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Chapter 10 - I'll never let them hurt you...

Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?

Chapter 10 - I'll never let them hurt you...

Chapter 10 - I'll never let them hurt you...
[color=#ffc0cb" size="2]Gerard gently held her but suddenly an odd feeling came over him. It was someone was watching them. But it couldn't be...could it? He looked down at Niki. She was looking around too.

"Shh...." she whispered, but suddenly she looked really scared. She grabbed ahold of Gerard's hand and tugged it. "We have to" she whispered.

"Why? What is it?" Gerard asked quietly.
"It's him..." she whispered.

"Him...wh-" but Gerard was cut off, as the window shattered, and shards of glass rained down on him and Niki. Gerard covered Niki so she didn't get hit by the tiny glass shards.Niki let out a small scream as she looked at the window. Standing in the window was a tall blonde haired vampire.

Niki held tight to Gerard as the vampire stepped down into Gerard's room. Niki was hiding her face, and crying lightly. Gerard held her, watching the vampire.

"Who are you?!?" Gerard demanded angerly.
"What, she did not inform you?" the vampire asked casually as he looked around the room.
"Tell me what?" Gerard asked.
"I made her...she didn't have the right to leave yet" the vampire said.
Gerard held her tightly. "What do you mean the right to leave yet?" he asked.
"I haven't taught her everything yet" the man said.
"She's fine now...she doesn't need you" Gerard said.
Niki nodded softly against his chest. "I want Gerard" she whispered.
"She made you into one of us" the vampire said with a sigh. "I suppose you already know how it works?" he asked looking slightly angered. "And I was going to keep her and make her my bride" he said looking at her.
Niki held onto Gerard. "Leave me alone" she whispered.
Gerard glared at him. "You will leave now, and you wont bother Niki again" he said sturnly.
The vampire glared at him. "For now you win I'll be back..." he said, and without another word he had jumped out of the window and was gone, into the dark night.

Niki was trembling as she held tightly onto Gerard's arm. He held her tightly to his side. He wasn't going to lose her to anyone now that he had her. He would go to the end of the world just to keep her.[/color] "I'll never let them hurt you Niki..." he whispered in her ear, as he held her close.


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