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Chapter 2 - The fight

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 2 - The fight

Chapter 2 - The fight
[color=#ffc0cb" size="2]The rest of the week at school went about the same for both Niki and Gerard. In fact it all seemed like it was going good at the end of friday when the bell rang and Niki met up with Gerard in the hall.

"Hi Niki, how was your day?" Gerard asked as Niki walked up to him.
"It was good, how about yours?" Niki asked giving him a kiss as he slipped his arm around her waist.
"You know it was school...what else can I say?" he asked. "So what are you doing tonight?" he continued.
"Nothing really...why?" Niki asked.
" and the guys are heading out to Monroeville Cemetery to hang out...and I thought that you might want to come along" Gerard said.
"Ohh...okay...what time are you guys leaving?" Niki asked.
"Well...I'll pick you up at around 10 is that alright?" Gerard asked.
"That's fine" Niki said softly.
"I'll walk you home now..." Gerard said as they headed out the door.

Gerard gave Niki a soft kiss at her front door. "I'll see you tonight at 10 then?" he asked.

"Alright...see you then" Niki said opening the door and going into her house. Gerard smiled and turned to go as Niki shut the door.

Gerard headed to his house. He needed to get ready for the night, he wanted to freshen up a bit, and make sure all the guys were still going to show up.

Gerard turned up at Niki's house, with all the guys. Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Matt waited in the front yard while Gerard went to the door. Gerard rang the bell once, and waited patiently for Niki to answer the door.

Niki opened the door and smiled at the look on Gerard's face. She walked out and pulled the door shut behind her. Gerard looked at her, stunned. "Niki...what did you do?" he asked herlooking her up and down.

Niki was now dressed in a black knee length dress, with a red belt tied around the waist and, what looked like black ballet shoes. Her nails were painted black and she even had red eyeshadow on. In fact the only thing that she hadn't really changed was her hair, it was still it's normal color.

"What do you mean what did I do? I wanted to try a new look for the night...what do you thing?" she asked shyly.
"Y-you look wonderful..." Gerard said looking really amazed.
"Uhh...are we going to go?" Niki asked slowly.
Gerard snapped out of it. "Uhh...ya...sure...come on the guys are right...."
"Hey is that Niki?!?" called Mikey.
"Of course it's Niki Mikey...look at her hair" Ray said shaking his head.

Gerard laughed lightly and took ahold of Niki's hand. He helped her down the steps and to the place where the guys were standing.

"Niki...what happened to you?" Mikey asked.
"She changed clothes, painted her nails, and put on make-up clearly." Matt said.
Niki giggled softly. "Ya I'm just trying it out for now...but how about we go now...before my parents get up?" she asked.

Gerard nodded, and started off, Niki beside him, her hand in his. Niki was really quiet during the whole walk. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Matt talked pretty much the whole time until they got to the cemetery. Then they all got really quiet.

Gerard was the first one to go into the cemetery. He pushed open the gate and held it opened for the others. Niki stopped right beside Gerard and shivered lightly. "Cold?" Gerard asked in a whisper, as he let the gate swing shut after everyone was through.

"A little, but it's kinda creepy here" Niki whispered. Gerard nodded and pulled his black jacket off. He slipped it around Niki and smiled down at her. "Better?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yes...thanks" Niki whispered.
"Come on guys" Mikey said, he was already heading farther into the cemetery.

Gerard gently led Niki back into the cemetery. Gerard could tell Niki was a bit scared, but he also knew that she wouldn't admit it. Niki moved clser to Gerard as they passed a large mausoleum.

Mikey, and the rest of the guys disappeared behind the mausoleum. Gerard led Niki in the direction the guys had gone. It was only a few seconds before they saw the guys sitting in the grass by a tombstone.

Gerard smiled and led Niki over to where they guys were. He let go of her hand and took a seat on the grass. He reached up and took her hand. "Come on you can sit on my lap so your dress doesn't get dirty" he said.

