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Chapter 2 - Rentora Urahara/Abarai

story bios of my ocs and some characters i have list includes:
Kyi Nekoyasha, Xenia, Rentora and others when i think of them

Chapter 2 - Rentora Urahara/Abarai

Chapter 2 - Rentora Urahara/Abarai
my bleach oc and one of the more complicated ocs of mine (headache causing)

Full Name: Rentora Urahara/Abarai
Eyes:hollow gold
Height/weight: 5'4 130
Story: Hollowed Hearts, Hollowed High
Match: Renji Abarai/ Grimmjow
Powers: hollow and soul reaper powers
Notes: i have a another couple of stories based on the kenraiyo thought in this one but idk if ill write them (hehe) and there all shown in hollowed high anyways


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