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Chapter 9 - Fighting Spirit

Welcome to Mercedes' Academy for Gifted Girls. Here, majic isn't just a word, it's the curriculum.

Chapter 9 - Fighting Spirit

Chapter 9 - Fighting Spirit
chapter six: Fighting Spirit

Burn pushed off the ground flying threw the air and landing ten feet away, the girl's sunhat flying off her head. She held Tita tightly against her body, Burn turned and ran. Her speed rivalled most of the other girls at Mercedes, but she had not the strength like theirs. Burn also lacked much ability to cast spells, but that didn't stop her. She was a great strategist, defeating her opponents with traps and puzzles. Trees and ground exploded around her as the Hollow struck.

"RAAAAUGH!!!" His huge claw struck them both, sending them into the ground. Tita was thrown from her arms and near the lake's edge. The Hollow approached Burn, a huge fangful grin showing. "A human soul will moisten my appetite!" He grinned at Tita. "Then I'll come for you... my little Angel."

Tita intervened the attacked on Burn, making a barrier around them. Using a deck of tarot cards, she channeled her magic to form a shield around both of them. She screamed as the Hollow pounded on the shield. It shattered breaking the bond and Burn and Tita watched in Horror as all fifty-two cards turned to ash. His jaws came down on both of them. But, to their surprise it didn't hurt. The mask split in half, and his body turned into nothing. Burn and Tita turned to see a boy dressed in a Alejandro uniform. He had brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes and a tattoo under his right eye.

"Are you okay?" he asked, lifting up his spear so it was propped on his shoulder. "Any reason you two are out so late?"

Tita sat on the ground inspecting her bloodied knee. She looked up at the boy. "Thank you very much sir." she smiled. He knelt to her height. Then looked at her scraped up leg. He took out a bandana from his pocket and tied it around her leg. Then she smiled at Burn. "You're well I trust, Miss Lynn?"

Burn didn't recognize the boy. "Yeah." She held out her hand for Tita, "I better take you back to school.. see where you came from." As Burn began walking, a tree branch flew infront of her.It crashed into the lake, splashing water on all three of them. "Hot damn." They looked up to see two boys fom Alejandro's fighting on the trees. Jumping from branch to branch, they were so fast, their forms were barely visible.

"God damnit Chase! Why don't you watch where your clumsy @$$ is going!" snarled the boy. Chase laughed, then dove for his opponent. They both fell back into the forest with a loud crash. "You two better come with me to change out of those clothes. My name's Lao Jiang by the way."

Tita took Lao's hand and Burn's hand in the other. "I wanna see them fight first!" she exclaimed. She pulled them both toward Alejandro's Academy for Boys, where in an open field, they saw Mr. Night. He was watching Chase and his opponent, then wrote somethings on his clipboard.

"Watch it!" he shouted. Tita, Burn and Lao stopped where they were, the ground exploding a few inches infront of them. Mr. Night ran over to them. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, sorry, Sir." said Burn. Tita squeezed the girl's hand, then tugged on her arm. "Can we watch?"

The teacher shrugged. "Sure. Why not." He looked at his watch. "Chase just started with his partner. So this may go on for another 4 minutes." A branch flew at them. Mr. Night put out his hand, energy pulsating out in a shield that burned it to ash. "All those hormones really got them riled up."

Before Burn could ask, she heard the opponent laugh, "Take off my earrings?! Why?!" The boy laughed. When Chase tried to strike him, he turned and flipped off the ground like a cat falling in reverse. Chase took a few breaths then regained his cool. Before Chase could move, his opponent came up beind him and whispered something to him. 'You gave them to me... remember??"

"Jullian! Chase! stop fooling around!" shouted Night. "Tic-Toc." He scratched the back of his head. "What's up with those two?"

The day after MeMe died... a few hours ago...

'Yo,' said Chase. Jazmyn turned to fce him. She had just finished talking with Dean Dreamer and was headed back to her dorm, when she had (somehow) bumped into Chase. He held out his fist to her, and she held out hers, palm up. 'These are for you.' Chase put a pair of green jade earrings in her hand. She looked blankly at them, then gave him a soft smile.
, very
'Why?' she asked. Today was just not her day, Jazmyn couldn't concetrate and the depression was starting to sink in. But this randomly performed act... It made her feel funny. Not haha funny, but being not used to what's happening.

'The color brings out your eyes.' Chase felt her cheek, then ran his fingers through her hair shortened. 'They'd look nice on those pointy ears of yours, Lun.' He turned and left Jazmyn to her work. She looked at the jewelry in her hands then held them out to the light. She pulled her small golden studs out and replaced them with the jades. She looked at her reflection in the window. They were pretty, and the pale color really contrasted against her tan complection.

