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Chapter 1 - Ice and Herbs

COMPLETE one-shot“Remus I’m going to kill you!” Remus heard the high angry screech of Nymphadora Tonks and decided that maybe it was best for him to leave the comfort of his favorite chair at Grimmauld, and run.~After 7th book~

Chapter 1 - Ice and Herbs

Chapter 1 - Ice and Herbs
Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K Rowling. Iwish they were mine. Oh Well.     Herbsand angsty cemetery moment  all mine.Lol. Yatta yatta.
Ice and Herbs 
“Remus I’m going to kill you!”
            Remus heardthe high angry screech of Nymphadora Tonks and decided that maybe it was bestfor him to leave the comfort of his favorite chair at Grimmauld, and run. Remushad recently had an epiphany and realized that he took himself way tooseriously most of the time. He had Fred and George to thank for the constantreminder. The month before, he decided that he would re-visit the pensieve hekeeps stored in his closet. While he viewed all the great and dangerous momentshe had with the young marauders, something stirred in him, beckoning to him. Itwas more than a pull; it was a necessity for his true nature, which being anadult prevented. He needed to pull a prank. So, this is where Tonks’ screamingcame in.
“Remus. You are going to pay for that! I mean it. Come backhere!”
            She lookedeverywhere for her prey. Remus ran and ran all the while laughing for somehappy unknown reason. He ran until he realized that he was now very much awayfrom Grimmauld place and very near a cemetery. Various bad memories flooded hismind as he stared in the direction where four of his best friends laid ineternal rest. Chills running down his spine, he decided to head back before hismind got the best of him. Remembering how he got to be there, he immediatelywished he had a grave to crawl into. Sighing with false pity, Tonks stoodbefore Remus and started on a statement one would give when confronting a preyon it’s last breathes.
“Remus. Why do you do things like this to me? Why? I likeyou. You’re sweet and smart and I really don’t enjoy hurting you.”
            Shesuddenly stopped and stared at Remus who didn’t know whether to grin like a madman or be nervous at his entrapment. Tonks walked closer to him until theirnoses nearly touched. With red eyed and matching hair, she eyed him with asnarl and mischief crawling up her arms. The next thing Remus felt was a rushof ice-cold water running down his body. He opened his eyes and there stood agrinning Tonks with luminous red hair mimicking her mixture of fury andcontempt.
“Never. EVER. Touch my Weird Sisters shirt again! You ruinedit!”
Remus recovering from the shivers, grinned and saidsheepishly,
“Aww Tonks, you’re just mad because I look better in it thanyou, and that’s saying something!”
            Tonksdidn’t know whether to laugh at the thought of Remus wearing a skintight bandshirt, or to kill him right then and there for the insult. Instead she did abit of both. She slapped him then laughed and hugged him.
“You know Tonks, I did tell you to stay away from Snape’sstores. You don’t know if those herbs have long-lasting effects!”
            She laughedat his comment and laced an arm around his and together they walked back toGrimmauld Place in better spirits than before. Until…
“Tonks!!! Stay away from my hallucinogenic herbs, theyaren’t for tea!”
The End 


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star0bright on July 6, 2007, 2:37:19 AM

star0bright on
star0brightlol. loved the ending!

nozomiwhitewolf on August 5, 2005, 3:20:27 AM

nozomiwhitewolf on
nozomiwhitewolfHaha! I love this story! It's short and sweet and amusing and lovable. :)