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Chapter 1 - Intro

Everything is fine. Until Danny, and his friends go the the market. Strange things begin happening in all different worlds. What will happen to the worlds, and the people that live there?

Chapter 1 - Intro

Chapter 1 - Intro
Who are you? Why are we here? How did we get here? Where is here?
You will soon meet your fate.

“Luigi. Wake up. Your pancakes are going to get cold.” Mario said pushing Luigi. Luigi just seemed to roll over and moan. “fine. But if you don’t have the pancakes in your hand in 5 minutes, I’m eating them.” Mario said walking out of Luigi’s room. “fat pig.” Luigi said to himself, sitting up. He yawned, and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t want to get dressed, so he just got off his bed, and went to the bathroom. Luigi looked in the mirror. He pet his bedhead of hair, and stared at his unruly mustache. He took his bright green toothbrush, and Mint flavored toothpaste, and tried to brush his teeth. He spit his toothpaste gunk out of his mouth, and rinsed with some water. He wobbled out of the bathroom, not caring about his hair. He found his way to the kitchen. His eye’s catching on Mario, who was standing near the table, sipping some coffee. “I wondered if you were going to show.” Mario said drinking his coffee, and smiling. Luigi blew some hair out of his face, and grabbed his pancakes, with a fork, and headed for the couch. He sat down, and flipped the TV on.

Anti-Cosmo who was in a whole different world, and dimention. Was sitting on his bed, reading a book about, ‘101 different ways to torcher people you know.’ He smilied at every different way he read, knowing he could do all these to Nega-Timmy, his annoying evil ruler in training, godchild. “this is boring. Watching you read is not amusing, or fun in any way. Can we blow up some houses or, something?” Nega-Timmy asked. He was sitting in front of Anti-Cosmo’s bed, full of bordem. Anti-Cosmo looked up from his book. “like I said 2 seconds ago. No. you have to learn to be patchen, and find other things to do.” Anti-Cosmo said starting to continue reading. Nega-Timmy sighed.

“don’t you think that you should have a, like servant with super powers too?” Tucker asked, toying with some weird gaget that his friend’s parents made. “they’re GHOST powers.” Sam said annoyed. “hey, take a chill pill Sam. And yeah, I would love a servant with powers.” Danny said sipping on a smoothie. Sam crossed her arms, frowning. Danny seemed to always have to stop what he was doing, and save Amity Park from ghosts. He had a hard life for a 14-year old. Sam and Tucker were his best friends, and his partners in saving the world. “what do you want to do?” Tucker asked. “I dunno.” Danny said shrugging, sipping his smoothie. “how ‘bout we go to the SuperMarket?” Danny asked, getting up from his chair. “sure.” Tucker said, turning his head to Sam. She smiled.

A little blue creature pulled a yellow one out of the water. The yellow one coughed a little, and shook itself dry. A whistle played in the background. The creatures ran towards the sound. “ok, everyone’s here, right? I’m not missing any Pikmin?” Olimar, the leader of the pikmin, and the one who blew the whistle, was gathering half of the 100 pikmin. Louie, his partner, was gathering the other 50. Louie, he couldn’t find the last little white pikmin, and it would be dusk any minute. He blew his whistle running around with the other 49 following him. “white pikmin!” he yelled. He looked behind every rock, around every flower. One of the little green pikmin tapped him. He pointed over to where a black one was standing. “you mean I’m missing a black one?” Louie asked his pikmin. An orange one called from the back of the group. “it would appear so! All the white ones are here!” the orange one yelled. Louie sighed. He whistled, and the black one walked to join up with them.

Meghan and Gillian were playing a video game. Meghan found it quite depressing, because they had to destroy an evil villain. Which reminded her of Anti-Cosmo. Gillian found it fun, and amusing. Eventuly, Meghan stopped playing. “why’d you stop?” Gillian asked. Meghan looked the other way. Seeming sad, lonely, and alone. “oh. Does this remind you of… him?” Gillian asked, pausing. Meghan nodded. Gillian looked down at her bed. “I’m sorry.” She said looking back up. Meghan shook her head, her eye’s closed. “I’m going inside my house.” She said poofing into her little ferret home. Gillian watched her walk in, and continued her game, when Meghan was not in sight.


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tennesseekidcooper5 on April 17, 2009, 10:23:32 AM

tennesseekidcooper5 on
tennesseekidcooper5one question: why would Luigi brush his teeth before he ate breakfast?

just curious.

anyways, great story! hope u continue it soon!