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Chapter 21 - The Best Day Ever~~Su!

Welcome to Mercedes' Academy for Gifted Girls. Here, majic isn't just a word, it's the curriculum.

Chapter 21 - The Best Day Ever~~Su!

Chapter 21 - The Best Day Ever~~Su!
chapter Sixteen: The Best Day Ever~~Su!

9:51 a.m.

"Did you find her?" asked Elen. "...How did you loose her?"

"She bit my ear!" said Vee. "The girl's crazier when she's human." Vee tenderly rubbed his pointed ear. "She ran off in the Library, then disappeared."

"Why aren't you human?" asked Elen, her green eyes aglow with facination.

"Because I'm not just a vampire and a human." Vee yawned out is answer. He was doing that alot today. Infact, it was quite a few SD students seemed tired or not up to full power. "Jazmyn's fine. Freaking out a little, but fine."

10:00 a.m.

Biting Vee's ear while he was talking, totally threw him off. Jazmyn knew she was acting crazy, but with all the stuff happening this week alone, she couldn't take any chances. Through the labrynth of bookshelves and tables, she had escaped back to the dorm where she felt safe. She pulled the stack of books Burn had given them from the shelf and began skimming them.

"There's got to be something here! Something!" she flipped through the pages, desperately trying to find an answer to her dilemna. '...eclipse...' Jazmyn looked around. "Great. Now I'm hearing voices." She closed the book, then reached for another. What really caught her attention, was the book under that book. "Vampires, The Truth Behind the Fangs?" She propped it on her lap and opened it. It was an old book, hand made and some pages hand written. 'Power Sources and Symbols: Many symbols, such as the Moon or the Roses are Romanticized versions of the west. Men and women who stalk around in the dusk, hunting for the weak, morphing into forms unimaginable. Many the forms of wolves, birds, or even other humans...' Jazmyn skipped around, trying to find something. "...One of a vampire's main power source is his or her own environment. Others may include the planetary alignment which have many effects on their magic abilities. Eclipses, such as 'Les Milinea du Umbreo', Dark Millenium, or the Millienium Eclipse has shown to take most if not all of energy from magical beings. Some vampires have even reverted back to their prebitten state..."

She flipped to the front. "Who the hell writes this?!" Jazmyn laughed uneasily when she didn't see any names. "Probably written by hunters. Marking up their calenders for the best days to kill." She blew a raspberry then kept looking through the book. Further curiousity made her read on, Jazmyn wanted to know exactly what breed she was. Wow, there were alot of species. From the Greek Lamia, who had the body of a woman and a bird stole away children in the night, to the Balinese Rangda, the demon who left its victims stifflimbed, drooling and demented. Even such information on Lillith of Persia, and her Owl form were told. She felt disgusted the more she went on. The right techniques of removing a heart, burial or decapitation. A list of weapons that could kill was also listened. Silver to kill, iron to bind, belladonna to disorient, mercury to put in a coma... Even certain bloods could kill vampires.

Jazmyn sucked in her breath, then sighed it out softly. Her hands hit her face, her palms covering her eyes. 'You're blowing this way outta proportion! Calm down! CALM DOWN!!' Jazmyn's palms slammed on the book, her spiralling tattoos well visible. She saw on the books pages were the exact same pattern!

Brunswick, England

"Where the hell is he?!!" she screamed. They didn't answer her. Icicles rained down on her, and her hostage, but Kaj Howlett just simply dodged. The humans were killed, and she barely gave a damn. He asked for it. Donovan smiled, then sent another wave of ice on her. "I...AM...SO...frackING...TIRED...OF...THIS!!!!" Fire lept up from her hands, a sword forming.


She inflicted so much carnage, but Kaj still hadn't found Logan. She stopped where she was, and looked herself in the mirror. Covered in blood, clothes askew, and missing a horn and an eye. Kaj saw something on a table. At first she thought it was a marble, but found it was a human eye. A sapphire iris, absolutely dazzling. Kaj's fingers delicately brushed the blood and dust off the cornea. She moved her bangs away from her face and loaded the eye into her empty socket. It fit perfectly, and matched her vision of 20/20.

"Thank you Donovan." she purred. Blinking her dark lashes, her new eye adjusting to the light. "Now burn in hell."


12:26 a.m.

