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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Summary of Story:Avery is a quite,lonely angel in Heaven until he is assinged to guard Charlotte ,in secrecy of course.One thing though ,he breaks this rule by falling in love with her and showing himself to her.Will this come drawbacks?

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction
I quietly pulled the hood of my cloak over my short dark brown hair before entering her house through the window. From beneath the covers her body moved up and down with each breath. With light steps I step over to her bed and sit and I brush away a lock of her light brown hair with my long pale fingers before placing a kiss on her forehead “As long as I am here no one will ever hurt you ” I whisper in her ear. After ten minutes or so I stand back up and jumped out of her bedroom. Waves of excitement flow through me as I think, After months of visiting her tomorrow I will finally show myself . And with that my dark as night wings sprout from my back and I soar into the midnight sky.
Charlotte’s P.O.V
As long as I am here no one will ever hurt you rang through my head the whole day. Every night I would hear that soft voice but, every time it came around I never would be able to wake up. Who could it be…or what could it be? I let out a sigh before grabbing my books “Robert, my shifts up so I’m going home!” I yelled over my shoulder as I walked over to the door. Robert let out a ‘Uh huh’ from behind the counter. Thankfully my house is only a few blocks away from the bookstore I work at so I only have to suffer 10 or so minutes out in the cold snow hilled air. “Is that you ,Charlotte? My mom hollered from the kitchen when I entered the house “Yeah!“ I replied “Mom I’m sleepy so I’m just gonna’ go straight to bed“. I jogged up the stairs and into my room but as I entered the air seemed to transform from comfy to…cold. And then I noticed a figure in the corner of my room. The last rays of sunshine glowed of his short, dark brown hair that hung over his eyes and also his ivory skin. He was as beautiful as an Angel in a way but, that didn’t stop a scream from almost escaping my mouth. Suddenly he was in front of me and his hand clamped over my mouth. “Shh! I’m not going to hurt you!” he whispered in a soft, velvety voice, that sounded kind of…familiar? “Now do you promise not to scream?” he muttered and I shook my head no, I was not going down without a fight! For some reason though he took his hand off but, then said “Let me explain why I’m here-.” “I think it’s quiet simple your going to kidnap me, rape me, and then dump me in a ditch on the side of a road.” I murmured. His eyes (which I now noticed were grey) immediately went wide “Oh no, I-I would never do that to you!” he shouted and his hands flew over his mouth in shock. “Catty, who‘s up there with you?” my mom’s voice came from the bottom of the stairs. This was my chance to escape! “ Help!” I screamed before he could stop me. Steps echoed up through the hallway and I could picture my mom dashing down the hallway to my room. I quickly glanced over at the murder/kidnapper/rapist to see him just standing there with no emotion on his face. Idiot. Suddenly the door flung open and a woman with brown hair and about the size of 5’6 rushed into the room and grabbed my shoulders. “What happened?” my mom asked and I replied ,while pointing at the kidnapper ‘This guy was just in my room waiting for me! He’s was going to kidnap me!’. Her eyes blinked in confusion “Sweetie, nobody is in the room. Did he leave?” she said jokingly. This time it’s was my turn to be confused and again I glanced at him “He’s right there. Don’t you see him?” Am I going crazy? She grabbed my arm and laid me down on my bed “You’ve probably just had a rough day and your seeing things. Why don’t you take a nap.” she suggested as she walked out of my room. In defeat I sighed before rolling over facing the wall. I almost fall asleep before I felt the bed sag as someone else’s weight was added. “Okay now will you let me explain myself?” the boy asked and I nodded my head before saying “Start by why my mother couldn’t see you and why I could”. From the corner of my eye I saw him smile.

“It’s very simple actually. I’m your Guardian Angel.”


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