'Hey! Chase-kun!' She shouted down the hall. Chase turned halfway to look over his shoulder at Jazmyn. 'Arigatou gozaimasu!'

Present hour...

"No!" Jullian laughed. When Chase struck him, Jullian was sent back a few feet. "You're just angry I look pretty in them!" He flipped his shoulder length hair to the side to reveal his ears. Jullian wore a pair of tear-shaped jade earrings. 'You can take over at anytime little girl.'

'I don't feel like it...' she responded. Tita watched with wide eyes as the two boys fought. She looked at them with such movements, it reminded her of dancing cranes. '...Just don't hurt him... Julie...'

Chase grabbed the Jullian's shirt, then threw him into a tree. He turned and smashed through the branches roughly. Chase kicked Jullian as hard as he could. Jullian was sent down, but as he began to fall, he grabbed Chase's leg. They both fell, and before hit the ground Jullian let go. "Besides. She gave them to me." 'When are you going to get over it?'

'Julie... leave me alone... this really isn't the time.' Jazmyn groaned. 'You aren't doing like I asked.'

'You're being weak again!' He snarled. 'The reason MeMe died, wasn't because she loved you and wanted to protect you. She believed in you and your power.' Jullian blocked another one of Chase's punches, his fist hitting his forearms, nearly breaking them. 'She died because she thought it was worth the trouble! If you can't do what I ask, why should I listen to you, if you really aren't worth the trouble?!'

"Roxas!" A black handled sword appeared in his hands. "Now, let's finish this!"

Burn turned to Mr. Night. "Are they supposed to be armed?!!"

Mr. Night looked at the stop watch. There were only a few seconds left, so no need to end it early. He looked at them, exchanging blows and sending out waves of energy.

'Jazmyn! I'm going to kill him to free you from this damned seal!' Jullian smiled. "Lumius~da~LaMueres~!" Roex's blade glowed bright red, Jullian's energy pouring into the weapon. 'Release!' Chase punched the ground sending up large amounts of rock and debris. Dust flew into Jullian's eyes, it burned and he let out a furious cry. "Where are you, you bastard?!!" Through the earthy smells of rock, clay and dirt, Jullian found the boy's scent. In the moments, he froze time. Everything stopped except Chase and Jullian.

He cleared the cloud of dust with a swing of Roex. Chase was looking at the sharp tip at it. "I'm going to make this clear to a little punk like you. The girl you gave these earrings to, really appreciates it. But she would also like for you to stop acting like such a pervert around her. Because she's a halfbreed nosfuratu, do you think you actually have a chance with her?!" Jullian turned his head, the jade earrings showing in the light.

Chase let out a low growl. "Why the frack do you care?"

"Why do I care?! That kiss you stole from her is legally binding like a wedding band. And the only way to unbind you two." Jullian's grip on Roex tightened. "Is to kill you."

"RYUTEN!" A sword formed in Chase's hands. A japanese katana with faded black flames in the blade, and black and gold leather on the handle. "I'd like to see you try."

"Lyra." A white handled sword formed in Jullian's left hand. "Bring it, Lizard boy!"

* * *

Dreamer looked out her window to see a commotion across the lake. Sparks and earthen debris flew evey where, and she wondered if her brother was even watching his students. She doubted it. Even if Maniac was more level headed then her at situations like 'The science lab blew up!' or 'Oh my God! A student's on fire!' he'd watch from the sidelines to see how the kids would react. Dreamer sighed, looks like she would have to break up this little dispute between the Fallen and the Dragon.

She stood up and began to walk out her office, when suddenly she felt a Demonic aura. 'How did they get inside te school?!' She pulled off her black silk gloves and cracked her knuckles loudly. Her dark green nails glowed, then tattoos on the back of her hands appeared. "Come on out you sons-of-a-dog!"

Shadows started leaping out at her, one of the creatures strikin her. Her black blouse was torn, the monster's claws raked across her chest. Touching her blood, Dreamer then touched the wall then pulled her fingers across it, leaving crimson streaks. Dreamer's nails glowed then she tugged on the blood, it became ribbons that then turned into a spider web like structure. A large animal was tangled in the web. It had sickly grey and yellow scales and bones poked through its skin. Ribs, spines and part of the creature's jaw were visible and it had a scorpion like tail. Small bone like wings and at least seven eyes, all of then silver. Another one flew at her, and she repeated her webmaking attack.

