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SOOO I'm working on 25 challenged, 8 different versions, from a DA friend. Not all are going to be writing. Not all in order
Just random threads of stories here and there, mostly inspired by my life :)
Memeora lives and fights with her grandmother protecting the living from the dead only up til she is killed and now becomes one of them. Servants of the Reapers.
Upon her tutor's return Alexia is suddenly thrown headfirst into an adventure. She visits elves, fights demons, and unearths lost secrets. Will she be able to discover the crystal shards in time to stop an evil sorcerer, or will the world fall into chaos?
As He Prayed for salvation
Ponies arrive in our world, but why? What force could possibly bring them here?
Hey guys! Okay so let me try to explain about this story the best that I can. Well it's really just about my life and changes that are going on around me. This story is 100% true so anything I write in my story is not false.I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^
Excerpts from a story about trying to save the world... from itself.
Follow Aslynn on a adventure to a new vampyre school where she encounters love, loss and defeats a gruesome enemy.
Like QueenPaige said, it''s easier to put the quizzes here instead of in a bloggy thing.... :P
We often see our shadows as something that is always with us no matter what. However, Shadows live in darkness... A darkness that wishes to extinguish the light.
In a storm this character experances unexplainable actions and happenings around her. To find out what happens keep reading and enjoy.

(this short story was rewritten and changed, please enjoy the newest version of The Storm)
Princess Zadu has spent her hole life protected in a butifull palce for as long as she can remember then she takes a hunting trip that changes her life forever.
This is an original story I''ve been working on for a while. I like it so far, but I''d like to know what other people think of it. Hopefully, you''ll like it.
They say a man makes himself a man in ways unpredictable to others, each way is totally different from another''s...
Kira is a young vampire who can see the absolute future and into the past and past lives. She has very little memory of the past few years.
Well I''m starting another story, which follows the tale of a young warlock named Maverick and his sister, Izzy. They set out to defeat a dark witch who has taken over their world.

You''ll have to read to find out more. Please comment.
Um, just a little something I was working on that isn''t a fanfiction. I''m writing a story about a young teenager who hears a life-changing conversation from his new neighbors'' window. That''s the best I can describe it, but I suck a story descriptions.
'What's behind you?'
I turned around but nothing was there, 'There is nothing there?'
'You're not actually looking behind you now are you? You can never ever see whats behind you.'
A story me and a friend named Kaytayyy made(her entries have the *'s on the beginning and end of them.)

Gah. I posted this once, and it disappeared. Either it's the site or my computer. Anywho, this story follows a teenager named Fate, and his best friend, and crush, Nami. All is going well...Until he acquires a curse.
Five kids on their way to a campground. Little did they know that more than a week of swimming, hiking and enjoyment waited for them at their destination. A prophecy from eons ago was about to unfold in front of the kid’s eyes.
A mixture between different animes. And other things.
I made this as a creative writing assignment in my Language Arts class. I like the way it turned out, so I thought I could see how others like it. Please don't copy and paste this.
Kids who Travel everywhere,getting into mischief,this is going to take you on a thrill ride through action and adventure!