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Chapter 3 - Preperations

Meet Kaya, an up and rising pokemon coordinator and good friend of Dawn. She goes her own way after leaving the gym battles and dreams of catching the legendary Celebi. As she goes along her journey, she meets new friends, old enemies, and more.

Chapter 3 - Preperations

Chapter 3 - Preperations
Kaya threw her pokeballs into the air and Cyndaquil and Pichu came out. She had registered for the contest and was now preparing to train up some more.

"Ok, you two. Tomorrow's the big day, so we'd better practice and get ourselves in shape. Sunny, you're up to bat first. Amber, jsut sit back and relax."

"Cynda." Cyndaquil ran off to sit back and watch. Pichu stayed, a determined look on its cute face.

"OK, are we ready, Sunny?"


"OK, we'll work on the entrance, return." Pichu returned to its pokeball. Kaya put a seal on it and threw it up. "Alright, Sunny, curtain call!"

Pichu popped out in a beautiful illusion of electricity.

"Use iron tail!" Pichu's small black tail began to glow and it batted the electricity, turning it into a rain of shimmer. Kaya smiled. Pichu landed graceful and the glitter flew around it. "Alright, perfect!"

Pichu beamed. Kaya handed it a poffin.

"You deserve it. We finally perfected the opening." Cyndaquil ran over, ready to begin training. "alright, Amber." Kay got out some frisbees. "We're gonna work on your aim and agility."

"Cynda." Kaya threw a frisbee.

"Go, Amber! Flame wheel!" Cyndaquil rolled into a fiery wheel and jumped up towards the frisbee. "Ok, now release that fire!"

Cyndaquil uncurled and the flames spread around it in waves, burning the first disk. Kaya nodded, smiling with approval.

"OK, heads up." She threw another disk. "Use swift and then fire punch." Cyndaquil aimed a barrage of stars at the disk. Right when they came into contact, Cyndaquil charged with a fire pnch and it all exploded into a gliterring attack with fire and sparks flying around.

Kaya beamed.

"We've done it!" Cyndaquil cheered and ran to her. She hugged it and fed it a poffin. "Now to get some new clothes for the contest."

"I can help you with that."

"Dawn." Dawn, Ash, and Brock walked up to her.

"I know some good shops that sell really nice clothes. I'm sure we can find you something that's perfect."

"So long as it's not pink, I'm happy." Dawn laughed.

"You're such a tomboy. C'mon." She grabbed her hand and they ran off, Ash and Brock following closely.


"How about this one?" Dawn asked, holding up a lacey white dress.

"Too frilly."

"this one?"

"Too pink."

"This one?"

"Too ew." Dawn sighed and threw aside the dress.

"We've gone through almost every dress here. What do you want?"

"A nice suit would be just fine." Dawn looked thoughtful.

"A suit..." She snapped. I think I've got it."

Kaya cmae out of the dressing room wearing a black blazer with matching pants that had little diamonds on it. She wore a velvet hat and pretty blouse under it and high heels.

It was simple and yet screamed elegance.

"How do I look?"

"Beautiful!" Brock said, blushing a little. Kaya giggled.

"Ash? Dawn?"

"It suits you so perfectly!" Dawn exclaimed happily. Ash nodded.

"She's right. It's really nice." Kaya smiled.

"Thanks guys. It looks like we've got a winner." Meanwhile, outside, a familiar pair of people with a certain talking pokemon were spying.

Team Rocket.

"Look at that twerp. Is she a new part of the bunch?"

"Possibly." Jessie snorted.

"Well, if she thinks she stands a chance against the lovely Jessalina." Jessie flushed her red hair and James nad Meowth sighed.

"Not again..."

"I'll beat her hands down." Dawn, Kay, Brock, and Ash left the clothing shop.

"So, tomorrow's the big day." Dawn nodded.

"Yup. Hey, I want to wish you luck, Kaya." She smiled.

"Thanks, Dawn."

"Can we please grab some dinner?" Ash cried. "I'm starving." Everyone laughed.

"I'll make us some stew."

"You rock, Brock!" They walked away to get their dinner. Kaya smiled, but inside her nerves were wringing with anticipation. She could not wait for tomorrow's contest.


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KelekiahGaladrian on February 4, 2008, 7:14:13 AM

KelekiahGaladrian on
KelekiahGaladrianYay! Great job Kay-chan! I agree with Kaya on the dress and pink thing. I hate pink and I can't stand dresses. That was cool though! Great job! Update when you can!

KionaKina on February 8, 2008, 8:40:29 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaGOD BLESS YOU!!! *Glomp* I am not alone!!!

KelekiahGaladrian on February 9, 2008, 1:29:57 AM

KelekiahGaladrian on
KelekiahGaladrianYAY!!!!! DEFINITELY NOT!!!!!!!!

SnowKitty on January 26, 2008, 2:22:55 AM

SnowKitty on
SnowKittyYour Cyndaquil and Pichu are CUTE! Awesome chappie! I can't wait for the contest to start!

KionaKina on January 26, 2008, 7:59:52 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaThank you, Ki-Ki! *hugs* You rock