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I can't write good poetry, I know, but I like to try from time to time.
Just a poem I wrote a few minutes ago cause I felt crappy and had to get emotions out.
ok this is a peom i wrote a wile describe the relationship between my dreams and I.
Poem i made about a year ago, it was origonaly going to be very dark, because i was very sad...but about half way though started turning into somthing that gives hope.
I wasn't aware back then and I honestly don't know if it's better now when I actually am aware.
Haven't been on here for A LONG time. .-.
This was basically me finding poetic release on the subject of how often inspiration slips through my fingers before the project it applied to was finished yet. It's from awhile ago, but I'm still fairly happy with it.
Chronicles of Narnia: A poem about Prince Rilian's longing to visit Bism near the end of The Silver Chair.
Poem: A dryad's point of view on the destruction in the forests in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle.
This happened because I asked a friend for a challenge, and he asked me to write a Shakespearean sonnet about Tom Bombodil and the Ents. So, here’s my try.
Tom and the Ents belong to the great Tolkien.
LOTR: Fireworks are one sort of wizardry that even a homebody hobbit may enjoy.
A random collection of poems I have written over the years, mostly haiku, couplets, and sonnets, but you never know which ones you might find in here.
I would love to hear feedback!
Maybe it is time I started writing poetry again?
Summary inside. Too many characters in the original description.
Just thought I'd write some poetry, Rae's friend Karlee inspired me to ^^
More emo crap.
Another poem thing. Again.
Another poem thingy I made. Tell me what you think.
Emotional poetry. Something I wrote awhile back.
Just some of my poetry
A sad poem. Leave comments!
Just a Poem I came up with for my English class. c:
support Japan!
A book of poetry for the one nearest and dearest to my heart..