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Chapter 9 - death and immortality

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 9 - death and immortality

Chapter 9 - death and immortality

[color=#000000" size="2]Niki kissed his lips gently, her cold flesh again sending shivers down Gerard's arms. She looked him in the eyes. Her eyes full of concern, and love.

"Are you sure?" Niki asked in a small whisper.
Gerard saw Niki's long fangs for the first time, and he was completely amazed. "Yes....I-I'm posative" he said sofly.
"I shouldn't have come back...I didn't want this for you Gerard..." Niki whispered in his ear.

She gently kissed his neck. Gerard held her tightly as she did this. Then slowly and gently he felt her sharp fangs penitrate the smooth skin on his neck. He tightened his grip, his nails slightly digging into Niki's arms.

Niki drank some then pulled back from Gerard's neck. Blood soaked the collar of his black shirt, though it wasn't to noticable. Niki closed her eyes for a second then, dug her own nails into her wrist. She looked up at Gerard, crimson tears threatening to spill.

"You must drink..." she whispered as she held her wrist up to him.

Gerard hesitated but began to drink a bit of the blood from her wrist. When he had finished he pulled back from her. He looked at her. She looked pale, and weaker now than she had earlier. He held onto her gently to support her.

"Niki you shouldn't have done that...your weak now..." he whispered.

Niki nodded and sat down on his bed. She looked up at him, just as the first wave of his death came on. Gerard clutched his stumach, and doubled over. His face contorted with pain. A small cry escaped his lips. Niki broke down crying. She looked away from him.

There was a thud and Gerard was on the floor, emotionless and seemingly dead. Niki was sobbing. She thought for a minute that she had messed up and that something had gone wrong. She hide her face in his pillow and cried loudly.

A arm gently went around her and pulled her close. Niki screamed from the suprise of it, and a cold hand was placed gently over her mouth to quiet her.

"Shh...Niki..." the person whispered, and Niki relaxed. It was Gerard. He was alright! She had done it right! She layed back against his chest as he removed his hand. He held her tightly to his chest, wipping her tears away.

"I was so scared Gerard!" Niki whispered.
"I'm alright...I'm not going to leave you Niki" Gerard whispered in her ear.[/color]



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cupcakesnake on January 22, 2008, 9:49:39 AM

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cupcakesnakeyoure an amazing writer