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Chapter 1 - The 1st Day

A funny story about when Pikachu gets drunk. Notice this actually takes place around E3 2007. Update: I will be making a new story about someone getting drunk soon. If you want to, tell me who you think the next "victim" should be!

Chapter 1 - The 1st Day

Chapter 1 - The 1st Day
It was a beautiful day in Tokyo. A meeting was about to begin at the Nintendo Headquarters about discussing Super Smash Bros Brawl.The president began,"O.K let's start... looks like everyone's here..... wait..... WHERE THE F*** IS PIKACHU!?!
Pikachu was at the PikaBar downtown, drunk, dancing to Pop Lock and Drop It with his girlfriends. Then all of a sudden, he just realized that he was supposed to be at a meeting. So he ran like crazy through the bar outside to his BMW. He sped off almost hitting several cars. His alcoholic level was way above the limit. He was driving at 60...70...80..and reached 95mph before he started slowing down when he hit several people.
He arrived at the headquarters about 10 minutes late. He crashed into the front enterence hitting about 15 people and created a fire. Pikachu dashed out of the car and ran for the elevator. The meeting was starting without Pikachu.
Bowser complained," Why can't we have Brawl playable at E3?!? The fans are going to be angry which means less money for Nintendo and more importantly me!!!"
"Bowser we don't give a crap about you!" said Zelda,"Let's have Sora in Brawl. He's cute^^!" Then Link gave her a dirty look. Wario said,"Has SEGA replied about having the rights for Sonic? If not then Halo 3's going to kick our butts!" The president responded back," No not yet. Those lazy idiots..." Then finally Pikachu ran throught the glass door leaving a hole in it.
He said," Pika pi pika chu pi pika(Sorry I'm late boss.)" Then Bowser complained again," And the motion sensoring! Sounds like form the website it won't really be used! What gives?" Pikachu over reacted hyperly screaming,"PIKA PI PI PIKACHU PIKA PI!!!! (GO TO H*** YOU B#@#%!!!)" Bowser had flames coming out of his nose but then Peach rubbed his tummy relaxing him. The president said," Pikachu please calm down! You look drunk maybe you should... "PIKA PI PIKACHU PI CHU CHU PIKA! (FOOLS! HILLARY CLINTON WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT!!!)"Pikachu was starting to say random things because of his drunkness,"PIKA PI CHU PIKA PI! (I'LL NEVER STRIP FOR YOU!!!)
Everone was starting to get scared and people were getting guns out as a caution,"PIKA PIKA PI PIKA-" BANG!!! Fox shot Pikachu with a sleep pill. "Um... maybe we should have the meeting tomarrow so Pikachu can calm down. He's scaring the crap out of me."END


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darkyoshi555 on June 29, 2008, 9:21:26 AM

darkyoshi555 on
darkyoshi555lol this is really funny!

Lakilester on September 18, 2007, 9:53:47 AM

Lakilester on
LakilesterO_o.....*lolz* PIKA PIKA PIKA!!!!!!!!

MasterDaniel on July 9, 2007, 10:23:37 AM

MasterDaniel on
MasterDanielholy crap this is funny!!!!:D

diva96 on July 6, 2007, 2:50:06 AM

diva96 on
diva96ha very funny FIRST COMMENT!!!! *does a little DANCE*i wonder how the meeting will go if BOWSER is drunk...+favez