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Chapter 3 - jail and illness

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 3 - jail and illness

Chapter 3 - jail and illness
The next day Niki was up pretty early. She wanted to get over to Gerard's house and make sure he was alright. When she got to The Way house, she walked up and rang the bell once. She waited patiently for someone to answer.

A few minutes after she rang the bell Mikey answered the door. He looked at her, she looked the same as she had last night, except she was now wearing jeans and a black tee-shirt. Mikey sighed lightly. "Niki come on in..." he said holding the door open for her.

Niki went in and looked around. "Where is Gerard?" she asked softly.
Mikey closed the door. "He is in Jail....." he said simply as he walked into the kitchen.
"Why?" Niki asked.
"He got caught last night after you left, He did, Matt did, and so did one of Eric's friends. They are going to release them later today I guess..." Mikey said.
"How did they get arrested?" Niki asked.
"Well after you left...things got really bad...then the cops came, everyone ran, and almost everyone got away...except..."
"Except Gerard, Matt and one of Eric's friends" Niki finished with a sigh.
"Ya....they are supposed to let them go at noon" Mikey said.

Niki nodded, sitting down. Mikey sat down beside her and filled her in on all the little details that she hadn't heard.

"Oh My gosh...are you serious? Gerard okay?" she asked looking worried.
Mikey looked at his watch. "ya...but it's almost 11:30 let's head on down to the Police station" he said getting up.

Niki nodded and got up as well. The two of them started off towards the police station without another word. Niki was really worried about Gerard, from the way that Mikey described it Gerard got the worst of the fight.

Mikey and Niki arrived at the police station at about five till, so they sat down on the steps to wait for Gerard and Matt. Niki sat quietly, looking at the ground, and Mikey was watching the door.

Only a few minutes passed when the doors opened. Gerard raced down the steps to Niki. He had a black and blue eye, and he had a few bruises on him, a few cuts on his face, and arms. He pulled Niki up and into his arms.

"Did you get home okay last night?" Gerard asked in a whisper.
"I got home fine...but look at look like you've been through hell" Niki said softly, tears forming in her eyes.
"I'm okay...I promise" Gerard whispered. "I'm just glad you got home safely." he said.
Gerard held Niki closely, just glad to have her back. He gently pulled back and looked into her eyes, smiling softly to himself.

"Niki do you want to go out to eat with me tonight for supper?" he whispered.
"Ya...sure..." Niki said softly with a smile.
"I want to take you out somewhere special"

Niki smiled as Gerard made arrangements for what time to pick her up and everything.Then Gerard walked her back to her house. There he left her to go and get ready for the night.

Gerard went to his house and called a restruant. He made plans and reservations for the night. He even went and picked up some roses for Niki. He wanted her to know just what she ment to him.

Gerard got to Niki's house at exactly 9 just like they had planned earlier in the day. He rang the bell once and waited patiently for her to answer the door.

Niki aswered the door only minutes later. she was dressed up in a black dress. Gerard smiled, she looked so pretty to him. He offered her the roses with a small kiss on the cheek. Niki smiled and took the roses.

"Thank you" Niki said softly as she looked at the roses, black and pink her favorite colors.
"Your welcome...shall we go?" Gerard asked offering her his hand.
"Yes...where are we going?" Niki asked as she gently took ahold of his hand.
"out to eat" Gerard said simply.

He took Niki and started to the reastruant. He was in an unusually good mood tonight. When they got to the reastraunt he opened the door for Niki and waited for her to go in.Once she was in he followed her.

He went up and got the waiter to take them to their seats. This was a expensive reastraunt Niki noticed as she sat down. Gerard sat down across from her.

"What would you like?" he asked looking at the menu.
"Umm....Chicken alfrado...looks good" Niki said quietly.
"Okay then is that what you want?" he asked.
Niki nodded softly. "And tea please" she added to the waiter.
Gerard placed his order and the waiter disappeared.

Gerard and Niki talked until their food came. Then they both ate, stopping occasionally to say a few things. Niki however stopped half way through her food and went to the restroom.

Gerard got a bit worried when she didn't return after about 10 minutes. Niki came back after awhile and sat down. She looked paler than normal, and all together ill. She sat down, but Gerard got up. He knelt down beside her.

"Niki are you alright?" he asked quietly.
Niki shook her head. "I haven't felt good all day" she whispered looking at him with tears in her eyes.
Gerard gently pulled her up into his arms. "Let me take care of the bill then we will get you back to your house...okay?" he asked softly.

Niki nodded weakly and sat down while Gerard took care of the bill. Then he helped her out of the reastraunt and down towards her house.

After a while of walking Niki felt really ill. She held onto Gerard tightly, but then her grip lossened. Gerard put his arm around her to support her. Then suddenly Niki just dropped to the ground, but luckily Gerard caught her before she hit the ground.

Gerard layed her shivering body on the ground and tried to get her up. She wouldn't respond to anything and she wouldn't wake up, but he knew she was alive because she still had a pulse. He quickly flagged down some help and had someone call the ambulance.

He was terrified as he held her body close to him. He already had placed his jacket on her to keep her warm, but she was still shivering. It took a long while for the ambulance to finally show up.

When they did Gerard was flooded with questions as they put Niki in the ambulance. When ever they got ready to pull out Gerard tried to go with her, but they wouldn't allow him. They said that only her family was allowed to go with her.

Gerard watched sadly as the flashing lights of the ambulance faded away. He then headed to the hospital himself. He knew they couldn't do anything about him being at the hospital, and from there he would call her family and let them know what was going on.


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