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Chapter 3 - Memories

Everything is fine. Until Danny, and his friends go the the market. Strange things begin happening in all different worlds. What will happen to the worlds, and the people that live there?

Chapter 3 - Memories

Chapter 3 - Memories
Meghan sat in her house, boreder than bored. She sighed and scanned the room. TV, no. computer, no. Rover, no. books, n-. Meghan jumped off her bed. “what is this?” she asked herself, pulling a binder off her little bookshelf. She blew some dust off the cover, and ran her fingers down it. She felt sadness creeping up in her. It was a binder full of pictures, and notes, and letters that she and Anti-Cosmo wrote to each other. She carefully opened it. There was the letter that Jorgen wrote her about meeting with Cosmo.


You will be assigned to your first god child. You will meet with Cosmo at Fairy Wand Avenue. There he will show you around Fairy World, and then hand you over to me.

Don’t be late!

Meghan remembered that was the first time she talked to Anti-Cosmo. A tear ran down her face. She looked at the next page, it was a Fairy Photo. The long collom of 4 pictures took up the whole page. She laughed at the pictures, and turned the page, filling herself of her memories.

Anti-Cosmo scanned his bookshelf for something to read. His eye caught on a large binder, sitting on it’s side. He walked over to it. “eck. Dust.” He said poofing up a feather duster. He lightly dusted the top of it, and picked it up. “Meghan.” He said dusting the rest of it, and poofing away his duster. He opened it. “the letter Meghan got.” He said running his navy blue fingers down the page. His eye’s turned to the other page. “and The Fairy Photo.” He said laughing under his breath. He turned the page again. “and our first date.” He said smiling. He continued looking threw he and Meghan’s memories.


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