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Chapter 5 - Round Two: Contest Battles pt. 1

Meet Kaya, an up and rising pokemon coordinator and good friend of Dawn. She goes her own way after leaving the gym battles and dreams of catching the legendary Celebi. As she goes along her journey, she meets new friends, old enemies, and more.

Chapter 5 - Round Two: Contest Battles pt. 1

Chapter 5 - Round Two: Contest Battles pt. 1
"Oh, Kaya. I dunno if I can do this."

"Just relax, Dawn. You've been training hard for this."

"I guess...but Zoey is such an amazing coordinator, I dunno how I'm gonna stand a chance."

"Just have a little faith."

"Yeah! You're right." Dawn beamed. She stood up, a determined grin on her face.

"This time, I'm gonna beat Zoey!"

"That's the spirit." Kaya smiled in approval.

Soon, the time came for the pokemon contest battles to begin. Dawn and Zoey were to battle first. She ran onstage along with Zoey.

"Well, this is it, Dawn. I'm not going easy on you."

"I still plan to beat you."

"Oh really?" Zoey grinned. "That's what I like to hear. Misdreavus! Curtain!" She threw her pokeball and a purple fog appeared. The shadowy outline of Misdreavus appeared and its eyes glowed out.

"Pachirisu, spotlight!" Dawn released Pachirisu in a flurry of electricity and it landed cutely. The audience cheered.

"Ready trainers? Battle!" Marion yelled.

"Pachirisu, use discharge!"

"Cha!" Sparks glowed on its yellow cheeks and it released a stream of blue electricity.

"Misdreavus, dodge!" Misdreavus spun out of the way and Dawn lost some points for it. "Double team." Misdreavus split into at least twenty copies, all which circled Pachirisu. "Now, confuse ray!"

"Pachirisu, shut your eyes!" Dawn cried. But it was too late. Misdreavus' eyes glowed red and a light erupted from all of the copies and hit Pachirisu. Dawn's points fell again.

The extra copies of Misdreavus vanished and it floated back. Pachirisu walked clumsily, a dazed look on its face.

"C'mon, Pachirisu, snap out of it!" Dawn cried.

"It looks like Pachirisu might be out of it if it doesn't snap outof this daze soon!"

"Well, Dawn, it looks like this fight is about over."

"I'm not giving up! Pachirisu, use sweet kiss!" Pachirisu moved but then fell over. "Oh no!" Dawn's points continued to drop. She had less than half of her points left and 59 seconds on the clock.

"Folks, I think this fight is just about over."

"C'mon Pachirisu, please!" Pachirisu opened its eyes and jumped up.

"Pachi!" it yelled.

"no way! How'd it recover so fast?!" Zoey asked. Dawn beamed.

"Now, use spark!" Pachirisu's cheeks glowed and it unleashed the attack.

"Misdreavus, get out of the way!" But it was too late, Misdreavus took the attack and fell to the floor. Zoey's points dropped by a little more than a quarter. Dawn grinned.

"Now, quick attack!" Pachirisu moved quickly.

"What wil that do? Normal type moves are ineffective on ghost types!" Misdreavus smiled a little bit.

"Who said I was trying to hit you with that quick attack? I'm just trying to get close."


"Discharge!" Pachirisu jumped onto Misdreavus and shocked it.

"There's just no way!"

"Well would you look at that? It seems Dawn has really turned this around." Zoey's points fell again and she and Dawn were almost tied.

"Alright, time to turn this around. Misdreavus, float up now!" Misdreavus flew up, Pachirisu still hanging onto it. "Now, dive down and shake Pachirisu off you!"

Misdreavus flew down at top speed and threw Pachirisu off of it and it flew and smacked Dawn in the face.

"Ow!" Her points dropped and Zoey was barely in the lead.

"And, TIME!" Zoey and Dawn both looked at the clock. "The winner is...Zoey and Misdreavus!"

"We won? Hey!" Misdreavus flew to Zoey and she hugged it. "Great work, Misdreavus!" Dawn took Pachirisu in her arms and it looked at her sadly.

"Pachi pachi?" Dawn smiled at it and hugged it.

"You did great today, Pachirisu. I'm proud of you." It hugged her back. "We'll just win next time."

Kaya sighed.

"Wow, poor Dawn. She was so close to winning." Dawn returned and Kaya walked up to her. "Hey, you two did great out there."

"Thanks, Kaya. We just have to go at it a little harder if we want to win next time."

