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A few years after Harry drops out of Hogwarts. What will it take to finally destroy Voldemort? He needs and wants to take down Voldemort, but how, and what to do with the death eaters after...
Snape's answers to random quizzes i found.....enjoy.
A transfer witch named Arya has just transfred to hogwarts . She has been to the following schools Dumstrang and Beauxbatons and many othes , dark secerts are ahead ....
Recall Tara? The one who made the Harry Potter fic, called "My Immortal"? Join Sammy, Nise, and Anthony, as they go through the agony of a THIRTY-EIGHT chapter fic of 'goffik' disgrace! (To Tara, if you read this, I'm sorry, but I have to do this!)
This is a companion story to my After Midnight series. What does Mcgonagall do when her students sleep?
This is the companion story to Snape, After Midnight and its sequel, The Picture. What does our beloved Headmaster do after midnight?
[OneShot] “When the time came to fight and she's standing on the other side, would you be able to strike her down after all you've shared?” No longer a boy, a man must now answer the question that before he could not. [Sequel to That Gryffindor Girl]
[One Shot] Warrington warns Montague about the dangers of loving a certain Gryffindor Girl.
[One Shot] He thought she knew. . .
Dear Diary,

My first entry… how shall I begin?

I am Harry Potter. A stench, much like toad poop and old cheese together in a pudding, hangs about me, its origin my armpits. Mould clings to the numerous hairs emerging from my ridiculously large
A bit of Neville/Luna fluff happening around the holidays. Luna's oblivious to what it meant when she hung mistletoe over herself. ^_^
i know the picture says slytheran when she is really in ravenclaw. she has medium black hair and brown eyes. the boys in this story are actual friends and siblings. i just changed their last names.
Piper? A girl whose lived all over, with a famous father. She now goes to Hogwarts....4th year Ravenclaw. Will the famous three become four?
15 year old Draco will be returning to Hogwarts soon but not before staying the summer at home. His parents have thrown a 'business' party and Draco must attend. There he meets Crystal Rose, but he thinks nothing of her.... until she’s the only thing
Ever since Neville can remember his parents have been in St. Mungo’s, and every time he goes to visit them his Mum gives him an empty ‘Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum’ wrapper.
A story filled with humer brought on by late nights filled with sugar! Me and my friend write this togeather, and you might understand some of my PH art if you read it!