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Chapter 1 - On Cool Days When It Rains

Random poems. Starting writing them again, might continue for a while. So yeah! Poems about lots of . . . well, lots of whatever falls into my head when I sit down to write. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - On Cool Days When It Rains

Chapter 1 - On Cool Days When It Rains
Good feelings

why do they always seem to come

on cool days when it rains?

What is it

in the world theyre from

that smoothes away all of our pains?

I look into the sky.

Its so humid I could cry.

They say that rains like tears,

but after all my years,

its the rain thats worth remembrance,

that strikes a clean resemblance

to green grass at its freshest

and all my lifes most precious

feelings whelming over

like raindrops on a clover

until my world is spinning

and I feel a smile beginning.

So as all the worlds complaining,

I shout for joy, Its raining!


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Living_Dead_Girl on June 27, 2008, 10:02:02 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... Joo never said that you had another thingy up. I should comment it cos I like to comment yupyup! You had that thingy about time, but it doesn't seem to be up anymores. LOLOL that's very interesting! I usually like it when it's sunny just cos it's bright outside and I can get away with having the blinds closed and everything isn't all wet and I don't have to worry about the power going out, but that's just me XDD!

Kupo on June 27, 2008, 1:47:53 PM

Kupo on
Kupolol yeah, and I guess this is just me. I'm happy though, because I finally summed up the feeling pretty well with this :D

I took down the thing about time because no one cared but you anyway and I got suddenly paranoid that some other AD kid might magically happen to run across it and steal it, and that would just suck really really bad. Not that it would happen, but I would feel so horrible and stupid if it did. That speech has won me a prize already, and I still get to use it this next year, so until I can't anymore, I'm just going to keep it safe.

Living_Dead_Girl on June 28, 2008, 3:52:35 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... I see. Yeah, that's understandable. I wouldn't want anyone stealing my stuffs either. That would suxors, but I don't think my stuff is good enough to steal XDD! Oh, and I picked up something from two years ago. Yupyup, I started working on something that I started way back when I was obsessive over anime. You know those old Goosebumps books where you can choose what's gonna happen next and they say go to page whatever? Well, forever ago, I started working on one about FMA. But I dropped it after two hours XDD! So I'm rewriting it and coordinating the pages up properly and finishing it. It'll be fun ^^