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Chapter 1 - first day of school

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 1 - first day of school

Chapter 1 - first day of school
[color=#ff00ff" size="1]"Get up Gerard! School starts in less than a half an hour!" Mikey's voice peirced the silence of his brother's room. Gerard Way rolled over, muttering to himself as he did. He opened his eyes as Mikey's voice spoke again, "Gerard! Niki's here! She said if you don't get up she's leaving!".

At this Gerard got up. "I'm coming!" he shouted. He quickly dressed, and went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. He exited the room, know having his black eye liner on, a pair of jeans, a black shirt, and black tennis shoes on. He walked out to the kitchen and smiled when he saw Niki sitting at the table.

Niki was a pretty girl. She would have been exactly a year younger then Gerard but she was born two days before April 9th. She hd pretty red hair, and amazing crystal blue eyes. She was slightly pale, and in Gerard's eyes she was perfect. Perfect for him. That's why he found that he loved her so much.

"Ready to go?" Gerard asked, giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

Niki smiled and got up. " don't want to be late for the start of your senior year." she said with a smile.

Gerard nodded, taking her hand in his. Mikey laughed and headed outside ahead of them. Gerard and Niki followed him out of the house. Mikey was already heading up the road when they got out. Gerard led Niki towards the school. He wasn't quite fond of school. He wasn't exactly popular, and neither was Mikey. Niki on the other hand she could be popular if she had wanted to be but she decided she would much rather have Gerard.

"Niki if anyone tries anything you tell me okay?" he asked softly.

Niki looked at him curiously. "Why would you think someone would try anything?" she asked.

"I'm not exactly popular you know...and if people know about us they might not like it much..." he said softly as he slipped his arm around her waist.

Ahead of them Mikey pushed open the door to Monroeville highschool. Gerard walked up the steps with Niki. Mikey was holding the door open for them, so they went inside. Inside the school it seemed like chaos. People shoving other people in lockers. Girls wearing short skirts. Geeks walking down the hall with the nose in a book. Goths standing away from them all talking amongst themselves. Then in the corner three boys stood talking to each other. They didn't seem to fit in anywhere execpt where they were. Mikey ran ahead of Gerard and Niki, and joined the group. Gerard led Niki over to the group.

"Hey Gerard...Mikey...Niki" a boy said. This boy was somewhat pale and he had a huge sandy brown afro.

"Hello!! Mikey, Gerard and Niki" A smaller boy said. His hair was cut short on one side, and the hair on the other side was rather long. The short side was dark brown, and on the long side was blond.

"Hi guys" Gerard said pushing his long black hair out of his rather cold looking eyes.

"Hey" Niki said with a soft smile.

"Hey I feel left out so what's up Ray?" Mikey asked pushing his black rimmed glasses back on his nose. His messy blond hair sticking up everywhere.

"Nothing really...just waiting for the..." The boy with the afro started but was cut off by the bell.

"For that" the third boy said. He had ear length sandy blond hair.

"Mikey you take good care of Niki for me" Gerard said giving Niki a kiss. Niki and Mikey were in the same grade, a year below the rest of them. Niki smiled at Gerard and then her and Mikey headed off for their class. Gerard looked back at the other three boys. "Ready to go guys?" he asked. They all nodded and the four of them headed of to their classes.

Niki sat down in the back of her science class with Mikey. Mikey had started reading, so she was watching out the window. A large jock sat down beside Niki knocking Mikey out of his chair. Niki turned to look at the jock. "Hey Niki" he said simply, not even glancing at Mikey.

Mikey scrambled up from the ground, fixing his glasses as he did so. "Hey! You knocked Mikey off his chair, aren't you going to appologize?" Niki asked looking at the jock.

"No why would I say sorry to a misfit nerd like him?" he asked, leaning closer to her.

"Because he's not a nerd or a misfit...just cause someone is different doesn't make you any better than them" Niki retorted.

"Haha....your funny what's all this talk about you going out with that Gerard guy?" he asked.

"It's true...I am going out with Gerard..if you'd get your head cleaned out a bit maybe you'd have realized we've been going out for the last ten months." she said looking at Mikey. "You okay Mikey?" she asked.

"Doesn't matter if he's okay" the jock said. "This is some kinda joke right? I mean your so different from those...weirdos" he said looking utterly confused.

"It's not a joke...I'm going out with Gerard and I love him" she said and she picked up her's and Mikey's books and moved to a different desk. Mikey smirked as he followed her to the desk. The rest of the day went rather quickly and mostly without problems, except for a few girls who laughed and pointed everytime Niki or Gerard would walk by, but finally the end of school bell rang, and chaos broke out in the hall again.

Niki and Mikey caught back up with Gerard. Gerard gave Niki a huge hug. "Any problems?" he asked her.

Niki opened her mouth to speak, but before she had time Mikey blurted everything that had happened in Science class. Niki just held onto Gerard's hand and listened to Mikey. "Are you serious?" Gerard asked after tMikey was done telling the story.

"Yes he is serious" Niki said softly. Matt, Frank, and Ray all looked at her. Gerard squeezed her hand tightly. He couldn't help but feel a bit sorry, after all if she hadn't been going out with him they never would have picked on her. "Well...I'm sorry that happened Niki" he said softly.

Niki shook her head. "Don't worry about it...let's just go home" she said looking at him. Gerard slowly nodded and headed out of the school, with her beside him.[/color]


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