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Chapter 1 - My Stuffed Dog

This is a poem I wrote about a friend of mines stuffed dogs adventure, I liked it ^o^

Chapter 1 - My Stuffed Dog

Chapter 1 - My Stuffed Dog
One day when I was little,
My mom took me to go buy a stuffed dog.
She told me that this is special dog- He’s going around the world.

I picked up the softest one.
He had soft plush fur that brushed against my fingers,
And made me giggle.
He had glassy brown eyes that stared.
And a cold black nose, the perfect nose.
He was the dog.

When we got home we put him in a box-A plain brown box.
I gave him a hug good-bye,
And we mailed him away.

Years past,
Days went by.
And I waited for that day he would come back.
I soon forgot about the plushie’d dog.

And then, one day when I was twelve,
The doorbell rang.
I dashed to the door hoping for a friend…It was the mailman.
He held a package covered in post cards and stickers.
I took the package puzzled,
It was addressed to me.

I carefully opened the box,
And inside was a stuffed dog bathed in postcards and souvenirs.
I picked him up.

The dog was ratty and old.
The brown on his back was faded
And he was a worn out shade of white.
The sheen in his eyes was gone.
His fur was clumped together.

I gave him a hug,
I don’t know why-
He was filled with love.

My dog that’s been around the world.


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Aspen on August 27, 2004, 8:53:43 AM

Aspen on
AspenWhy has no one commented? I really like it! I love dogs and all animals! :)