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Chapter 0 - The Origin

Chapter 0 - The Origin

Chapter 0 - The Origin
Long ago the universe was barren. Then a beam of light erupted from the center. Two beings emerged and as they soared through the empty space the cosmos began to light up. Eventually they knew this universe would be a pointless place if there was no one there to experience its beauty. So they created beings to enjoy it. Unfortunately the being seemed to lack any reality to themselves as they just lived and died with no meaning or purpose. The two understood that they needed “will” and choice. Whether this choice is to continue to be meaningless or to even reject the universe, the beings would have that and therefore live. The two higher beings departed with the promise they would return to see the results of thee seeds they had set.

As time went on the two returned and saw the universe had become dark and cold again and the life they had brought forth had died. Confused as to what caused this they realized the people had choice but no power. So the two rewound time to just after they left then imbued life with the gift to attain and grow with many puzzles and challenges to make their growth a journey. As the two departed again they knew that there needed to be some sort of being to watch the life and make sure it wouldn’t die again. They created two daughters to watch this universe who would be invisible to the life but always there.

The two returned again but saw the universe was once again a barren waste. Had they failed again? They found their daughters were at war with one another as they were equals and seen desire before them. The two noted that the life had run itself into nothingness because of its fear of nothingness. The two understood they needed an afterlife so the life can find a proper rest. The two rewound time again to just after they made the daughters. To avoid the daughters warring against one another the two gave each one a task. The red daughter would watch the world of the living and the blue daughter would watch over the realm of the dead.

Long after the Two departed…

The Red and Blue sisters were set in their duties. A darkness appeared. As if to challenge the beauty of the universe they lived in. This dark one came forth and ravaged much of creation. The sisters were powerless to stand against this being.

When the two returned again to find the universe in ruins. They wondered what could have caused this? Seeing the sisters left in such pain, they found the darkness. It looked to them and thanked them for its birth. They realized that they left a world without a light to counter a natural darkness. Thus they created a third sister. The yellow sister. With the three sisters maintaining Life, Death, and maintaining the light within them, the two departed finally with the hopes of finally making things right.

The Darkness

While the two created an attempt at paradise, their efforts left a void. During their attempts, the blue daughter was corrupted by the twistedness and left creation in ruins.

Thus it became darkness and sought ruin to all. When the two returned and found what they’d wrought, they went back to the beginning to fix things. However the Dark one traveled with them and hid until the time was right.

When it rose, it was twisted and horrible. Unleashing pain and destruction on all that its counterparts tried to protect. Thus creation was still left violated.


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