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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The relationship between the Cherubim (angels) and the humans is deteriorating... and Riona, an orphan cherub, is feeling the effects of all of it.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

~Author's note~ Hello, I'm Kieran. I would just like to inform you that this story takes place many years after my other story “Even Angels Die.” So, reading the other is suggested, but not required ^^ Enjoy!

It was almost dark, and that was bad. Riona ran through the ever-darkening woods, panting, running out of breath. She looked back over her shoulder for a moment, checking to see how far behind her pursuers were… and gasped in fright. They much closer then they had been a few seconds earlier. Putting on a burst of speed, Riona was able to get a few feet away from them.

She was running with all her might, tears streaming from her eyes, when suddenly there was no ground beneath her and she was falling to her death down a cliff. Her eyes went wide; her heart felt as if it were stopping, she couldn't say a word as she plummeted, her lungs felt numb. She couldn't even think straight. The blackness of the ground seemed to rush towards her, engulfing her. It felt like her heart was in her throat, and, at this point, she wouldn't doubt it.

Just as it seemed she had gone blind, Riona felt her entire body go under water. It was cold water. Freezing cold water. Riona fought her way to the surface, gasping as she reached the blessed air. Breathing heavily, she swims diagonally to the current of the body of water she had fallen into. When she reached the shore, she looked up, seeing the last rays of sundown illuminating two men looking down the cliff. Those were the ones chasing her… stupid humans.

After they turn around and walk away, disappearing from view, Riona sheds her wet clothes. She wasn't comfortable being in the nude, but she was a lot less comfortable with the idea of death. So, off went the clothing. She sat there shivering, her teeth chattering. With nothing better to do, she goes in search of some shelter, dripping clothes under one arm. After walking for about half on hour along the cold, dark, sandy shore, Riona finds a cave. She carefully crawls in, trying not to get hurt from any of the sharp rocks… but that didn't work, and she still got a few cuts and scrapes.

Just then, Riona gets that feeling in her nose that she is about to sneeze. Dropping her clothes on the rock floor, Riona sneezes, and sneezes, and sneezes. When she was finally done sneezing she looks up and gasps at the sight of somebody carrying a torch. She couldn't see their face. Then, thinking they were her enemies, she tries to run, but falls and hits her head on a rock. A trail of blood streams down her temple, dripping onto the floor of the cavern.

Cole was lucky enough to find a cave about an hour before sunset. He set it up to his likings. There was a bed of leaves, a nice fire, and food and water ready for him to eat. He was about to dig in when he heard some sneezing. He went to investigate the noise. It had gotten dark, so he took a torch he had prepared earlier, and stuck it in the fire, lighting it. He then walked towards the entrance, and saw a girl… a naked girl… When she saw him, she gasped and tried to run. He then saw her fall, hitting her head and passing out. All he could do was stand there for a few seconds, trying to sort out what had just happened and trying not to stare at her…

Then, he bends down and picks the girl up. She had looked pretty scared of him. Well, first things first, she needed some warm clothes. So, he dresses her in some of his own clothes. As he was putting his clothes on her, he notices a pair of white-feathered wing tattoos on her back. “Hmm, so she's an angel…” He set her in his bed, and cleaned off her head wound. Then, he sets up another bed for himself. He then slips off into dreamland.


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