"Release!" she cried out, the ribbons turned into incantations then the monsters were nothing. Fury over took her, and she stomped back on her way. She went into the registration office and used the P.A. to anounce a meeting in the autotorium. "All students report to the auditorium. If you aren't there in tweny minutes, detentions will be served." Dreamer clicked her fingers; with that she was healed and her blouse was fixed. Hopefully, it wasn't what she thought it was. "Those eyes..."


Their swords clanged, sparks flying everywhere. Chase blocked with RyuTen as Jullian tried to strike. Their swords locked and they were face to face.

'Julie! Stop it!' he voice screamed.

'Wake up, little girl! All this shoot that's happening is because of you!' Jullian replied. 'Now if you can't fix any of it, I will!' Chase's sword shattered. Jullian held both swords to his throat, like a giant pair of scissors. "Tell me now, Lizard Punk, why you like her?" Chase's orange eyes glowed with fury. "Because... for all you know, I couldn't taken something else from her..." He licked his lips. "Something precious to every young woman. Aside from her first kiss."

"SON OF A dog!!!!" Chase came at him. As Jullian dodged, a small cut formed on his cheek. "I can't answer your questions because they're so damn trivial to me, I don't give a shoot!" Chase's nails turned into tallons, which raked across Jullian's chest. "You should know better then to touch another man's treasure!"

Jullian touched the torn fabric, then looked up at Chase. A slick smile on his lips, he disappeared. Chase looked around, then he reappeared in front of him. Jullian pecked Chase on the lips, then jumped back. Jullian flipped back out of Chase's grasp. "That's really all I wanted to hear." He opened his hands then the swords disappeared. Time began moving again.

"Time's up!" shouted Mr. Night.

"Sir!" Jullian turned to him. "I forfeit!" Before anyone could say anything, Tita ran over to him. She looked at him quizzically, but he just shrugged. "Time to go home."

"All right Manoy." Tita smiled. "Bye Miss Burn! Bye Mister Lao! Thank you for saving my life!" Jullian picked her up. He bent his legs, then jumped into the forest.


The girls entered the auditorium, then silently sat down. Dean Dreamer was on stage, with all the teachers sitting in chairs in the background. "There have been incidents with Ghost, Hollows and even lower class pure blood Demons on our campas." Her dark green eyes glowed, with what looked like fury. "And these creatures can't be contacted, unless summoned. So what I am going to do, is put all Summoners, and Alchemists on lock down. And all books on the subjects suspended until the culprit is found." A wave of groans and moans came from the crowded room. Some girls behind the Shadow's began whispering.

"WTF? We all know who did this shoot in the first place, so why should we suffer?" said Danica. Chii glanced at the girl, then was met with a stonecold glare. "What are you lookin' at halfbreed?!"

"That is all. You may return to your classes." Dreamer said, turning away and walking off stage.


Jazmyn was waiting outside the auditorium for them. She waved to them then walked over. Danica and a group of other Verve Sectors (opposite students of the Shadow Division. Because Light Division sounds so retarded. o_X) walked past her. Danica and Jazmyn bumped shoulders, and Jazmyn apologized.

"Oh great!" Danica snapped. "The culprit finally shows up." Danica grabbed her arm. "Why the hell do you summon something you can't control?! Is that what happened to MeMe?!" Jazmyn tried to wretch her arm free, and averted her eyes from Danica. "Her love for you has sent her to hell, where you should--!!"

Jazmyn's hand wrapped around Danica wrist and pulled the girl close. "Don't you dare speak ill of my, Sun-chan." she hissed. "And say things you know nothing about!"

Danica's blue eyes looked at Jazmyn's amber hues. "What are ya gonna do?! Haaaaaaalfbreed."

Jazmyn had had enough of this dog. She turned her arm quickly, her uniform tearing off the sleeve. When Jazmyn was freed, she hit Danica in the chest, open palmed. A surge of power pushed Danica back, crashing into a wall. The front of her jack and blouse torn, showing off a silver cross on a chain. This infuriated Jazmyn. She was slipping. Slipping. Slipping. Slipping...!

"You think that thing you where around your neck makes you different?" Jazmyn asked loudly, all the girls in the halls looking at her. "Here's a little secret the Heavenly, All Mighty, Celestrial ones don't want you to know! They hate us! Every. Single. One. Of. Us. And when I say us, I mean you Verve Sectors as well as us Shadow Division! Especially spell casters, Animuses and Anthros. Anything that is remotely magical, yet human, they hate!"" Danica came at Jazmyn, the vampire dodged easily. "ESPECIALLY. LITTLE WITCHES WHOM THEY TRIED TO BURN OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH IN THE SEVENTEETH CENTURY."