Chrystal knocked on the door, knowing Jazmyn all too well. "Chica." she said, cracking the door open alittle. Jazmyn had stacks of books on her bed. Her legs were folded under a large book, and her back lay across books and a pillow. Napping. "Chica, wake up." Chrystal looked around the room. This morning it had been spick and span, clean to such immaculateness it looked like no one lived there. Now, books and papers were all over Jazmyn's side of the room.

Lots of notes on different breeds of vampires: Lamia, Rangda, Aswang, Mananangal, Vryolkas, Harpies, Sphynx...East meets West??? HOW???! Possible Aswang/Mananangal descendant... Anu + Bacu?? Grandparents??... Mom has brown hair & Golden eyes...Dad... Black hair... dark skin?? Philippines?<< May i name the impossiblities?!! Asian looks= Black hair, dark brown eyes... SQUIGGLE-McSPOOCHIN CARGLE STUUK!!! Haha. XP

"Skuuuu..." she mumbled, stretching hallway. A pile shifted on the bed, falling on her. Jazmyn sat up, being jabbed in the side with another book. "Neechan?"

"You stayed in the room..." Chrystal asked, sifting throw some of her notes. "...The entire morning?"

"Noooo... I was walking with Vee... Heh heh... Then I bit him, and then i hid out in the room all day." Jazmyn gave her a sheepish smile. "So,what's up?"

"We're having lunch at Alejandro's." Chrystal slid open her dresser. She went through her things, finding a black and silver top decorated with a butterfly on the front. "I think I'll skip class too today." Chrystal changed clothes into the black and silver clothes and in moments was ready. "You're wearing that?" Jazmyn made a face at her. "A red and pink sundress?"

"...Well...YOUR SHIRT IS BACKLESS!!" she said, pointing an accusing finger.


"NYA~~!" Jazmyn shouted. The door opened and Elen and Vee looked at the two.

"YOU!!" Vee joined in by pointing an accusing finger at Jazmyn.

"Yesh, moi." Jazmyn grinned, showing off her normal sized canines. "Here to walk us to lunch?"

"Oooh! Don't you two look smexy." Elen laughed. "We shall all skip class after lunch! And go down to the lake for an adventure of fun!!"

"YAY!!" The three girls punched the air in victory. They looked at Vee who wasn't even smiling. Elen punched his arm, and he moved his finger around like a noise maker that wasn't there. "Woopee."


"Are you sure this is allright?" Burn asked Lao, her face burning up.

Lao smiled his genuine smile. "Yeah. It's fine. Just scooch closer, I won't bite."

"O-okay..." She slid over closer to him. She heard a few boys laughing, saying how cute she looked.

The warmth in Lao's purple eyes left, and he turned to the crowd. In an ice cold voice, calm but cynical, Lao asked, "What the frack are you looking at?!"

They all turned back to their business, scared of the young fighter. Burn blushed wildly, munching on a riceball quietly watching him. She looked around, waiting for her friends to arrive. Envi was talking with Zim, about the most random things she had ever heard.

"You mean you've seen a flying moose?!!" Envi asked in awe.

"And I thought most of you Earthings had mooses on this planet." He said, sipping his juicebox noisally.

"Not ones that fly!...What about fish?" Envi munched on an apple, the juice dripping down her chin until she used the back of her hand to whipe it away.

"Yes, yes yes. We have fish! They sing the most beautiful songs and run like the fastest creatures on the planet!" Zim's eye twitched. A little green and black puppy jumped out of nowhere screaming.

"JUST LIKE TOASTEROVENS!!!!" It howled. Zim attemped to tackle it, but the puppy flipped out of his view. He saw the lunchpersonel serving the students. "OMG!!! TOQUITOSSSSSS!!!" BUUUUUUUUUUUUURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!"

"GIR! I demand you come here this instant! Zim is not pleased!!" the green boy ran across the table, careful of everyone's lunch, and following GIR.

Elen, Chrystal, and Vee waved to them and sat down at the table. The tall blue haired Connar Yao pulled up a chair and sat at the head of the table. "Yo, Lao, what is up with all the Chicas?" He noticed Burn's eyepatch. "Especially this Chica."

"Just an incedent." said Burn. "Nyaaa...Hey, Where's Jazmyn?"

"What?" Elen looked around. "Nani?!"

"Wtf?! She was right behind us!!" said Chrystal, standing up.