"One of these days, Dawn, you'll beat Zoey. I know it."

"Yeah! And besides, losing only gives me more of a reason to try harder!"


"Well, I'm gonna go and change into my regular clothes."

"I'll hang out here until my battle comes up." Dawn nodded and walked away. Kaya sat down and watched the screen.

"Hey Kaya." She looked up.

"Oh, hi Zoey. You and Misdreavus did great out there!" She smiled.

"Thanks. Is Dawn ok?"

"I think so. She's a little bummed that she lost, but she'll be fine."

"Honestly, she did very well. And I couldn't do much more. If the timer hadn't buzzed, she probably would have beaten me."


"Yeah. See, Misdreavus only knows Confuse Ray, Double Team, and Shock wave. I was hoping Dawn would go with Piplup so I could actually attack. But she didn't so that made it really tough."

"And if you have used Shock Wave on Pachirisu, it would have absorbed the attack and you would have lost a lot of points." Zoey nodded.


"Well, congratulations none-the-less." Kaya shook her hand. "Maybe we'll face off in the final round."

"That'd be cool." Zoey smiled.

"And now, our final match for round one, Jessilina verses Kaya!"

"Well, that's my cue. Wish me luck!" Kaya ran out onto the stage.

"Please, do you think a little twerp can beat me?" Jessilina asked with a laugh.

"Don't flatter yourself."

"Heh. Let's go. Dustox!" Jessilina threw a pokeball and Dustok appeared in a flurry of stars.

"Amber, curtain call!" Cyndaquil popped out in a flurry of fire. It landed gracefully and the audience clapped.

"Ready coordinators? Go!"

"Dustox, poison sting!" Distox released a stream of glowing purple needles.

"flamewheel!" Amber released some fire and rolled into a ball, then moved toward the attack head on. The needles burned in the flames and Amber jumped up, smashing into Dustox.

It fell back and Jessilina lost a lot of points. She growled.

"You little brat! How dare you hurt my beautiful Dustox. Psybeam!"

Dustox unleashed its psybeam attack.

"Throw in some stun spore!" Dustox released soem sparkling gold powde rnad it swirled around the psybeam."

"Wow, how beautiful! But will the attack hit its mark."

"Amber, use swift and smokescreen." Amber released a thick smoke and the psybeam hit it. Jessilina smirked.


"Ya think so?" The smoke dispersed and a beautiful display of glitter floated around Amber. Clearly, Jessilina's attack had failed. She lost more points.

"But, how?"

"I used swift to destroy your attack and make MY pokemon look even more beautiful."

"I've had just about enough of you!" Jessilina screeched. Meowth and James sat in the audience, a worried look on their faces.

"Oh no..."

"She lookes really mad now."

"Dustox, use poison sting and gust!" Dustox released a stream of purple needles and blasted them with some wind. They flew at Amber with a shocking speed and it hit dead on.

"Amber!" Kaya lost some points. Jessilina laughed.

"Now who's winning?"

"Check the score: I am. And I am not planning on losing to you. Amber, swift and then fire punch!" Amber released a stream of glowing stars.

"Hit that swift with psybeam!" Dustox hit the swift and it became a rainbow that made it look gorgeous. Kaya lost more points.


"Huh?" Amber jumped up and punched Dustox with fire punch and it hit the ground.

"Dustox!" X's appeared on the judges tables.

"Dustox is unable to battle." Marion stepped forward.

"so the winner is Kaya and Cyndaquil!" Kaya cheered.

"We did it!" Cyndaquil jumped into her arms and she hugged it. The audience clapped and cheered. Jassilina sank to her knees. She clenched her fists and started banging them on the floor.

"Waah! No, no, no!" she cried. James and Meowth groaned.

"Looks like she lost."

"I'm scared to deal with her after this." They both sighed.

Zoey smiled.

"I may just face her in the finals after all."


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KelekiahGaladrian on April 15, 2008, 10:15:23 AM

KelekiahGaladrian on
KelekiahGaladrianAwesome! Kaya won! 'Course, "Jessilina" sucks and she can't beat anyone. I feel bad for Dawn because she lost, but at least she did her best. Great job!

SnowKitty on March 23, 2008, 5:44:22 AM

SnowKitty on
SnowKittyCool chappie! The battles were very nice! ^^

KionaKina on March 23, 2008, 7:16:12 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinathanks KiKi ^_^