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ok. I have no idea. saw a poem, though of a Hilson one. typed it, and now here it is.
Hilson. House X Wilson. first Yaoi story on here.

Manny X Frida

don't own the show or characters. just the story
might make a sequel to this.
why do things need a description?
Manny X Frida
eh, read, comment.
why do things need a description?
Manny X Frida
eh, read, comment.
why do these need descriptions?

Manny X Frida thing.

eh, just read, and comment

why do things need a description?

this is just kind of a Manny X Frida thing. that I started.

eh, just read the darn thing.
Dustin. When he is found and taken in by a farm-family in California, everything in his life changes. He gets friends, meets new people, starts having a normal life. Untill he finds out a secret about himself, and a few people around him. characters(c)me
Everything is fine. Until Danny, and his friends go the the market. Strange things begin happening in all different worlds. What will happen to the worlds, and the people that live there?
this is a harvest moon story! based on what does happen in the game, and a lot of extra stuff that I threw in to make it more intresting! and let me tell you now, It has a LOT of conflict in it... I'll be writing on it continually... hope you like! :D
Spongey love!! a spongebob romance thing, with yours truly! that is an Idea I came up with a friend...