Elen and Chii looked at Vee. Their eyes a little angry. "You guys act as though I'm her sitter."


"Omobakkaaaa!" she mumbled, looking around. "I...I only looked away for a second!... Oy...." Jazmyn ran her fingers through her wavy brown hair, scratching her head. "I have such a bad sense of direction."

"Maybe, we could help you?" asked a boy. Jazmyn turned to look at him. She couldn't look him in the eyes, something about him... "What's a pretty li'l thing like you, walking around in Alejandro's? All alone?"

"I-if you could...Just point me in the direction of the Cafeteria." Jazmyn smiled sheepishly, trying to avoid them. A leopard, a swordsman and a mage. Male Verve Sectors... but...

"Now why would you want to go there?" said the mage, put his hand on her shoulder. "It's really crowded, and loud."

"Let go of me!" she shouted. "Don't touch me." He grabbed both her wrists and slammed her against the wall.

"Or what?!" he snarled.

"Or THIS!" There was a loud crack as someone's foot made contact with his ribs. While the attacker was in midair, he used his other leg to gain balance on the wall and knock him into the floor. His hands tucked into his pockets, he glared at the three boys. "What. The. frack. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing. TO MY GIRL?!!"

"Pchya!" The boy stood up, whiping blood from his mouth. "We were just going to have a little fun." He brushed his blonde-highlighted hair away from his face. "Besides, I heard most you Shadow Division students, aren't up to 100 percent today."

Chase didn't move. His orange eyes furious, but the rest of his features seemed calm, collected. "I don't need 100 percent to kick your sorry asses all over the place."

The bell rang. The group of Verve Sectors glared at Chase, and Chase glared back. They turned and went to class, leaving Chase in his stance and Jazmyn against the wall. After they left, he looked over his shoulder at the girl, gasping for breath. Her eyes terrified, and she shook a little.

"Why didn't you kick his @$$?" Chase asked, easing up. She shook her head, then relaxed.

"I-I-I froze..." she said. "...I didn't know what to..." Jazmyn felt his arm go around her.

Chase kissed her bare shoulder. "Don't let any boy touch you." he said, his teeth nipping at her skin. "If anyone is going to deflower you... it will be me."



outside, by the lake 2:45 p.m.

Kaj sat under her favorite tree, a large apple tree whose fruit was the reddest and the sweetest. She shot up a small spark, snapping a stem and one falling in her lap. Kaj looked at it's shiny red skin, reflecting back her gaze.

"How come you're outside? We were waiting for you in the Caf." said Elen, sitting next to Kaj.

"It's too crowded and loud." Kaj replied, crunching down on the fruit.

Chrystal lay down on the grass, looking up at the sky. "Vee lost Jazmyn." She paused for a moment, then said, "Again."

"I'M NOT HER SITTER!!" he replied. "Unlike you losers, I have class. See ya."

"It's so nice out today." said Chii, looking up at the sky. "Not to much sun, just enough clouds, and a little breeze." She stretched up her arms towards the sky, yawning, relaxing. Burn sat on the branch of a tree looking up at the sky too.

"Probably the best day ever." Burn smiled.

Fire rained down on them, swirling into a cyclone of flames. Dressed in a flowing white coat, and black pants, a man with crimson red hair and sapphire blue eyes floated in the air above the girls. "And the last day of your lives."

Kaj caused the fire to swirl in the other direction, back at him. "Why are you doing this?!!!" asked Kaj. "Logan!!"

Envi fired off an energy blast, it almost hit Logan, but he dodged at the last second. "Who the hell is this?!!"

Kaj turned to her allies a sheepish look on her face. "My Son."


"...What the hell are you doing?" asked Chase, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"Sumimasen!" Jazmyn blushed and quickly pulled away. She began to wringing her hands nervously. "...Well...I... Thought I could hold your hand..."

"...Why?" asked Chase, a little astonished. "Usually, you'd beat the snot of those boys, then try to fight me when I kissed your arm." His hands went behind his head as they kept walking. Chase looked down at her again. Jazmyn saw him, and looked away, her face turning red. She was so quiet, and a lamb. Chase watced her walk, still the same catlike poise, but not in wide sexy strides. Light, delight movements, padding around on the balls of her feet. 'It's like she's a totally different person.' He groaned, then one of his hands fell to his side. "Here."

She smiled a weak smile, and gripped his hand. "Can I tell you something?" she asked.