Niki nodded and sat down on Gerard's lap. She leaned back against his chest, and listened to the gentle beating of his heart. "So now Niki knows what we do every friday night" Frank said.

"So it's kinda like we let her into the gang?" Mikey asked.
"Ya kinda" Gerard said with a grin.
"So is she going to come every friday?" Frank asked.
"I suppose if she wants...and if it's alright with you guys" Gerard said.
"Fine with me" Frank said.
"Me too" Said Ray
"I agree" Matt said.
"Fine with me...times infinity! ha!! I win!" Mikey shouted.
"We weren't trying to win Mikey" Gerard said.
"Ohh....I knew that" and with that all 5 guys, plus Niki started to laugh.

They probably would have laughed for a very long time but they were interupted by shouts. "I hear someone over there!" a guys voice shouted, it sounded really close. Actually it sounded like the guy was on the other side of the mausoleum.

Gerard shushed all his friends. He pulled Niki clser as he listened to hear who it was and what they wanted. "I know they are here somewhere...they always come here on friday nights" a familiar guys voice said.

"Well we'll find them" the other boy said.
"We better I want to give that Gerard guy a peice of my mind...and maybe a few punchs" the familiar voice said.

Niki froze and looked up at Gerard. She looked scared as she held onto Gerard tightly. "It's Eric...the jock who knocked Mikey out of his chair last week." she whispered.

Gerard nodded. "I know who Eric is" he whispered as he stood up, pulling Niki up with him. He motioned for the other guys to follow but, before they had a chance to get up Eric and his friends walked out from around the side of the mausoleum.

"Well...well if it isn't the little goth bunch themselfs" Eric said as he walked closer, shining a flashlight from one to the other. He stopped on Niki, and looked her over.

"Niki?" he asked looking slightly confused. "What did they do to you?" he asked.
Niki held onto Gerard's hand tightly. "Nothing I did it myself" she said.
"Ya so leave her and us alone Eric" Gerard said.
" soon as I take care of some things" Eric said. He motioned to his friends and they moved to surround the 5 guys and Niki.

Niki looked scared as she clutched Gerard's hand in her's. Gerard looked at her and then to the guys that now had them surrounded. "Niki if something happens you take off...okay? Don't hang around waiting for us, you slip out and you go streight it?" he asked in a whisper.

Niki hesitated but slowly nodded. Eric was moving closer to Niki and Gerard. Gerard losened his grip on Niki's hand so that she could run if she needed to. "So what does Niki here even see in you?" Eric asked, but Gerard doubted that he really wanted an answer.

Gerard was right. Eric didn't want an answer in fact the only thing he wanted was a fight. He went to take ahold of Niki's arm, but Gerard pulled her behind himself. "Leave her out of this Eric" he said sturnly.

Eric smirked, and Gerard suddenly had a bad feeling that he had been drinking. Eric moved in one swift movement and punched Gerard streight in the face, giving him a bloody nose. Gerard turned to look at Niki. "Run" he whispered to her, before he recieved another blow, this one to the stumache.

Mikey moved to help Gerard but was stopped by one of Eric's friends. Mikey fell to the ground, and soon the other guys had all joined in on the fight, but poor Gerard was trying to keep Eric busy so that Niki could run. He was starting to get worried that she wasn't going to but then she took off through and opening in the fight.

Gerard watched her till she was out of sight and he was sure she was okay. Then he turned back to the fight. Mikey was fighting the one kid with all his might. It was funny to see such a little guy try and take down a jock. Gerard probably would have laughed if it wasn't for the fact that it was a fight.

Eric knocked Gerard upside the head, and he staggered backwards some. It took a minute for Gerard to gain his balance back. Once he did he rammed his fist into Eric's mouth sending blood across the grass.

Gerard seemed to be getting the worst of the fight as he already had a bleeding nose, and a whole bunch of cuts and scraps, not to mention a splitting headache.

The fight continued for a long time, until flashing red and blue lights lite up the cemetery. That's what really ended the fight, and sent everyone running.[/color]


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