause i can't get on Hotmail to save it I'll finish it tomorrow so don't read it.
the realm of legends the birth place of pokemon the hardest joerneys exist in this peaceful remote land my home land born raised in the town of nature on my parents pokefarm if i had knew how this started i might of been able to stop the war lurking
i was thinking. how would a battle between Cynthia and my oc Legion would go. theres only one way to find out.... FIGHT!
these are all my pokemon oc
some are appearing in ladychaos'' story the darkside of the moon
Kim's life was normal (that’s what she thinks) but was changed after encountering a mysterious being deep inside the forest. It was then she realized that breaking the house rules lead her to a new discovery that was kept from her by her parents.
Cierra is a new trainer in the land of Sinnoh. Together with her Mudkip and some other Pokemon, she wants to become the best trainer and coordinator the land has ever seen. Will accept SOME OCs.
This is not the story, just where I can see who's all gonna join.
This is where I'll show you all the bios for the trainers in my Pokemon fan-fic.
Moudoku has always loved using her poison Pokemon to take down her challengers. The boys are her best friends, and have never thought of her as "one of the girls". When Moudoku develops feelings for them, how will this effect their friendship?
Kotori Midoriyuki is beginning her journey as a Pokemon trainer! This exciting adventure is never gonna end!
Okay here's the deal I needed to write my characters oc story out. Anyway this story is for the people who wanted to know about my character and her pokemon. Once I finish with this one I will write the one that follows her and Ash's adventure.
This is a story about my OC, Jay. Its about what he gets up to in the Sinnoh Region!
a story about a random person who
has alway disliked pokemon, but what happends when the one
she likes loves pokemon, and the only way to get to him is
through pokemon
An oddball vulpix makes friends with an umbreon after being rescued, three years later its time for them to be adopted out to new trainers and the vulpix is reluctant to let go, however that becomes the least of his problems. slash.
This is the story of how Keira became a pokemon master and the Pokemon she trained with..
just a funky little story starring me (lol) going and captureing a shining eevee.
Some of these are mine, but most are made up from other ppls. NO ONE CAN USE THEM!
team rocket has been up to its old tricks again and created pokemon morphed with humans to create a new breed of trainer. this goes very wrong. Now the mewmorph Serena must do whatever is nessasry to stop this new threat to the pokemon world...
This is a story dedicated to the friendship I share between me (Diamond) and my best friend on earth Sori (Hikari) This is for you Sori-chan!
YamiRevea and I started a club, Pokemon Sweeties, for Pokemon OCs! ^__^ YAY!!!
This is my first story so please no flaming!

This is a pokemon story involving my 3 oc's.They are the 3rd generation of ash,brock,misty,paul,and dawn.It's a great story so please read and comment!
This is a story about a pokémon trainer called Abi. Shes 12 years old and she has just moved to a new town...