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Chapter 1 - Good Night

(PG, I think ^^) Shuichi and Yuki have gone to bed, but Yuki stays up a little to admire his lover. This is so sappy! XP

Chapter 1 - Good Night

Chapter 1 - Good Night
Author: Me! NekoHellAngel (aka, Hell)
Warnings: So freaking sweet and sappy it'll hurt your teeth! XD It's just a pointless cute thing! I think there's some reference to love making (I can't remember, and I've just written it!) but it's done so nicely that it's just sweet (see, told you it's too sweet!)
Disclaimer: Gravitation and all it's characters and things and anything Gravitation related does not belong to me! However I do like to play god with them, just like any other fan ^^

Good Night

Yuki sat up in bed and stared down at his lover's sleeping form. Shuichi was laying on his stomach, showing his naked back to the world and one hand laid next to his head, his face facing Yuki's direction. The singer looked so breath taking to the novelist. The blonde leant down slightly, resting on an elbow as he gently stroked his lover's cheek lovingly. Shuichi unknowingly moved into the touch and Yuki could only smile. Even in sleep Shuichi wanted him. Wanted his touch, his warmth and his lover. In the past Yuki had wondered why such a man like Shuichi had wanted him, but now he merely welcomed the love the singer gave him. Yes the brat was still annoying sometimes, and they did fight every now and then, but then no relationship was perfect. But what he and Shuichi shared was total bliss to the novelist. With Shuichi by his side, he truly had no reason to feel he would betray him. He knew that Shuichi would never do anything to hurt him.

The singer stirred a little, but only long enough to change his position. He now laid on his back, showing off his chest now. His body shone in the moon light that shone in through the window and the light only made Shuichi look more pure. Yuki leant down closer so his face was mere inches away from Shuichi's. He could feel his lover's gentle breath on his face and Yuki loved the feeling. Everything Shuichi did he loved, even his annoyance. Again he stroked the singer's face, his fingertips caressing his cheeks and chin. Still not showing signs of wakening, Yuki closed the gap between them briefly to gently place his lips on Shuichi's. The kiss was feather like, barely there, but still somehow the novelist was able to show his strong and deep love for his lover through the simple kiss. As Yuki lifted his head a little after breaking the kiss he saw violet eyes staring up at him, the violet orbs filled with loved.

"Yuki...?" he whispered and then yawned. It seemed that Shuichi was still half asleep.

"Shh... sorry for waking you," Yuki told him, kissing his forehead before resting his own on it. Blonde locks entwined with pink-purple ones.

"Don't worry, I don't mind," he then smiled, proving that he truely didn't mind waking up.

The novelist could only smile back at his lover and kissed his lips tenderly. Their kiss was slow but still filled with love and passion. Tongues barely touched but the kiss was still breath taking. Yuki broke the kiss slowly, placing small butterfly kisses on Shuichi's cheeks and chin once he left his lips. Shuichi sighed in a mix of happiness and pleasure. The singer's arms wrapped around the blonde's neck lazily.

"Yuki, I love you," Shuichi said softly, then let out a yawn he was trying to supress.

Yuki leant back a little rested once again on his elbows. He had been in the mood to make love to his beautiful singer but it was clear that Shuichi was still tired. He kissed his lips one more time and caressed his face as he whispered the words back. Words that meant so much to both of them.

"I love you too Shuichi,"

Yuki laid down next to him and wrapped an arm around his lover's form. Shuichi moved a little closer, bringing their bodies together so skin was touching skin. The feeling was arousing and wonderful but Yuki decided not to advance. Shuichi needed his sleep. The novelist played with the singer's dyed locks and he took in its strawberry scent as he rested his head against Shuichi's.

"Go to sleep love," he told him but Shuichi shook his head lazily.

"No... I don't want to leave you unsatisfied," Yuki couldn't help but chuckle after hearing his sleepy lover say that.

"I'm fine Shuichi. We can make love later. Now sleep," before the singer could protest again the novelist leant down and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. Shuichi finally gave in and gave his blonde lover a sweet smile before resting his head against Yuki's chest. He sighed while listening to his heart beat.

"Night Yuki," he barely whispered the words before sleep already claimed him, proving to Yuki that he had been tired and that it wouldn't of been fair if he kept him up.

Yuki smiled down at his lover who was sleeping once again. His fingers were still running through Shuichi's soft hair but they slowed their movements as sleep began to take the novelist as well. However he tried to fight it, wanting to stare at his sweet love for a little longer. He looked so innocent and beautiful laying with him, and it almost brought Yuki to tears knowing that this beautiful man was his lover. No, Shuichi was more then a lover, he was also his friend and soul mate. And he was his forever.

Wrapping his arms a little tighter around the smaller man Yuki finally allowed his golden eyes to close. He smiles in happiness and whispered his love for the singer as sleep finally took him. And while he slept, his dreams were filled with Shuichi. His friend, his lover, his soul mate. And he was forever Yuki's.


Hell: Awww ^^ Don't ask. Just felt like doing a sappy thing. God, I haven't done a sappy thing in a long time! Hmm... Anyway! If you liked, leave a comment! Anyone that's nice enough to leave one will get a free cookie! ^^ *shows the free cookies, but then Ryuichi eats them all* O.o ... Ok, no free cookies...
Ryuichi: ^^ Yum! *eats more cookies*


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crazy_jamaican_gurl on May 16, 2006, 7:59:24 AM

crazy_jamaican_gurl on
crazy_jamaican_gurlThat is the cutest thing I have ever read!!! I think my cold stone heart has cracked!

YaoiNymph17 on April 16, 2007, 4:18:47 AM

YaoiNymph17 on
YaoiNymph17Awww it's so sweet!!!! I wish my boyfriend would do something like that! I always knew yuki really loved shuichi like that. i'm glad someone besides me thought that too.

Mizzsorelle on December 28, 2006, 2:54:32 AM

Mizzsorelle on

_theater_freak_147 on September 2, 2006, 12:35:27 PM

_theater_freak_147 on
_theater_freak_147Awwwwwwwww...That was so sweet! ^^

Xv-LadyChi-vX on April 2, 2006, 4:56:47 AM

Xv-LadyChi-vX on
Xv-LadyChi-vXWaaaagh! Help! Help! I'm drowning in sap! *glub glub glub*

XD Just kidding, I love sappy stories. And I liked Yuki's sort of bittersweet musings. Good job.

MisaoSagura on December 9, 2005, 1:13:53 PM

MisaoSagura on
MisaoSagurathat's so cute!!!! :)

vampiretalim on November 28, 2005, 11:46:40 AM

vampiretalim on
vampiretalimAwww!!! That's cute!!! I like it!!! *favs* I really do!!! You should write stories more Well, laters!!!