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Chapter 2 - The Start of Friendship

The relationship between the Cherubim (angels) and the humans is deteriorating... and Riona, an orphan cherub, is feeling the effects of all of it.

Chapter 2 - The Start of Friendship

Chapter 2 - The Start of Friendship

Fire. The house was burning down around her. A young Riona screamed for her parents. Pleaded for one of them to save her… But they never came. All she heard was the groaning of the planks of wood that made up the roof and the popping and roaring of the flames. As tears streamed down her cheeks they evaporated, leaving trails of salt going down her cheeks. Fire. Why did it have to haunt her? Why did seeing it bring her so much pain? It's because fire had taken away from her… people who had been her entire world. Her life had been changed… and for what? Just to see some cherubim die. Humans were just dirty, rotten, evil creatures.


Riona suddenly wakes up with a gasp. Looking around, she finds herself in a cave… and across from her was a man with shoulder length light brown hair. She scoots back, trying to put some distance between them. The man looks up at her.

“There's no need to worry. I'm not going to hurt you.” He tries to assure her. She still keeps her distance.

“Do you even know what I am?” She asks angrily.

The man nods. “Yup. I saw the birthmarks on your back, and I can see your eyes from here. Your eyes with the swirling green and blue irises. They are actually rather pretty.” He compliments her with a friendly smile.

Riona frowns. “Then… why aren't you killing me?” She asks warily.

“Because I know that angels are not evil. I'm half gypsy, so, I was raised with the belief that angels bring good fortune. So, I'm treating you with kindness. See? I even let you wear some of my clothes. Riona blushes furiously. “Um… you saw me naked…” she says softly, embarrassment written all over her face.

The man grins. “Yes, but I got some clothes on you. So, you are no longer naked.” He then holds his hand out to her. “By the way, my name is Cole. I'm 19 years old. What's yours?” He asks Riona politely. Riona clasps his hand in hers, shaking it. “I'm Riona. I'm 16 years old, but I'm almost 17. Thank you for not killing me and all.” Cole laughs at that.

“Not to worry. Hmmm, by the way, are you traveling alone?”

“Um… yeah.”

Cole grins, he looked like a really nice guy… and he was cute. “Then, how about you travel with me?” he offers her.

Riona smiles, her expression brightening. “I would like that a lot. Thank you.”

“So. Were you heading anywhere in particular?” Cole asks, letting go of Riona's hand, picking up a nearby stick, and tending to the fire near the wall of the cave to his right and Riona's left. Riona looks at the fire, then at Cole. “Well… not really.”

“So, any idea where to head now?”

“I guess I'll go wherever you're going.”

“That works, too.” Cole replies with a friendly smile. “It's early summer, so, travel should be fairly easy.”


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