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Chapter 1 - Yugi vs. Evil Kaiba Take 50

Various things that happen during the filming of Yu-Gi-Oh. . . Some may have Yaoi or Yuri. Those will be marked in the chapter name.

Chapter 1 - Yugi vs. Evil Kaiba Take 50

Chapter 1 - Yugi vs. Evil Kaiba Take 50
Note to readers. Yugi is Yami Yugi in this story & the story is a little of base because I felt like being a tad original. Also this one is non Yaoi/Yuri

Yugi: I play Mystical Elf in defensive mode. I’ll also play the Book of Secret Arts & one card face down.

Evil Kaiba: Face down huh. Well I can do that to. Now Blue Eyes white lightning attack!

Yugi: Not so fast Kaiba for my face down card is . . . . huh . . . . No!
Evil Kaiba: What’s wrong Yugi?
Yugi: I play Power Decrease it decreases your power by 300 points.
Evil Kaiba: HaH-hah! 300 points that’s not enough to stop the attack.

Yugi: No!!!!

Yugi: No I . . . . I lost.
Jonouchi: Hey doesn’t the director say cut by now?
Anzu: he shot himself last take.
Honda: Than who will run the show?
Pegasus: This is my island so I will run the show.
Jonouchi: Hey how did you get here?
Pegasus: Don’t you mean why am I here?
Jonouchi: That’s what I said why am I here? Wait a minute! Why are you here!

Yugi: Pegasus hand over my grandpa!
Pegasus: Do you have ten star chips Yugi-boy?
Yugi: Um. . . . No.

Pegasus: Do you have any star chips?
Yugi: Um. . . . No.

Yugi: Nooooooooo. . . . . . .
Jonouchi: What are we going to do now?
Anzu: You still have star chips don’t you Jonouchi?
Jonouchi: Ya. . . so what?
Honda: So this is your show now!
Jonouchi: Hey I like the sound of this! JONOUCHI –OH!
Anzu: This is messed up.

Kaiba: What are you guys doing here? You should be at a different part of the island!
Evil Kaiba: What is he doing here?
Kaiba: Whats that thing. . .
Evil Kaiba: What don’t you recognize me? I’m you.
Kaiba: Yuck. . . . . I am nothing like you. You ugly blob!
Jonouchi: Hey this is my show now! Why isn’t anyone talking to me?
Everyone but Jonouchi: Hi Jonouchi!
Jonouchi: I’m so happy!

Weevil: Where is Yugi Moto! I’ve come to get my revenge!!
Jonouchi: He lost to that fat freak over there…
Weevil: Well knowing the writer of this fan fic she’ll open a plot hole soon and have Yugi come to us… I have first dibs on dueling Yugi!!
Kaiba: Uh uh I do I owe him for my previous defeat.
Weevil: Oh yeah?
Kaiba: Yeah I duel Yugi first…
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: You!
Weevil: You!
Kaiba: Okay if you insist I will duel Yugi Moto!
Weevil: Wha? Grr… for the great Weevil Underwood to be tricked by such low class dirty underhanded tricks!!
Anzu: So it’s fine for YOU to use such tricks but for someone else to use those tricks on you it’s not all right? You are such a hypocrite.
Weevil: Oh shut up!!
Kaiba: What the heck am I still doing here? I need to save Mokuba… Pegasus I will see you at the castle!!

Pegasus: Well off I go…

Weevil: Now to wait for Yugi…
Jonouchi: Why don’t you duel me?
Weevil: I would waste my time dueling a second rate duelist like you!
Jonouchi: That’s not fair!! This is my show and nobody pays any attention to me!!

Anzu: well this is fun… if you like standing around doing nothing…
Honda: I know what you mean…
Anzu: I’m gonna find a spare boat so we can get off the island…
Honda: I’ll come with you

Evil Kaiba: This is very confusing…
Yugi: Hey guys I’m back! I found some of the star chips that were lost in the ocean!

Yugi: Guys?
Evil Kaiba: So your back Yugi!
Yugi: You! Grr… OBLIDERATE!!

Yugi: Your next Pegasus!!
Jonouchi: Yugi is that you?

Jonouchi: Yugi! You gotta leave! Before everyone else figures out you’re here!
Yugi: But why?
Jonouchi: Because this is my show now! And I don’t want you to mess it u…

Honda: Huh? Yugi you’re back!
Anzu: Yay!
Honda: Now we don’t have to follow thickheaded Jonouchi around!
Jonouchi: Hey!
Yugi: So what now guys?
Kaiba: How about a duel with me?