"Go ahead. Shoot." Chase said, shoving his free hand into his pocket.

"Well." She took a deep breath. "Whether it's fighting or just talking with you... I really appreciate your company."


The ground exploded from under them, sending Jazmyn in one direction and Chase in the other. She coughed from all marble dust flying around. "Wh-what was that?!" she shouted, panicked. "Chase?! Where are you?!"

"Damnit! Over here!" he shouted.A breeze from the busted wall cleared the dust from the hallway. Two figures cornered Jazmyn against a wall. One was a man, about Chase's age, with long black hair and dark tan skin. Tall and muscular, his frame draped in clothes that looked archaic, yet had modern flare. The same was with his partner. A child no older then 12, the girl had a dress whose top folded over her chest like a kimono, and long sleeves that ended at her fingertips. The dress stopped a few inches before her ankles, where it could be seen she was wearing pants underneath that tied off at the shoes. The girl was plad in black and pink, and the guy in red, black and white.

"Get away from her!" He ran for them, his fist raised to punch out the taller one. To Chase's horror, the attacker turned and caught his fist.

"Stay out of this, Dragon." he said, his tone so monotonous, it was like he was dead inside. Which was a possibility.

"Who are you?!" Jazmyn asked.

The younger one smiled, and laughed in a sweet, adorable voice. "Neechan!" her pink hair falling in her face. "We're your worst dreams come true. Tee hee!"

"MeMe...?!" she murmured. This was just too damn much. It was that fracker and that damn Shen Gong Wu... the Shadow of Fear! It wasn't real! Nuh-uh! Not real! All her senses were screaming, yes it is! You smell them! You hear them! You see them! You feel them! THEY'RE frackING REAL!!!

'They're punishing you.' said a voice.

'Why?!' she looked at them, her body slowly curling into a fetal position.

'Because they think you're weak.' they responded. 'Show them wrong.'

The tattoos on her arms glowed then, consumed her entire arms. Her hands pressed against the wall, "Pyros!" The wall exploded, more marble dust filling the halls.

"Don't loose the target!" shouted the girl.

"I won't." responded the other.

The dust cleared again, and two more figures stood there. Complete opposites to the tall adult male and preteen female.

The woman wore a black porceline mask, that had catlike ears and small silveryblue horns on the top. She looked around, which seemed pointless considering the mask had no eye holes. "Well, Kuya, the world sure has changed... Eck... The smell of halfbreeds is everywhere!"

"shoot! It has been forever!" Kuya stretched his arms above his head, a smirk on his face. "When was our last time?! Atlantis? Pompay? Tenochitlan?" He turned to the girl in pink and her partner. Kuya still had that wicked smirk on his face. "Hello Darling Sister."


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Demonic_Sora on July 10, 2007, 5:19:31 AM

Demonic_Sora on
Demonic_Sora:O!! -dramatic music-

Logan D< little brat!!

83 Lawlz...Vee and Zim x3


CartoonQueen262 on July 9, 2007, 11:10:29 AM

CartoonQueen262 on
CartoonQueen262Wow....Heh..Heh..Vee, I agree with Elen,is acting like Jazzy's sitter. Also, wonderfully written my friend.
Oh and Zim...Must not forget about
Seriously...She's acting like Beth....Beth-ah..Or some other killer little girl character I made up.
Let's see what else...Ah yes
What?It's true.I mean sure,you start out all pout-y and warrior angry, then you start getting all calm and nice around him, and before you know it
You wake up in the same bed with the dragon pervert!
He's only  bein nice to you to sleep with ya!
This could only mean one thing...
I mean why else for the sudden change in mood! That or I'm just one sick minded paranoid freak who takes fiction to seriously...OR,you could be losing it and going through some strange spilt personality I do not know of.
Point is,keep up the good work,your doing a brilliant job!

Elen on July 9, 2007, 8:22:59 AM

Elen on
ElenHAH! Vee acting like Jazmyn's sitter xDD *snickersnicker*
a lot of things in this chapter made me smile!
mooorrrreeee 8]

DawnyaBURN on July 9, 2007, 6:32:20 AM

DawnyaBURN on

okay, sorry.

OMGZZ IT'S LOGANZ0RZ. -point of doom-

and zim. lollercopters. I'm wearing a Gir shirt today, which makes it funnier. XP