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I haven't been here since 2009, which was when I was in high school.

Now I'm graduated from college and working as a graphic designer. Obviously my arts skills have improved since then. 

Anyone remember me? I don't recognize most active users now.

If anyone wants to catch up, add me on PSN (ItsSuperEffectiv), Xbox One( ITS DAT DAM KID ), or Wii U (Its_Pikachu)
My thoughts on the PS3 and what feaures it has.
Is Mario Kart still as fun as ever. Find out in my review! Sorry It's kind of a mess to read I can't figure out to put it back to paragraphs. Can someone help me?
A funny story about when Pikachu gets drunk. Notice this actually takes place around E3 2007. Update: I will be making a new story about someone getting drunk soon. If you want to, tell me who you think the next "victim" should be!
A review for a good game worth renting not buying.
I know this game is a lil' old but it may be important to some people.
Ok now I'm being downright honest about the Wii.
Some interesting ideas for a DS version.
It's more than a month now. Do I still think it's the best game? Review inside!
1st Review! I hope to do Twilight Princess, NFS:Carbon and a bunch of other games I've played.