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Chapter 1 - Ch.1

Sakaya is in love with two people but she can't decide who to be with. Her only solution is to kill herself but when she tries she can't because something always saves her. Who could it be? what could it be? Please R+R

Chapter 1 - Ch.1

Chapter 1 - Ch.1
Sakaya’s Love


Sakaya was stuck in the middle. She was loved by two people Keishiro and Bokoru how could she decide? She loved Keishiro because he was super nice and cute. She didn’t really care if he previously had two girls before her because she knew he loved her anyway. She also really loved Bokoru because he also was super nice and cute and because he made her really really happy and bring a smile to her face something no one has ever done besides Bikaru and Bokoru her best friend and the boy she also loved.

She was soo confused and just didn’t know what to do. Should she choose between one of them? But what if she chose one instead of the other? She new what would happen, she would just end up hurting one of them. There was just one thing she could do to end all this love and confusion. She would just have to die.

If she died she wouldn’t have to live with all the love and confusion. But if she did die she would just cause them a whole lot of suffering. But she had to do it she just had to. This was the only way she could solve all her confusion and from deciding who to be with. Sakaya stood on a high cliff ready to end her life. Before she was about to die she wrote a note to Keishiro and Bokoru that read

My first love,

I hate to say that I am going to end my life today. I love both of you dearly and I just couldn’t decide on whom I loved more and it just brought confusion to me. So me dying will ease that confusion and maybe make me a little happier. Sayonara.


Sakaya Meira

She had given them each a copy of the note. She had gone directly to both of their houses and gave them the notes earlier in the day.


Bokoru had just received the letter and was reading it. What he had read really depressed him. He didn’t want to see her die the one he loved. So he decided to go and save her from killing herself.


Keishiro had also just received the letter and was also reading it. He also didn’t want to see her die because he too loved her. But he had a little more love for her than Bokoru did. So he also decided to go and save her from killing herself.


Keishiro and Bokoru both started rushing over to the cliff where Sakaya was going to die. When they got there they saw Sakaya standing at the foot of the cliff facing them. Bokoru wondered what Keishiro was doing here. Keishiro also wondered why Bokoru was there but that didn’t really matter at the moment. The only thing that mattered was saving Sakaya from killing herself. Sakaya had tears in her eyes she didn’t want to do this because she knew how much it would hurt them but she had to. She was inching her way closer and closer to her death. Bokoru started to reach for her before she fell. He tried so hard just to grab her hand and tell her not to do it but Sakaya shook her head and said

“No I have to do this it’s the only way I’ll be happy.”

“But think of all the people that will miss you when you’re gone.” Bokoru said. “Like me”

“And me.” Cheshire said. “We just don’t want to see you die. All the people that love you like your best friend Bikaru and your family would be sad.”

“I’m sorry I have to.” Sakaya said falling backwards. “Ashooteru keishiro,Bokoru.” She started to fall from the cliff.

“NOOOO!!!” Keishiro said yelling at the top of his lungs “You can’t die, not yet.”

He started to run to the cliff to try to save her but when he got there he was too late. She had already fallen and had died. Keishiro closed his eyes and a single tear fell from his eyes. Bokoru also felt the same but he new she had to do it. Then a bright light shone from where Sakaya had fallen and an angel rose up carrying Sakaya.

“Please don’t cry she’s fine now she didn’t die.” The angel said.

“W-Who are you?” Keishiro said sounding a little scared.

“I am Luna the goddess angel and I am the protector of Sakaya.” Luna said. “And whenever she is hurt or about to die I protect her by saving her.”

“Oh, I see” Keishiro said taking Sakaya from Luna

“I need to go now” Luna said disappearing.

“I see you have everything under control now.” Bokoru said. “But sooner or later I will take Sakaya away from you so I’d best be careful.”

When Bokoru said this he disappeared.


This is the end of Ch.1. I hope you liked the first part of the story. I hope you continue reading this story to see what happens. And please no flames they are scary.


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