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Chapter 1 - the list

ok I wrote a thing about LP. This is how dedicated I am.

Chapter 1 - the list

Chapter 1 - the list

LP finds its way onto your nailpolish.
Your room becomes Hybrid Town Center
You get a piece of cardboard, write 'LINKIN' on it, travel to your local park, and stick the cardboard over the actual name of the park. Now it reads 'LINKIN PARK'.
You then go up to random strangers walking on the streets and ask them for directions to Linkin Park.
You can't sleep without hearing LP on the radio. It doesn't work if you listen to the CD; you have to hear it on the radio.
You can't sleep without saying Goodnight to all your posters, and the guys, and the Hybrid Theory Soldier guy.
You aren't jealous of Sam, or Anna, or anyone else. A person loved my LP is a person loved by you.
You see Mike, Chester and Joe, etc *everywhere* (I swear Mike was driving his purple car down my street yesterday!)
Someone is walking down the street wearing a checkered shirt or pants and you immediately think 'hey! That's Chester!' and when they get closer to you and you realize it's a woman, you say to yourself, 'Chester! In a woman suit.' And get all
depressed cuz it's not Chester then cheer up and start laughing at the thought of Chester with boobies.
You have a split personality or two. (I have Chester de-Metz and Chester de Sevagny)

LP comes into every possible conversation.
You've made your parents make Chicken Fricassee.
And they did it, no questions asked, even though you know they know it has something to do w/ LP.
You collect things that relate to LP in the slightest way (like my little Mike the Cyclops monster thingy from the movie Monsters Inc)
Your cat is now called Hybrid Theory Cat!
If you have a dog, or when you get a dog, you name it Bessie after Mike's little mutt.
Your pictures file exceeds 550 pics (that's roughly 10 megabytes).
When you get ur LPU stuff, you take all the things out and marvel at them then when
you get to your T-shirt, you sniff it and say 'This smells like Mike Shinoda'.
You renamed your/your parent's car from 'Stupid pile of crap' to 'the Linkin-Mobile' and adopt a sleeping mask and a towel and drive around town in them screaming 'I AM SUPERCHESTER!!!' even though you're a girl.
You say something like' And I,' and you HAVE to say 'Just wish that I didn't feel like there was something I missed' after it or you'll feel like you're being disloyal to LP.
You raided the phone book looking for Shinoda's, Bennington's, Delson's, Hahn's, Farrel's and Bourdon's and freak out if you find one with the exact same initials as a band member. (I found a M. Shinoda who lived down the road from me! I went to his
house and he was really old and grumpy.)
You walk into the classroom at school and everyone shuts up and starts watching you to see if you'll say anything about LP. When you don't, they ask questions like 'What's up? Did LP not win anything last night?' or something.
When you go into the classroom all depressed, people' ask you if LP died or something.
You refuse to call your pillow `Pillow', as it is now known as 'A Place for your head'.
People are amazed when you know exactly what LP is doing right now.

You cried when Limp Biskit won that award thingy and started burning all LB related things in your sight.
People have started calling you Chester or Mike (my nickname at school is Mike cuz I talk about LP so much! And I'm a girl!)
Instead of your bf/gf/kids' pic in your wallet, you carry around LP.
You call your diary after one of the guys. (101 'Dear Mike... ')
One from someone else's list: You have LP doodles all over your notebook and when there comes a time to actually write notes you can't find room.
And there's no room for them anyway!
Another from that list: Your bf/gf thinks you love LP more than them
Your bf/gf thinks you love LP more than them AND THEY'RE RIGHT!
Your CD player is soooo used to having LP in it that it screws up anything else.
You're told to turn the music down cuz you're parents are home, so you do, then *accidentally* turn it up instead. Now it is soo loud you can't hear them yell at you to turn it down.
Your parents know your favorite LP song cuz they're the ones played most often.
They are often telling you, you can't get ANOTHER LP T-shirt so you go into your room to listen to songs you never listen to. That way your parents KNOW they did something wrong.

Each time in English you write about LP every time! (Now my teacher Mrs.Gibson knows everything about LP! Lol)

Instead of your house being called…your house, it is called, “ The Linkin Park museum.”

You grab a light blue marker and draw Chester's flames on your wrist. (Keh, as soon as I move out I am going to get the REAL flames!)

I mostly have dreams of Mr.Hahn dressed like a PIMP.

this has got to be one of the funniest posts I've read here on I'm
going to tell the rest of the band to check it out. They probably won't post, but
I they'll get a kick out of it. Especially the one about Chester in the woman suit.
And the pillow one. hahaha
if you relate to 99.9% of all of this, THEN YOU'RE OBSESSED!


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Shearay752 on October 29, 2005, 5:46:42 AM

Shearay752 on
Shearay752daaaaang...*huggles shinoda plushie*

Miss_Love_Linkin_Park on August 17, 2005, 3:22:41 PM

Miss_Love_Linkin_Park on
Miss_Love_Linkin_Parkhey man im lovin it...........and its true before i read this i actually called ma pillow "A Place For My Head" one gets it except me though lol. Im gunna try and do the "PARK" sign