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Chapter 8 - Back from the dead...

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 8 - Back from the dead...

Chapter 8 - Back from the dead...
[color=#ffc0cb" size="2]He put his hand on the door knob and threw it opened. What he saw made him freeze. All the lights in the room except one were off. He looked at the slim figure, standing by his desk, that he knew so very well.

"Niki?" Gerard asked completely shocked.

The figure looked at him then looked out the window. The light from the moon caught her soft blue eyes. The same eyes he had loved so much only months before hand, but now they seemed to be clouded by a deep sorrow. Her skin seemed to almost shine, it was so white, it kinda gave Gerard the chills.

The figure turned back to look at him. A frown clear on her face. Never in the 3 years he had known Niki had he ever seen her frown. She was always such a happy person, and this scared him.

"Niki what happened to you? Where were you?" he asked.
"Gerard...I'm sorry...I was so scared...and then that night in the hospital something happened. Someone...something came to see me..." Niki whispered looking scared.

Gerard walked to her and tried to take her in his arms but she turned away from him. Crimson colored tears staining her pale skin. Gerard backed up a bit. He watched the blood, and began to try and work everything out.

"Niki...your bleeding..." he said worriedly.
Niki brushed away her tears. "I'm not bleeding...I'm crying" she whispered turning back to him.
"Niki...You mean...wait..." Gerard stopped remembering a book he had read by Anne Rice.
"Gerard it's true..." she cried. She looked so fragile, so scared.
Gerard hesitated but walked to her, he put his arms gently around her. "It can't be...your just a little scared...we will figure this out...I promise" he whispered.
"Gerard I already have! I came to see you one night awhile ago. I think I scared you. So I didn't come back, but I couldn't resist...I had to see you...I still love you..." Niki cried. She cuddled up to his chest.

Gerard held Niki, he shivered slightly. Her skin it was so cold! Like death! It was horrifing, but oddly he didn't want to let her go. No he couldn't let her go. She was his once more. He was able to hold her, kiss her, and hug her. He held her tightly and tears slipped down his cheeks.

Niki looked up at him. "Please...don't least I got to see you one last time" she whispered.
Gerard gave her a small kiss, causing chills to run down his spine. Her lips were even cold. "Niki....what do you mean one last time? Your staying with me...aren't you?" he asked.
Niki looked up at him, new tears sliding down her cheek. "Gerard...I can't I could hurt you...and I can't do that to you..." she cried.
Gerard squeezed her lightly. She was so thin, and weightless, it was scary. "I don't care...I wont lose you again! Your mine Niki and I wont lose you" he said.
Niki layed her head against Gerard's chest. "I want to badly...but I can't hurt you!" she cried.
Gerard held her tightly. "Hurt me if you have to...I'm not letting you go..." he whispered.

Niki looked up at him. She knew there was no winning with Gerard Arthur Way once he made up his miind. She had the saddest look in her eyes. "You don't understqand what I would have to do to be with you...I couldn't do that to you..." she whispered.

"If it's anything like the books then I do understand..." he said.
"But you'd have to'd lose Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Matt...I can't change them all...I'm not strong enough..." she whispered.
Gerard seemed to be staring the window. "We'll figure it out...but I need to be with you...I need you Niki...I really do..." he whispered.[/color]


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