"LUMICUS PYRIUUS!" White flames jumped out of Danica's hands, burning the tips of Jazmyn's hair.

Envi came up behind Jazmyn. Her arms went under Jazmyn's and her hands met behind the vampire's head. "As much as I'd Luuuuuuuv to see how this ends up, Jazzi-kun, you need to calm down before you get expelled." Jazmyn tried to twist and slip out of the young Cyborg's grasp, but failed when Envi's grasp tighten, nearly breaking her arms. "I. Said. Calm. Down." She glared at Danica. "You! Need to frack off, because whatever the hell your prob is, you need to shut up."

Kaj, Chii, and Elen stood next to them. Jazmyn growled all the while, grinding her teeth, and snarling like a dog. "Next time,Danni, I'll win."

Danica flipped her dark brown hair back, away from her eyes. She dusted herself off then turned away from them. "Yeah. Keep Dreaming, halfbreed."

The crowd of girls cleared, and only a Jazmyn, Kaj, Chii, Elen and Envi remained. Envi let Jazmyn go, her shoulder slumpered slightly. "Verve dog." She looked at Envi. "You got a new arm."

"Yep. Courtesy of B.B. Systems and Software. I'm still trying to break it in. Feels a little numb." Envi stretched her hands above her head. "I guess you heard about the anouncement."

"Not like it applies to me." Jazmyn said. "Awww! Damn it!" She inspected the tattered sleeve of her jacket. "This was my only one...!"

"What are you talking about? Of course it applies to you. Your cards--" started Envi.

"Nenny burned them." Jazmyn grabbed Envi's and Elen's arms. "Come on, we'll be late."


Kaj had snuck out of the dorm after curfue. She looked around in the darkness to see if anyone had followed her. She put out her hands in front of her and called out a spell. "Daran." Her black demi-wings quadrupled in size, but never connected. They were barely touching her back, only attached my the spell that bound her body together. A tattoo on her back of chains glowed, painfully extracting magic from her veins. She stepped on the top of the lake, and began walking across it like it was land. She baited them to come out, daring them to attack.

The Chime-demos were blood thirsty, and only wanted something to eat, so of course they attacked. Kaj smiled. "Now!" Chii removed her chamoflaged cloak and threw a paper charm. The demon froze where it stood, then was entrapped inside the piece of paper. Another one lept out of the darkness at Kaj. Els appeared under the water, forming a globe of ice around the demon.

Before any of them could inspect the two, a third one jumped out. The demon ran across the water. It crashed through the ice shield Els had formed, and dove directly for Kaj. It's talons sunk into her shoulder as it's stinger on the end of its tail impaled her through her stomach.

"Kaj-neechan!" Chii threw ten paper bombs, a small explosion making Kaj fall to her knees and the demon being destroyed. Toxins began travelling through her body, burning everything from her lungs to her muscles. Her heart beat faster, and everything hurt. She fell forward, nearly sinking into the water, but Els made an ice boat for them to sit in.

"Kaj...Staaaaaay... A-way-kuh. Staaaaaaaay....A-way...." Chii said, but it was distorted, and Kaj's different colored eyes turned purple. "A-way-kuh."

England~~1624 A.D.

"Howlett!" he shouted. "Do it now! He'll have our heads for this!"

"She's weak, and hungry and barely a threat!" said Howlett. "I am not going to kill her!" She straightened out her blue uniform. "I see no case here. Let us leave Donavan." Howlett began to walk away, she looked at the girl. Wearing a worn down man's jacket and boots too big for her feet, over her tattered and faded dress. A small smile was on her face, thanking Howlett. "Donavan! Now!"

Donavan glared at her, then the girl cowering in the corner. "She in the spawn of Satan himself! That should be enough of a case!" He drew a sabor. "We, soldiers of God, must protect all that is pure! And Purge all that is not."

"DONAVAN!!" Howlett turned and drew her own sword. She stabbed him through his side, possibly piercing his apendix. "Where is it our place to judge what deserves to be purged?! She had done no sin but exist Donavan! We are no warriors of God if all we do is slaughter the innocent for what they are!" The girl looked at Howlett, fear over taking her. She grabbed her hand, then pulled her into an abandoned building. "What are you d--?!"

"No hablas! Tu no hablas!" the girl whispered. She pulled Howlett up a flight of stairs and into a dusty attic. She kicked down a wall constructed of moldly boards, then pushed her through. Moments later, Howlett heard Soldiers of the Holy Order shouting and asking who had killed Brother Donavan. "Gracias, Mi viver es su!" She bowed. The girl spoke spanish, but she also had an odd accent to it. "Corres!"

