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Chapter 1 - Renji and Rentora

a bleach Christmas story.

Chapter 1 - Renji and Rentora

Chapter 1 - Renji and Rentora
A Bleachmas Story
The perfect gift- Rentora &Renji
In the world of the living Tora and Renji are taking a short vacation from their soul reaper duties to celebrate their first Christmas. After hours of explaining Renji has set off to find Rentora a perfect gift while she is out getting food and décor. And a secret gift for him, with the help of a friend.
“What in the world am I going to get her?” Renji screamed in the middle of the mall. Ichigo walked up to him “get who?” he asked in a stand offish way. “Freaking Tora she wants me to get her something she would love, but I have no idea what girls like!” he replied. “Renji ask her sister, or you could always talk to Urahara. But there cat treats in one of the stores back there” Ichigo snickered and turned to find Miyoka right in front of him. “Cat treats! Really grow up Ichigo, and Renji she does like jewelry and manga if that help. But I like stuffed animals and cute dresses and shoes and…hey where are you going?” Miyoka asked as Renji walked away.
Rentora turned into the shop in front of her and grabbed a pillow which she used to muffle a scream. Rangiku patted her shoulder, “Tora don’t worry we’ll find something for Renji… he likes sunglasses! And look they have some right here come look and see if you like one.” Tora looked up from her screaming “Rangiku he has more than enough sunglasses and I don’t even know what to get him. I feel like a failure.” Tora hung her head in shame “Well you ask your dad maybe he can help” “no I don’t need him in my business any more, Hey Rangiku look at this…”
Renji walked into the Urahara store later that day and called out “Mr. Urahara!” Urahara walked around a wall and looked at Renji “what do you need, Renji?” Renji fisted his hands at his sides, “Tell me what to get your daughter for Christmas. Urahara smiled “come here.”
Later that night Renji and Tora met back up and enjoyed a home cooked meal that Tora hadn’t burned. They sat next to the small tree that she had bought and Tora handed him a small wrapped box. Renji smiled and handed her a book she looked at him in confusion. He nodded and she opened the book and read the only sentence on the first page:
Will you marry me?
She turned to Renji with tears in her eyes and he pulled a small box out of his pocket, he opened it and there sat a black gold ring. She threw herself at him and hugged him fiercely scream a single word, then he lifted her hand from his shoulder and placed the ring on her finger and glanced out the window and smiled.
Outside the house Urahara smiled back at Renji and watched as each tear of joy slid down his daughter’s face. He turned and pulled down his hat, “hey Yoruichi what color dress do you think she’ll wear?” they both laughed and started the walk back to the shop.
Merry Christmas
Kyi Nekoyasha


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iamkira on June 21, 2010, 6:48:24 AM

iamkira on
iamkiraVery good..although you might wanna draw out the story as much as possible describe the scene in so much detail its like you are there but other than that good job