Weevil: No he’s gonna duel me!

Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Yugi: how about you flip a coin?
Yugi: Err…
Kaiba: I know how about we flip for it…
Weevil: Good idea Kaiba… I will flip the coin!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!

Pegasus: I will flip the coin! Call it in the air!

Kaiba & Weevil: Tails!!
Kaiba: I want tails!
Weevil: Well I called it first!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Kaiba: Me!
Weevil: Me!
Jonouchi: How about you duel me! And whoever wins goes and duels Yugi!
Weevil: Good idea! But however if we both win how shall we decide
Yugi: A duel between the two of…
Kaiba: Fine. ..
Weevil: I agree. . . however Kaiba must be the one to duel him first!!!
Yugi: Nobody ever listens. . .
Kaiba: Fine you insect!!!

Kaiba: I will go first. . . and I summon Battle Ox in attack mode!
Jonouchi: shoot. . . Okay I summon one card face down. . .
Kaiba: Battle Ox ATTACK!!!

Jonouchi: NO! Fine I'll Play this face down. . . and end my turn!
Kaiba: Battle Ox Attack Jonouchi's Life Points!
Jonouchi: I activate Mirror Force!!

Kaiba: Fine I play Blue Eyes White Dragon!!! Now I play Pot a Greed!!! YES!! I play Polymerization! Fusing the other two BEWD in my had to make Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonouchi: @%$%&# %^#& ^%#@ &W#%@
Kaiba: That’s all I can do its your turn. . .
Jonouchi: I play Flame Swordsman in defense mode. . .
Kaiba: I summon Sword Stalker in attack mode, Sword Stalker attack his Swordsman!! Now BEUD attack his life points directly!!!

Jonouchi: God Damn. . .
Weevil: Looks like I'm up!

Jonouchi: I go first this time!!
Weevil: Fine but don't think that’s going to save you!
Jonouchi: I play Graceful Charity!

Jonouchi: Now I play Exodia!!!! I win!! ^.^
Weevil: Nooooooo!!!
Yugi: Jonouchi how did you get Exodia?
Jonouchi: I paid off the author, plus she hates Weevil . . . . .
jESSIE: Jonouchi!!! You shut up!!
Jonouchi: Sorry. . . .
Kaiba: Grr. . . . Yugi we duel now!
Yugi: But I dun wanna. . . .
Kaiba: NOW
Yugi: Fine. . .

Yugi: Who goes first?
Kaiba: I don't care
Yugi: Okay then I will. . .
Kaiba: Fine. . .

Yugi: Your turn

Kaiba: Go Yugi. . . .


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yami01 on November 3, 2008, 8:15:51 AM

yami01 on
yami01Hahahahahahaha *falls off chair laughing and faves*
Funneh, especially when Joey dropped the f-bomb!

ladychaos on November 5, 2006, 8:11:27 PM

ladychaos on
ladychaosLOL. cool. i can't wait for the next chapter

bambi on October 31, 2006, 12:53:58 AM

bambi on
bambihahhaha that was veryy funny make another one

dieviete on February 11, 2006, 9:43:43 PM

dieviete on
Very funny!

PuffBubble on February 2, 2006, 12:00:19 PM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleLOL! That was great! ^-^

Gardian_of_the_shadow_relm on September 3, 2005, 12:33:39 PM

Gardian_of_the_shadow_relm on
Gardian_of_the_shadow_relmhaha! My God, that was highly confusing at parts, but i loved it!
i can just picture it now hehe, great job!
+faves ^^

necromancer_boy on November 12, 2004, 12:41:01 PM

necromancer_boy on
necromancer_boyhoo boy, that's funny. probably the only funny yugioh story there is. (note: i haven't seen the movie, and this makes me wonder). So, you hate weevil? here: tis the 'Let's Crush the Annoying Kid with the Insect Fetish and the Green Hair' badge. I have one too. And here: a cookie!

sunflower225521 on November 10, 2004, 11:26:32 AM

sunflower225521 on
sunflower225521HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cool! This is a good one, though... why did the director shoot himself?

ice_is_nice on October 23, 2004, 2:34:57 AM

ice_is_nice on

Gamerdude on September 10, 2004, 11:51:57 AM

Gamerdude on
GamerdudeI have one word for this: pointless lol