Howlett nodded then began running on the rooftops and inside other abandoned buildings. A couple miles later, while running, her foot sunk into the dead roofing and Howlett fell down three floors onto stone. While, still breathing but in great pain, she was tied to the stake and was to be burned. As a heretic against the Catholic Church, and for being a Vampire herself. The second accused title was false, but no one dare speak against the Order, for fear of death as well.

In the crowd of onlookers, Howlett saw the girl again. She wore a cloak so to shield herself from the Order, and a man held her arm as she watched. The girl tugged on his arm, whispering things. Panic stickened she tugged on his arm, then pointed to Howlett. "I am...Sorry... Howlett!" she shouted, trying to get the words right.


Kaj's eyes opened, her vision burning against the light. "shoot..." She moaned. She felt something on her neck, it was a sharp pain, and warm. Her vision cleared to see it was Jazmyn. "WTF?!!"

"Stop moving..." said Elen. "She's almost done."

Jazmyn had drawn the poisan out, forcefully, through the young fire demon's veins. Daisy would have done it, but was inexpirienced in binding venoms and extracting them. She was great with potions and such, but ever drawing out poisons like this. Jazmyn's eyes opened and she lifted her head from Kaj's neck. She spit the blood out into a bucket, then whiped her mouth on the back on her hands.

"Goddamnit Delia!" said Ryota, the nurse. "If you didn't have friends like Miss Els, and Miss Chii you'd be dead withen moments!" The inu woman scratched a spot behind her fuzzy ears. "Lucky. Lucky. Lucky."

Kaj sat up, then looked around. Infirmary again! Damn! This really wasn't her week! Jazmyn sat in a chair next to the cot, her hair down and she was still in a night dress, as were Envi, Elen and Burn.

"We caught two of them." said Kaj. "Chii had one in a charm and Els caught on in an globe!"

"Yeeeeah..." moaned Chii. "The charm caught on fire after that one that attacked you... spit acid on it. And the one in the globe... killed itself."

"So we're back where we started." said Els. She punched the wall agrily, leaving a dent in the drywall. "Not knowing where the hell those things came from."

"Well, I'll keep Delia here for observations tonight.. and by lunch tomorrow she'll be back in class." said Ryota. "Back to your dorms."

Everyone obeyed, but Jazmyn. She looked at Kaj, her golden eyes blank of all emotions. When Ryota turned off the light, Jazmyn asked a question that nearly killed her. "Who was Donavan?"

"Just somebody from a long time ago." said Kaj. "Were you inside my head when I was out?"

"Sorry. It came with the toxin removal." Jazmyn whispered. But Kaj was already asleep.


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Elen on March 28, 2007, 4:20:43 AM

Elen on
Elen*applauds* well done! I would keep on telling you to write more and how great this story is, but I don't have time right now, so you have to imagine me say it. xDDD

CartoonQueen262 on March 25, 2007, 5:54:50 AM

CartoonQueen262 on
CartoonQueen262OH YEAH!!!I just pwned that Dancia beeatch!!With my mad robo-telling off skillz!!And I got a bad @$$ arm,OH YEAH!!!Still,I miss Meme she was so nice...
DAMN THAT NEN!!!Tis a bastard.Light Division...Yeah that does sound retarded...Anyways,Kaj seems to have a pretty interesting history going on here..Yes..It is..But still,I TOLD THAT DANCIA OFF!!!If I had the ability to dance correctly I would,but I don't...Anyways,can't wait to see more.Especially,the part where my characters come in,I didn't type and fry your brain for nutin my friend.
Good stuff,keep up the good work,my friend.Mmm...Jade Earrings...Those sound prettyful..And yes I would love to see how the fight between you and Dancia would turn out.

JazmynMoon21 on March 26, 2007, 3:59:42 AM

JazmynMoon21 on
JazmynMoon21next chappy... next chappy...

OrangeFunk on March 25, 2007, 5:15:39 AM

OrangeFunk on
OrangeFunkWOAH. Lao has blue eyes? I thought they were purple. o:

Oh well. I still like this story. >w< Keep writin', yooo!


JazmynMoon21 on March 25, 2007, 9:53:54 PM

JazmynMoon21 on
JazmynMoon21i dunno. I was squinting at the picture of him. I saw a blueish color 0_o

Demonic_Sora on March 25, 2007, 12:16:07 PM

Demonic_Sora on

I have a interestin past indeed, Envi. Donavan, eh?

OHNOES I was burned to death. AND YEY YOU USED MY REAL LAST NAME. Kaj Howlett at yer service -strikes pose-

I really like this 8D I cant wait to read somemore. Its getting so good x3

Kick Danica's @$$!!